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Steve The Addoner te dá tasks pra quase todos addons e montarias que podem ser obtidas dentro do jogo, você pode acha-lo no 2 andar do depot.


Pra começar a task simplesmente fale Hi > Task..

Nome da task Quantidade Recompensa Notas
Ancient Dragons 315 20 red dragon scales
Apes 260 25 ape fur
Aquatics 1250 A giant shrimp Titanica Mount
Blackstone bugs 750 A fist on a stick Dromedary Mount
Blood ghouls 315 30 brown pieces of cloth
Bog raiders 450 A mandrake Usada pra fazer a shaman outfit
Cave bats 225 20 bat wings
Chickens 150 10 chicken feathers
Dragonlings 550 A music box Dragonling Mount
Elder ents 250 30 blue pieces of cloth
Elder wyrms 200 2 enchanted chicken wings
Exiles 375 30 red pieces of cloth
Forest goddesses 285 15 heaven blossoms
Frost dragons 135 3 shards
Giant spiders 300 10 spider silk
Guzzlemaws 275 40 addon iron ore
Hellfleshed demons 245 10 demon horns
Insectoid workers 180 15 honey combs
Lava golems 145 A piece of draconian steel
Lizards 500 50 lizard scales
Lost berserkers 155 A huge chunk of crude iron
Lurking cave spider 650 A sweet smelling bait
Minotaurs 150 10 holy orchids
Nomads 1000 A piece of royal steel
Ogres 800 A lion's mane Lion Mount
Plagued mammals 625 A leech Water Buffalo Mount
Red hand marauders 240 A hunting horn Rapid Boar Mount
Rhinorons 425 A tin key Tin Lizard Mount
Rhutums 300 An iron loadstone Ironblight Mount
Sharptooth pirates 1500 A Sea Dog token Os addons pra o Sea Dog Outfit.
Vexclaws 1000 400 demonic essences
Water elementals 5000 A crackling egg Uma das três toad mounts.
Werebears 180 25 poison trickles
Werewolves 360 25 wolf paw