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Voodoo Quest

Located in Quest Finder in Story quests


Minimum Level Required: 500+


  • Weapon based on your vocation
  • Tier 1 Quest Box

Once you enter the portal your character will start in a small room below the quest zone.


After that head to the stairs which are located east of the teleport.


Start by moving south towards the stairs (Careful as going down the stairs might lead towards your death)


Once you are near the coal basin seen in the above picture head east towards the first boss.


The first boss is called "Amelia The Assassin", once you kill her pick up her lucky charm ( Amelia's Lucky Charm ), then walk back towards the coal basin in the middle of the room and throw the charm on it.

This will spawn the next boss Beatrice The Barbarian, Kill her and take her lucky charm ( Beatrice's Lucky Charm ), throw the charm again on the coal basin,

And the next boss will spawn Aleya The Druid, Kill her and take her lucky charm ( Aleya's Lucky Charm ), throw the charm again on the coal basin,

And one more boss will spawn Hagrid The Shaman, Kill her and take her luck charm ( Hagrid Lucky Charm ).

Once you get the Hagrids Charm, head back towards the entrance, once you reach about half way take a right and follow the path.

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Once you reach the 5 Pools use the Charm on the pools until you find the correct pool (Using it on the wrong one spawns mobs, be careful!)


After cleansing the charm head back north to the boss room.

Throw the Hagrid's Lucky Charm on the coal basin in the middle to make Cassandra appear.

Tip: Let the tank block cassandra in the 1 way spot below the stairs while the DPS and Healers help kill the boss.

Once the boss is killed head downstairs to receive your rewards!


Congratulations!!!! You've finished the Voodoo Trials Quest.