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The entrance to this quest is located east inside the Quests Teleport.

Minimum Level Required: 999+

Minimum Level Recommended: 1250 + a team


  • Experiment Fours
  • Experiment Sevens
  • Experiment Nine (Boss Summon)
  • Crazy Scientist (Boss)


  • 4 Skill Chests
  • 1 Tier 2 Quest Box

There are 3 parts to this quest. Each part has 7 levers to pull to reach the next part.

6 levers are located north-west, west, south-west, north-east, east, south-east and the last one is located south of every part.

After opening the teleport using the levers located in Experiment Seven spawn, you will reach the boss room.

Tips and Warning: Experiment Fours and Experiment Sevens are not a real threat unless there's a group targeting you. The Boss is ranged so move with the boss till it's in a corner. The Boss also heals a lot of its HP so a strong team is recommended.