Blackridge Missions

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Guide: Blackridge Missions[edit | edit source]

You need to have a minimum of 50 Explorer's Reputation to access Blackridge.[edit | edit source]
These missions are not in order.[edit | edit source]

Mission: Violet Crystal Shard [Dryads][edit | edit source]

Starting the Mission[edit | edit source]

To start, head to the Treasure Hunter NPC located in the South building in Blackridge.

Treasure hunter npc loc1.png

Say to the "Treasure Hunter" NPC:




He will then tell explain to you on how to obtain the Violet Crystal Shard.

Treasure npc dialogue1.png

Location of Mission[edit | edit source]

Once you have spoken to the Treasure Hunter NPC, head West to the mountainous stairs.

Dryads loc1.png

Head up these stairs.

As soon as you're on the starting platform, head East and cross the bridge.

Once you have cross the bridge to your East, head South and cross the Southern Bridge [NOT THE NEXT EAST]

There will be a descending staircase located South of the Southern bridge as shown here.

Dryads loc2.png

Head down them, and to the left of the platform your on will be a hole going down. Jump on it.

Dryads loc3.png

Gathering the Items: Hydra Egg[edit | edit source]

On this floor you will find many Hydra Nests, use them for a chance to obtain a Hydra Egg.

Obtaining hydra egg.png
Keep in mind there is a chance for you to fail on obtaining an egg from the Hydra Nests.

Note that these Hydra Nests appear as a red market on your mini map.
Dryad failed egg.png|800x800px]

Many of these Hydra Nests can be found on the first and second floor, and one on the third floor.

Here are some examples of their locations:

Dryads hydra egg2.png

Dryads nest location.png

Dryad egg location 4.png

Hydra egg nest3.png

Gathering the Items: Slobber[edit | edit source]

Once you have obtained a Hydra Egg (it does not have to be from these locations) you will have to loot Slobber from Dryads.

When you have obtained a Slobber from killing Dryads, use the Slobber on Giant Glimmering Mushroom Caps.

Here are a few examples of where you can find these Mushroom Caps:
Mushroom cap location 1.png

Giant shimmering cap 2.png

Giant cap 3.png

Summoning the Mini Boss[edit | edit source]

Gather up a few Slobbers, they have a chance to fail when used on the Giant Glimmering Mushroom Caps.

Here are pictures resembling a successful Slobber use and a failed Slobber use.
Enhanced slobber.png

Slobber fail.png

Keep on attempting until you get a Slobber that succeeds.

In your inventory you will receive an Enhanced Slobber in place of your Slobber.

You only need one Enhanced Slobber.

With your Enhanced Slobber, use it on the Hydra Egg you looted from the Hydra's Nest.

Once you apply the Enhanced Slobber onto your Hydra Egg, you will receive a message saying that the egg has rotted.
Rotted egg.png

With the rotted egg you want to apply it to the Hydra Nests that you previously looted the Hydra Egg from.

The egg has a chance to fail on spawning the Glooth Horror (the mini boss you have to kill to complete the mission).

If it does fail, you get the Rotted Egg back in your inventory to try again.
Glooth horror.png

When you do succeed on implanting the Rotten Egg onto a Hydra's Nest you will spawn the Glooth Horror.

Failed rotted egg.png

Simply kill it and you will receive a Violet Crystal Shard in your inventory.
Glooth horror dead.png

Turning in Mission[edit | edit source]

Now that is all left to do is turn in the mission, simply head back to the "Treasure Hunter" NPC.

Treasure hunter turn in.png

To turn in this mission, say:


"Violet Crystal Shard"


Dialogue treasure hunter npc.png

Make sure you have the Violet Crystal Shard in your inventory when turning in the mission.

Complete mission dryad.png

You will be rewarded 10 Forgotten Gold & 50 Explorer's Reputation upon completion of this mission.

Mission: Helix Fossil [Lab Crabs & Lab Mutants][edit | edit source]

Starting the Mission[edit | edit source]

To first start this mission, head to the NPC "Marine Biologist".

Marine biologist location.png

When you have arrived to this NPC, say:



The proscess of obtaining the Helix Fossil will then be explained.

Obtaining a Helix Fossil is a chance, not guaranteed.

Dialogue marine bio.png

Once you have spoken to the NPC about the Helix Fossil, head North of the room to the trunk.

Obtaining the Mission Item[edit | edit source]

Open the trunk and you will find an Interdimensional Potion.

Interdim pot loc.png

Location of Mission[edit | edit source]

Now that you have grabbed the Interdimensional Potion, head South West of the town.

You will see an ascending mountainous staircase, head up it.

Crab loc1.png

Once you're on the platform, you want to run East.

