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Certainly work in progress as we want to show players how this quest is done without giving any specific information.



Legendary spell

3x Quest box

Go to the Quest teleport located in the depot, once you go through the teleport you need to go south and you will find the teleport here.


Now that you have entered the quest you now need to speak with Lloyd, he will ask you to collect 3 hearts from the bosses for his special recipe for a very special dish. You must accept or else he will have no interest in you and you will not be able to enter the quest. You must figure out the puzzle to get to the bosses. Now you must go and find these bosses and collect their hearts. They will not give up easily you will definitely need a big team to accomplish this goal.

Now that you have collected all 3 hearts you must find Lloyd within the quest(another puzzle) and turn the hearts into him.

He will make his recipe and everyone in the room will be teleported to fight the boss. Once you have beaten the boss you can now go into the reward room located to the north.