Council of Marius Questline

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Marius Minimap.png

"West" Quest[edit | edit source]

To start your progress in the "West" Quest, you need to imbue your weapons with garlic to be able to damage the boss of this quest.

Blood Crystals[edit | edit source]

Head to the area marked "East" on the minimap above, through the "Task Area". You will find spiky looking rocks all around the place. Mine them with any pickaxe to get the Blood Crystals that you will need to trade for the garlic needed to progress in this quest. You need two of those crystals to get two garlics to imbue both of your weapons/grip.

Marius Blood Crystals.png

Chemist Alyna[edit | edit source]

After you are done with collecting the Blood Crystals, head to the area marked as "Garlic NPC" on the minimap above. Separate the garlic bulbs once you buy two and imbue both of your weapons/grip. Once you have done this, you can continue.

Garlic Marius.png

Chemist Alyna Marius.png Imbuing Marius.png

Quest path[edit | edit source]

Head to the area marked as "West" on the minimap above. The path itself is rather simple, there's only one thing you have to do before you reach the boss room.

On your path you will find levers and small chokepoints. First lever is marked on the small minimap on the screenshot below. If the lever before those chokepoints is not pulled, you will be spotted and you will not be able to pass and your damage will be lowered by 80% for 3 minutes. This can be a little annoying, especially early in the era when your damage is rather low. The monsters around here do not deal any significant damage. Continue your way to the boss room and pull the levers. It's a little time-based. If you don't find the lever in your current area, you will be spotted and teleported one "area" back. The teleports around here are for you if you are stuck.

Spotted Marius.png
West Marius Minimap.png

Marius West Gate Quest.png

Boss room[edit | edit source]

The boss of this quest is rather easy. Nothing to be worried of, unless your sustain is extremely low. Once you killed it, you can access the reward room.

Boss West Marius.png

"East" Quest[edit | edit source]

To start your progress in the "East" Quest, you will need a crowbar which you can buy from the Chemist Alyna NPC for 5 Blood Crystals.

Quest Entrance[edit | edit source]

Simply use the crowbar on the right side coffin. Only one person needs to have the crowbar to open it for everyone.


Finding a skull[edit | edit source]

All around the first area you will find those "skull piles" laying around. By right-clicking them, you will find a Blood Skull, which you need to summon the boss. Once you have it, you can continue.

Skull East Marius Part.png

Quest Path[edit | edit source]

East Marius Maps.png

Boss Room[edit | edit source]

Once you reached the boss room, place the skull you found earlier on the altar.

This boss just like the one before is not super-strong. The bigger area mechanic deals around 200k~ damage (53% resistance). He also turns himself into a group of Council Bats and you cannot damage him in that period, simply because he disappears when he does that. He heals if you don't kill those bats in time.

East Marius Boss.png 353.991x353.991px

Succubus[edit | edit source]

Succubus Map.png

Lifting the curse temporarily[edit | edit source]

As pass through the gate on the very beginning of the quest, you are cursed and you lose your soul. To temporarily cleanse yourself from the curse, click the tombstones. When you do that, Tomb Servants will spawn around you. "Stack" that effect to around 5 minutes. While doing this, you should also loot a few Soul Clusters - get around 15 of them. Disable your bot if you cannot click the grave, the bot is trying to attack the monsters, that prevents you from clicking the graves.

Succubus Temporary Curse.png

Roses[edit | edit source]

As you proceed through the quest, you will find coffins marked with roses on them. Gather your party around those coffins and right click it. As you do that, you will get teleported into mini arena with aforementioned Faceless Menaces. The "artifacts" that you need to destroy are the roses you get after defeating them in those mini arenas. Once you defeat them, they will spawn a grey poison field, which will teleport you back to the beginning of the quest. Gather all three roses. Succubus Roses.png

Breaking the curse - destroying the roses[edit | edit source]

Once you defeated all three Faceless Menaces, you have to destroy the roses to break the curse permanently.

You can do that by using those roses on the lava well pictured below.

You will not be able to cross the gate on the end of the map above if you don't lift the curse. Once you are done with this step, continue with the quest.

Succubus Roses Destr.png

Tree Maze[edit | edit source]

Once you have lifted the curse and passed the gate, you will find yourself in a tree maze. Find your way through it.

Those trees do not yield Woodcutting, but they can be cut down if they are in your way. This does use your energy.

There is a spot where you will have to cut down trees to make your way through the quest. Make sure you have at least one person that can do that and has the tools to do that.

Succubus Tree Maze.png

Electric Blockage[edit | edit source]

To continue further with the quest you have to destroy the coffins with a crowbar. Marked on the map. Once you are done with destroying them and the blockade is opened, it's a straight path to the boss room.

Succubus Coffins Map.png
Succubus Sparks.png

Succubus Blockage.png

Getting "Condemned"[edit | edit source]

The "Condemned Counts" have area mechanics that can "exile you". Once that happens just find your way through that small tunnel and jump up.

