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At the end of every month we will be rewarding people who contribute to our wiki.

We will be raffling away $25USD a month to a random wikipedia contributor with atleast 5+ Sizable Edits or Additions(Read about below) or 10+ Small Edits - Like fixing a weapon attack, defense, etc (Assuming not just adding a , or .)

Additionally, the top 5 contributors every month will receive $10USD of Archlight Coins as well!

Sizable Edits: Rufus will review all edits, and rally up contributions based on multiple small edits, or sizable edits (more than just a couple words etc)

If you need images of an item, creature, etc, contact Gamemaster Rufus.

if there is anything different on NA or EU servers, simply tag (NA) or (EU) before the difference.

Free Archlight Coins!

Archlight Online offers free donation points to all active players, here is a list of currently available ways of them!
Simply go to your User Settings > Games tab on Discord and add ArchlightOnline as your currently played game!
Read the rules below to see how to earn free Archlight coins by getting your friends to play with you.
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