Run in this direction until you have crossed two East bridges, then head South up an ascending mountainous staircase.

Lab crab2.png

Head up this staircase and run South to the next, descending, staircase.

Lab crab3.png

Once you went down the descending staircase, head West to another descending staircase.

Lab crab4.png

Now that you have went down these staircases, you have now arrived at the Lab Crabs & Mutants spawn.

Filling up Interdimensional Potion: Corpses[edit | edit source]

Using interdim pot.png

Kill a few Lab Crabs or Mutants and use the Interdimensional Potion on their corpse.

Filling interdim pot.png

As you can see, the Interdimensional Potion is being filled up.

When using this item on a Lab Crabs or Mutants corpse it will fill the potion by 2-4%.

Once you have filled the potion to 100%, this message will appear above your character.

Filling up Interdimensional Potion: Gold[edit | edit source]

Interdim filled pot.png

Now you will have to find Gold to fill up the potion even more.

To find this Gold, simply head back to the starting area of this spawn (where you went down the descending staircase).

Once you are at the start of the spawn, head South East.

Run passed the abandoned ship, and a bit North of running past it you will see a small cave entrance on the West wall.

Lab crab gold loc1.png

Head into this entrance and you will be descended into a room full of Gold.

Lab crab gold loc2.png

Most people do not know which tile to use to fill up their gold, so when asked I always mention this spot.

There are multiple spots in the room to fill up your potion with Gold, not just this one.

Once you have filled up your potion with the Gold, this message will appear above your character.

Lab crab gold loc3.png

Summoning the Mini Boss[edit | edit source]

To find the proper lake to release the potion's contents, head back to the start of the spawn (where you came down the descending staircase).

Head North of the spawn and you will run into a hole, use a shovel and hop down.

Lake loc1.png

Now head as far West as you can, once you have hopped down the first hole.

You will have to hop down another hole.

Lake loc2.png

Once you hop down this hole, head as far West again and you will be greeted with the 'Proper Lake'

Lake loc3.png

Now that you're there, simply use the potion you have filled with corpses and Gold onto the lake.

Lake monster1.png

Once you have used the potion a mini boss will appear next to your character.

Obtaining Helix Fossil [Mission Item][edit | edit source]

Simply kill it and a teleporter will spawn on its corpse.

Lake boss dead.png

Enter the teleporter and you will be seen as if you are underwater.

Helix fossil loc1.png

Head North until you reach a seashell.

Lake boss dead2.png

Open up the seashell once you have arrived to it.

Lake boss dead3.png

What you have looted inside of the seashell will be displayed on your screen.

Note that there is only a chance for you to loot the Helix Fossil.

To exit this room, run South then East and walk through that teleporter.

Reattempting At Obtaining Helix Fossil[edit | edit source]

You will be teleported back to where you killed the mini boss at.

Lake boss dead4.png

If you did not receive a Helix Fossil from your first seashell, you may attempt only once more.

Simply apply the Interdimensional Potion onto the lake again to spawn the mini boss, hop into the teleporter, and open the seashell again.

If you still did not receive a seashell, then you will have to wait the entire mission's cooldown to try again.

Turning in Mission and Rewards[edit | edit source]

Now that you have hopefully obtained the Helix Fossil / attempted at getting one, head back to the NPC "Marine Biologist"

Marine bio loc2.png

Now that you have arrived at the NPC again, simply say:


"Helix Fossils"


Marine biologist mission turn in success.png

The mission will now be complete and on cooldown.

Lab crab mission turn in.png

You will be rewarded 10 Forgotten Gold & 50 Explorer's Reputation upon completion of this mission.

Also the Forgotten Gold found in the seashell is a bonus.

Mission: Green Crystal Shard [Goblins][edit | edit source]

Starting the Mission[edit | edit source]

To start this mission, head to the NPC "Treasure Hunter".

Treasure hunter location2.png

When you have arrived, simply say:




Details about obtaining the Green Crystal Shard will be given.

Treasure hunter dialogue gob.png

Location of Mission[edit | edit source]

Now that you have accepted the mission, head to the Goblin spawn located as North East of Blackridge as possible.

Goblin hole1.png

Hop down this hole.

Goblin hole2.png

Gathering the Items: Stick[edit | edit source]

Once you hopped down the previous hole, this hole will be shown North East of your current room.

Simply hop down this other hole shown above, you will now be in the main spawn for Goblins.

Goblins stick.png

Now that you have arrived in the main spawn, head as North East as possible.

In the North East room you will find a chest on the West wall.

Open it to obtain a stick.

Gathering the Items: Goblin Ears[edit | edit source]

Goblin ear.png

Once the stick has been obtained, you will need to go around killing goblins.