Succubus Condemned.png

Boss Room[edit | edit source]

The boss room itself is a "realm where the Crypt Bride is immortal". You have to find your way to a realm where she is mortal. To do that, damage the Soulcatchers. As you do that, Blood Elementals will spawn. On their death, there is a chance that a "teleport" will open. Keep your eye out for red "teleport". Once the red teleport is on the ground, lure the boss into it. Everyone will get teleported to a room where you can damage the boss. If you kill the boss in it, wait a bit to get teleported back to the main boss arena and grab your rewards. It might take a few "teleports" to kill the boss.

Main strategy is to lure the boss away from the Soulcatchers to the south, going back north, attacking the Soulcatchers until red teleport pops out and grabbing the boss from south and then luring it into it. The boss has two mechanics. One is area mechanic that summons purple fire fields which deal around 100k+ if you stand for too long on it. That mechanic also deals "initial" damage. The second one is "explosion" mechanic which deals 300-500k in "GFB/AVA" area. Melee hits of this boss are around 100k.
Succubus Boss 1.png Succubus Red TP.png Succubus Rewards.png

Marius[edit | edit source]

First Area[edit | edit source]

In the first part of Marius Quest you have to find three chests with certain items and throw them into the blood lakes to see what happens. Those items are hidden inside chests in the areas marked with blue arrows. Once you throw all three of them, the portal in the north cave will open. Monsters on the floors with chests, in the north cave and in the next area deal significantly more damage.

Marius First Map.png

Marius Stake.png

Second Area[edit | edit source]

All monsters in this area deal a lot of damage and its extremely easy to get trapped, because they also slow and paralyze. If your sustain is not high, it's recommended to stay near the walls to minimize the amount of monsters that can approach you.

In this area you have to fill fountains with blood vials. You can add those to the autoloot to speed it up (ID: 21418). There is 6 fountains to be filled two in the very middle and one in each of the corners. Once you have filled all of the fountains, a teleport will open in the northern part of the area.

Marius Second Area.png

Marius Fountains.png Marius Boss Portal.png

Boss Room[edit | edit source]

Once you entered the teleport above, you will enter a smaller room with two portals. It does not matter which one you enter.

To summon the boss, two people have to stand on the thrones.

The boss deals 300k+ damage with melee hits and uses stronger versions of all mechanics used by the bosses before him.

Marius Boss Room.png Marius Reward.png

Upgrading the armor[edit | edit source]

Once you have defeated all the bosses you have all the tokens needed to fully upgrade your armor and apply it onto the RMC and choose your +5 stat bonus.

The first boss reward was Vampire Lord Token. This item is used to buy the pieces from the NPC.

To upgrade the piece, use the keywords and then choose the piece you want to upgrade.

Marius NPC Dialogue.png

Marius Armor Trade.png

Marius Armor NPC.png

Tasks & Missions[edit | edit source]

Aside from the armor upgrades you can get from all the Council of Marius Questline, you can also get furnitures that boost your stats. There is a couple of single-time missions all around the area and also a few repeatable tasks.

You can exchange your Vampire Hunter Reputation by talking to the Admiral Rowley floor above the Blacksmith Philbert.

All of those Task & Mission npcs are marked on the map on the very beginning of this page.

Marius Furniture NPC.png

Non-repeatable[edit | edit source]

All of those missions will give you 50 Vampire Hunter Reputation

Warden Angus[edit | edit source]

Marius Prison Cells.png

Marius Prison Cells3.pngMarius Prison Cells2.png

Bishop Geraldus[edit | edit source]

Marius Holy Water.png

Marius Holy Water2.pngMarius Holy Water3.png

Steward Bevis[edit | edit source]

Marius Weapons Mission.png

Marius Weapons Mission4.pngMarius Weapons Mission3.pngMarius Weapons Mission2.png

Cremator Cassius[edit | edit source]

Cremator Marius Mission.png

Cremator Marius Mission3.pngCremator Marius Mission 2.png

Armourer Bartle[edit | edit source]

Marius Balistas2.png

Marius Balistas.pngMarius Balistas3.pngMarius Balistas4.png

Repeatable[edit | edit source]

All of those tasks will give you 50 Vampire Hunter Reputation

Tania[edit | edit source]

Acolytes can be found all around the entrance and inside the East quest.

Cultists are only inside West quest path.

Marius Tania.png

Alena[edit | edit source]

Ghouls can be found west from the main area and on the way to the West quest

Rats are all around the East quest and inside it

Marius Alena.png

Furniture[edit | edit source]

You cannot choose the same stat from those bonuses.

Magnificent Chair gives +2 stat bonus.

Magnificent Table gives +3 stat bonus.

Magnificent Trunk gives +3 stat bonus.

Magnificent Cabinet gives +3 stat bonus.