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How the ArchPass works
The purpose of the ArchPass is to introduce different progression elements of Archlight - Test of Skill/Strength, Energy/Gathering, Crafting, Events, World Bosses, Dungeons, Quests & more! - In an all in one system. Additionally, players will be able to use the rewards from completing ArchPass levels to further progress their character.
ArchPass Tutorial.png

Experience Bar[]

This will display how much experience you have towards your next ArchPass Level. All Levels require the same amount of experience (1000). There are 2 ways of obtaining ArchPass Experience
- Every 5 minutes you are online you will obtain 1 ArchPass Experience Point, If you have a Premium Pass, you will obtain 3 Experience Points instead.
- Every ArchPass Mission you complete you will obtain 600 ArchPass Experience - This will be where the bulk of your ArchPass Experience comes from.

ArchPass Level or Tier[]

This shows you the rewards for each level of your ArchPass. When you level up you will automatically obtain the rewards shown. If you have a Premium Pass, you will obtain both rows of rewards each level.

Free Rewards[]

Everything in this row can be obtained by any player, all rewards are soulbound. However, if you have a Premium Pass, the rewards are not soulbound. This is to prevent people stacking MC's to obtain rewards for their mains.

Premium Rewards[]

Rewards in this row can only be obtained if you have a Premium ArchPass. If you buy a pass after already having leveled your ArchPass, it will unlock all previous rewards you missed.

ArchPass Missions[]

There are 3 Mission categories, Expeditioner Missions, Mercenary Missions and Donation Missions. Each category has up to 6 different missions you can obtain (these are rolled randomly). A player can do up to 10 Missions, per week, in each category, for a total of 30 Missions weekly. Hovering over the mission will give more information about exactly what to do.

Mission Reward[]

Anytime you complete a Mission, you will obtain 4 Progression Tokens.

Reroll Mission[]

Players are able to reroll 10 missions per week. The number of rerolls are shared with the three types of missions, which means that if you spend your rerolls in one type of mission (i.e. resource donation mission), you won't be able to reroll the other missions and therefore you will have to buy ten new rerolls with Archlight points or wait until it resets.

Seasonal Premium ArchPass Cosmetic Rewards[]

Season 1 Premium ArchPass Cosmetic Rewards
Season 1 pass rewards.png

Dracona/Ildar 2020 Summer Season's Premium ArchPass rewards:
2020 Summer Dracona Archpass.png

Ildar 2020 Winter Season's Premium ArchPass reward:

Dracona 2021 Summer Season's Premium ArchPass rewards:

SummerArchpass 2021.png

Premium Account[]



+10% Permanent Experience Gain


- +10% Loot Rate and Gold Nugget Find

- +5% More gold for selling items to the npc

Premium ArchPass can be bought via our Living Token Trader

- 90 days or until pass resets whichever is first,

Applies to the Whole Account- not just the Character used on The ArchPass itself however is Character Specific.

We recommend Premium ArchPass for those who wish to call Archlight their home, a place they wish to have a long term community.

We offer premium ArchPass as a means to help fund our server. Running a server nowadays is not cheap, we use a top of the line dedicated server, with advanced DDoS protection and we advertise on otservlist to provide the ultimate community for our players. Any money that we receive after paying off our expenses will go towards better otservlist advertising, thus creating a larger community. We appreciate any contribution to our project as it really is a small dream of ours.

We appreciate anyone who chooses to support Archlight, with weekly content updates we hope this place becomes a home for you as it is for us :)