You want to auto loot Goblin Ears, keep in mind that they are soulbound to the PARTY LEADER.

Gathering the Items: Goblin Wax[edit | edit source]

Simply open the Goblin Ears like you would for a backpack, you will need to try to find Goblin Wax.

Goblin wax.png

As you can see here, I have managed to find 5 Goblin Wax.

Gathering the Items: Huge Chunk of Wax[edit | edit source]

Once you have obtained 5 of them, use them on each other to obtain a Huge Chunk of Wax.

Goblin wax2.png

Now that you have a Huge Chunk of Wax, apply it onto the stick.

Goblin waxstick.png

Gathering the Items: Magical Torch[edit | edit source]

Once applied onto the stick, use the stick on a campfire to light it.

Goblin stickfire.png

Burning the Mushrooms[edit | edit source]

With this Magical Torch, you will have to burn the mushrooms located throughout this spawn.

Here are some examples:
Goblin mush1.png

Goblin mush2.png

Goblin mush4.png

Goblin mush3.png

Goblin mush5.png

Goblin mush6.png

You will have to use the Magical Torch to burn 10 of these mushrooms, there are plenty more than 10 in this spawn.

Burning these mushrooms is timed.

If you do run out of time you will not lose your Magical Torch, you will just have to start back at 0 for burning mushrooms again.
Mushroom burnt10.png
A message will appear above your character as you start burning them.

Another message will appear above your character when you have successfully burnt 10 mushrooms in a certain time.

Mushroom burnt11.png

Turning in Mission and Rewards[edit | edit source]

Now that you have burnt 10 in the certain time limit, simply head back to the "Treasure Hunter" NPC.

Treasure hunter npc fin gob.png

Now that you have arrived here, simply say:




"Green Crystal Shard"


Goblin mission fin.png

Once you have completed the dialogue above, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Mission: Telescope [Dire Wolves/Wyverns][edit | edit source]

Starting the Mission[edit | edit source]

To start this mission, head over to the most East building of Blackridge.

Loc wolves.png

To accept this mission, say:



Details relating to the mission will be told

Dialogue telescope.png

Now that you have talked to the Passage Scout NPC, head up the mountainous staircase located directly south of this building.

Obtaining Quest Item[edit | edit source]

Once you're up, you will notice on this floor level there will be un-dug holes.

These holes are apart of your mission.

Hole loc.png

Find any hole of your desire and simply use it.

You will either fail to retrieve an item, or succeed.

Using Quest Item[edit | edit source]

Once you have obtained one piece, head over to the far west side of this floor level.

You will need to head up a few more mountainous staircases to reach the Telescope.

Head up these staircases and you will then finally reach the Telescope.

Note that the item has a chance to not work on the 'scope.

You will have to re-find another item from using holes and apply it onto the 'scope.

Turning in Mission[edit | edit source]

Now that you have successfully fit the piece into the Telescope, head back to the Passage Scout NPC and say:





Turn in mission tele.png

You will then be rewarded:

Reward tele.png

Blue Pollen Mission [Carniphilias][edit | edit source]

Start this mission by talking to the Medicine Researcher upstairs in the largest building in the south of the Blackridge settlement.

Get the Injection Tube[edit | edit source]

ask him for 'Mission' then 'Injection Tube' to receive the Injection tube needed to start.

Carniphilia mission Injection tube.png

Fill the Injection Tube[edit | edit source]

Travel north through the underground goblin tunnel at the center north area of Blackridge, to reach the island infested with Carniphilias in the north to farm them for glands. Use the Injection tube on the glands until it is 100% full.

Carniphilia mission gland.png
Carniphilia mission filled Injection tube.png

Refine the poison[edit | edit source]

Return to the medical lab where you took the mission and use the full Injection tube on one of the machines here to refine the poison.
Carniphilia mission Distill carniphilia gland poison.png

Talk to the npc again and ask him for a 'Vial'.

Carniphilia mission vial request.png

Fill the vial at the machine you distilled the poison at.
Carniphilia mission fill vial.png

Use poison to remove parasite from tree[edit | edit source]

Return north to the island with carniphilias to find the "Dragon's nest tree", the ones in town won't work you need to go back to the island. Use the vial full of poison on the Dragon's nest tree until you get a parasite to spawn. You have 5 tries per vial of poison, if your vial runs out you get 1 more refill of poison for another 5 tries back at town, after that you will have to restart the whole process.
Carniphilia mission poison plant.png

When you spawn the parasite and kill it, you will get blue pollen.
Carniphilia mission parasite pollen.png

Return the Blue Pollen to the Medicine Researcher NPC for 12 forgotten gold, 60 exploration points.