Addon Doll

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Addon Doll.png 16:44 You see a addon doll. It weighs 10.00 oz. This doll gives you a free outfit! Item ID: 8982

This item can be used to gain 1 of 13 different full outfits Citizen, Hunter, Knight, Nobleman, Summoner, Druid, Wizard, Oriental, Pirate, Beggar, Norseman, Jester, Brotherhood

Citizen, Hunter, Druid, Wizard, Beggar, Jester, Nobleman are all T1 HP/MP outfits
Knight, Summoner, Norseman, Brotherhood, Pirate, Oriental are all T1 skill outfits

All of these outfits can be gotten by doing tasks for Steve the Addoner on dp+1, or talking to the seamstress, some are more tedious than others to obtain so you may want to prioritize which outfits to get with dolls and which to farm in game