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This list will show all backpacks that provide some sort of a buff while worn.

Name Attributes Where to obtain
Fur Backpack Fur Backpack.gif Skill Value +2 Tanning
Camouflage Backpack Camouflage Backpack.gif Skill Value +3 Tanning
Brocade Backpack Brocade Backpack.gif Skill Value +4 Tanning
Minotaur Backpack Minotaur Backpack.gif Skill Value +7 Tanning
Glooth Backpack Glooth bp.png Skill Value +9 Tanning
Crown Backpack Crown Backpack.gif Skill Value +9 Tanning
Dragon Backpack Dragon Backpack.gif Skill Value +12 Tanning
Demon Backpack Demon Backpack.gif Skill Value +15 Tanning
Crystal Backpack Crystal Backpack.gif Skill Value +22 Tanning
Deepling Backpack Deepling bp.png Fishing Skill +5 Tanning
Expedition Backpack Expedition Backpack.gif Mining Skill +5 Tanning
Wolf Backpack Wolf bp.png Skinning Skill +5 Tanning
Pannier Backpack Pannier bp.png Woodcutting Skill +5 Tanning
Mushroom Backpack Mushroom bp.png Farming Skill +5 Tanning
Feedbag Feedbag.gif Skill Value +12 Seven Trials
Moon Backpack Moon Backpack.gif Skill Value +24 N/A
Anniversary Backpack Anniversary Backpack.gif Skill Value +18, +50% gold nugget find. N/A
Heart Backpack Heart Backpack.gif Skill Value +20, Protection all +3% Promotion Item Trader
2nd Anniversary Backpack 2ndannibp.gif Skill Value +21, Protection all +3%, Monster Essence +3% Donation bonus during the second anniversary of Archlight.
4th Anniversary Backpack 4th anniv bp.gif Skill Value + 22, Monster Essence +5% Obtained from 4th era Anniversary event.
5th Anniversary Backpack 5th Anniversary Backpack.gif 2% Health/Mana every 2 seconds Obtained from 5th era Anniversary event.
Cake Backpack Cakebp.gif +7% Crafting Experience Obtained from 4th and 5th era Anniversary event.
Santa Backpack Santa Backpack.png Skill Value +18, Protection All +3% Obtained from Christmas event.
Craftsman Backpack Craftingbp.gif Crafting Experience +10% Promotion Item Trader
NOTE: This backpack becomes soulbound once worn.
Gatherers Backpack Gatheringbp.gif Energy Reduction +20% Promotion Item Trader
NOTE: This backpack becomes soulbound once worn.
Soulhunter Backpack Soulhunterbp.gif Damage +15%, Power +500, Protection all -10 Promotion Item Trader
NOTE: This backpack becomes soulbound once worn.