Champion's Arena

Champion's Arena

Champions Arena requires Awakening 150+ to participate in.

The Champion's Arena is a simple battle arena located South East of the Depot. It can be entered by talking to the Arena Master.

The cost to enter the arena itself increases with each week by 200000 gold. This change is server wide which means that EVERYONE will have the same price, including new players.

You and potentially someone else can fight waves of monsters to obtain rewards. The arena is more difficult if you join with a friend while it also scales based on the wave that you are on. Every 10 waves a boss spawns.

(SOLO ARENA ONLY) -Dying in the arena does not reset your entire progress. Next time you enter the arena you will start at wave (Wave you died on - 10) example: you died at wave 30, if you enter the arena the next day, you'll start at wave 20.

Rewards: 1 Reward Bag per wave completed.

Example: Dying at wave 45 will yield 44 bags as you did not complete the 45th wave.

You can NOT use magic walls inside the arena. You can use !nextround for next wave in arena if you are killing the waves fast enough.


The first few waves can be pretty easy.


By around wave 15, there are more difficult monsters, as well as a multitude of them.

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