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When Heaven & Hell releases, players will be able to obtain two different Artifacts, each being obtained after completing a small amount of introductory progress in their chosen Artifacts Quest Line. Artifacts can be equipped in your Character UI Panel Artifact Slot (Beside the Trinket Slot). Artifacts will enhance one of your vocation specific spells, based on the Artifact Equipped (Each Artifact enhancing a different spell). This Artifact can be leveled from 1-15, increasing it's effectiveness for each level it has.

The Heaven Artifact can be leveled by slaying Demons, as well as completing the Heaven Quest & Mission Chain.

The Hell Artifact can be leveled by slaying Angels, as well as completing the Hell Quest & Mission Chain.

You can complete both Artifacts and Quest Chains.

Spell buffs:


Hell; Hell Artifact will now have a 10% chance for your attacks to slow the target for up to 37.5% for 2 seconds (Artifact level 15).

Heaven; Heaven Artifact will now provide the Auto Attack buff from using any spell not just Snaring Shot. It will now cap out at +12.5%.


Hell; Bard Wave - Applies a Damage over time to all targets hit.

Heaven; Regeneration Hymm - Increases the damage of the player healed for 5. seconds.


Hell; Spinning Blades -

[Spinning Blades: Spins an additional time for 10% extra damage]

[lvl 10], [Spinning Blades: Spins an additional time for 100% extra damage]

[Lvl: 15], [Spinning Blades: Spins an additional time for 150% extra damage].

Heaven; Wound Cleansing -

[Wound Cleansing: Regenerates 27.5% of the original healed health]

[lvl 10], [Wound Cleansing: Regenerates 50% of the original healed health]

[Lvl: 15], [Wound Cleansing: Regenerates 62.5% of the original healed health]

(Scales with Restoration and such like normal)


Hell; Cannon Barrage - Adds a D.o.T Effect.

Heaven; Flask of Rum - Increases the corsairs overall damage dealt for 10 seconds.


Hell; Frost Grenade - Slows targets hit for 3 seconds.

Heaven; Merlkin Form - Restores mana every second for 15 seconds.


Hell; Sunfire Missile - Bounces to an additional target (a third if it's awakened).

Heaven; Raise Shield - Heals the user every 1 second for 5 seconds.


Hell; Concussive Shot - Increases the slow on the target.

Heaven; Phantom Apparition - you will also gain increased attack speed for 3 seconds.


Hell; Strong Flurry Of Punches - Slows the target for 3 seconds.

Heaven; Absorb Summon - Increases the potency of all absorption benefits.


Hell; Reapers Touch - When cast, casts a weaker underling at the same time on the target.

Heaven; Healing Ritual - Heals the user every second for several seconds.


Hell; Reaping - Increases the users attack speed for 5 seconds.

Heaven; Clone Jutsu - When the clone disappears, it heals the user.


Hell; Tiger Blade - It will also increase your haste by 10% for 3s.

Heaven; Gekko Blade - It will also increase your resistance by 5% for 3s.


Hell; Fire Shield - Increases the damage buff.

Heaven; Arcane Shield - Increases the resistance buff.


Hell; Crossfire - will now increase your pet's damage for 5 seconds

Heaven; Natures Grace - heals you and your pet with a HOT every 1 second for 3 seconds.