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There are many currencies in archlight. Some of them can be obtained by just killing monsters other by donating or even for doing hard tasks.

Gold is one of most common currency in Archlight. You can obtain it by killing monsters, selling items (golden nugget 100000 gold), and by many other ways. You can use it on market. Its very important part of Oblation Amulet, Minor Oblation Amulet, Reaping Amulet, Minor Reaping Amulet and fees. You can deposit gold by dobule clicking on gold icon in player information or by going to Sebastian NPC.
1K gold -> 1000 gold
1KK gold -> 1000000 gold (each k adds 000)
100 gp -> 1 platinum coin
100 platinum coins -> 1 CC
100 CC -> gold ingot

Currency How much gold it worth
Gold Coin (gp) 1 gold
Platinum Coin 100 gold
Crystal Coin (cc) 10000 gold
Golden Ingot (Golden Currency Ingot) 1000000

Archlight Token.pngArchlight Tokens Archlight Token.png
Archlight tokens are second most common currency. You can obtain them from monsters (rare), selling items on market, doing dungeons or ramparts, and by many different ways. You can spend them by buying items from Token Exchanger NPC. It's mostly player's currency so many players sell items from AT or can do quest service for them. You can also get many donation items like Living Archlight Tokens or Promotion Tokens for AT so it's very important currency. You can trade AT on market. You can also deposit them by double clicking on AT icon in players information or by going to Sebastian NPC

Archlight Coins
Archlight coins are currency that you can obtain only by donating. You can use them in shop and get many exclusive things like Prismatic set or get faster and easier items like upgrade stones. This currency cant be traded but can be transfered. Lowest donate is (EU) 3.74 Eur, (NA) 4.49 USD 185 coins and highest is (EU) 119.99 Eur, (NA) 143.99 USD 7420 coins.

Living Archlight Token.pngLiving Archlight TokensLiving Archlight Token.png
Living Archlight tokens are currency that can be obtained from Donations (Every 18 USD or every 15 Eur). You can spend them by buying some precious items from Living Token Exchanger NPC like Trinkets, items or outfits. This currency is tradeable.

Promotion Token.pngPromotion TokensPromotion Token.png
Promotion Tokens are currency that can be obtained from Donations at previous eras and exchange Archlight Living Tokens at Living Token Exchanger NPC. You can spend them for rings backpacks amulet and relic boxes at Promotion Item Trader NPC. This currency is tradeable.

Cosmetic Token.pngCosmetic TokensCosmetic Token.png
Cosmetic tokens are currency that can be obtained from Donations. You can spend them for many addons at Cosmetic Shop NPC by buying moutns, companions, wings, outfits or auras. This currency is tradeable.

Minor Cosmetic Token.pngMinor Cosmetic TokensMinor Cosmetic Token.png
Minor Cosmetic Tokens are currency that can be obtained from World Boss bags and Guild Sieges. You can spend them for various addons at The Streamess NPC. This currency is tradeable.

Forgotten Gold
Forgotten Gold is currency that you can get by doing various task or by killing monsers (1% drop rate) on Forgotten Island. You can buy better emblem relics and many other items. This currency is tradeable