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The Death Knight is a melee tank style vocation that uses 2-handed weapons and is capable of taking tons of damage using his own body as a shield. Capable of pulling enemies closer, paralyzing them and turning their souls against them using his own health as resource for casting spells.


  • Death Knight will use Two Handed Weapons;
  • Death Knight will use the same Enchantments as the Berserker;
    • Enraging
    • Hemorage
    • Lifebloom
    • Lifeleech
    • Grasping
  • Death Knight Attack Speed cap is 6.

Soul Rune[]

DeathKnight soul rune.png Death Knight Soul Rune
Curses the ground in a 3x3 circle area, dealing damage and draining health from enemies inside the are every 2 seconds. Lasts for 6 seconds.

Dk soulrune.gif


Specializations can be unlocked after obtaining the three Promotions and Awakening.

Blood Knight icon.png Blood Knight
Blood Knights are specialized in taking damage, the infamous "Meat Shield".

Dark Knight icon.png Dark Knight
Dark Knights are specialized in weaken their enemies while dealing damage.


Attack Spells[]

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description
Mortal Strike Mortal strike.png Instant 8 2s/2s Deals damage to the target that also scales by 0.33% of each Strenght point. Consumes 1% of your maximum health to cast.
Death Echo Death echo.png Instant 80 6s/2s Sends a Death Echo towards the target, bouncing to 2 other enemies. Deals damage and haunts enemies hit, paralyzing them for 20% for 2 seconds. Consumes 2% of your maximum health to cast.
Festering Wounds Dungeon medal.png Festering wounds.png Instant 250 8s/2s Makes enemies within 5x5 diamond shape area bleed, paralyzing them by 40% for 5 seconds. Consumes 2% of your maximum health to cast.
Death Lasso Dungeon medal.png Death lasso.png Instant 500 15s/2s Pulls the target to the tile in front of the caster, dealing damage and applying taunt. Against players, the range is limited to 2. Doesn't work against bosses. The caster may not move while the targer is being pulled. Consumes 2% of your maximum health to cast.
Feasting Bats Dungeon medal.png Feasting bats.png Instant 750 18s/2s Bats will hit enemies within a 5x5 diamond shape area around the caster for 3 seconds, making them bleed
Twisted Souls Twisted souls.png Instant 1250 18s/2s Deal damage every second for 3 seconds against enemies in a 3x3 circle area that follows the caster. Consumes 2% of your maximum health to cast.
Death Veil Dungeon medal.png Death veil.png Instant 1500 90s/1.5s Turns a 3x3 circle area into a Death Veil. Inside the Death Veil, the Death Knight receives 10% resistance and heal +20%, while enemies are paralyzed for 50%. Creatures that leave the Death Veil are forcibly stunned for 3 seconds (1 second against players). Creatures that die inside the Death Veil are converted into healing souls, which heal the Death Knight by 10% of its maximum health. If a player dies inside the Death Veil, the Death Knight will heal 20% of the player's maximum health. The Death Veil lasts for 10 seconds and the ground will enter in cooldown upon it's removal for 30 seconds. Casters may share the ground for up to 3 Death Veils. Consumes 10% of your maximum health to cast. This spell can only be used after completing the Cooking Up A Storm Quest.
Reap Dungeon medal.png Reap.png Instant 1500 12s/2s Reap the target's soul, paralyzing them for 75% and reducing their damage by 8%. Lasts for 2 seconds. Consumes 2% of your maximum health to cast.
Expose Nightmares Dungeon medal.png Expose nightmares.png Instant 1500 18s/2s Deals damage in a 5x5 square area around the caster, reducing the healing of enemies hit by 10% for 4 seconds. Consumes 2% of your maximum health to cast.

Healing Spells[]

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description
Life Feast Life feast.png Instant 8 1s/1s Heals for a small amount of HP.
Bloody Feast Bloody feast.png Instant 100 14s/1s Heals for a large amount of HP.

Support Spells[]

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description
Taunt Taunt.png Instant 20 5s/2s Commands monsters to attack the caster.
Death Threat Dungeon medal.png Death threat.png Instant 100 10s/2s Deals damage in a 2x2 circle area, taunting enemies hit. Lowers boss enrage by 10%. Consumes 1% of your maximum health to cast.
Shield of Darkness Shield of darkness.png Instant 1000 45s/2s Instantly consume 50% of your maximum health to create a shield for 200% of that amount. Lasts for 6 seconds.
Shadow State Shadow state.png Instant 1000 30s/2s Increases overall damage by 20% for 5 seconds. Consumes 8% of your maximum health to cast.
Blood Harvest Dungeon medal.png Blood harvest.png Instant 1000 18s/2s Drains blood from enemies within a 5 tile range, up to 4 enemies, dealing damage and taunting them while healing the caster. Lasts for 2 seconds.
Reaper's Pact Reapers pact.png Instant 1250 30s/2s Creates a shield that absorbs 50% of the damage received for 8 seconds. Damage received is then dealt to the Death Knight over 5 seconds as a DoT. Consumes 2% of your maximum health to cast.
Blood Banquet Blood banquet.png Instant 1500 45s/2s Increases the Vitality stat of allies within 12 tiles away from the caster by 15 for 30 seconds. Consumes 5% of your maximum health to cast.
Blood Rush Dungeon medal.png Blood rush.png Instant 1500 30s/2s Becomes unstoppable. Any source of healing will heal 25% more. 50% of every damage received (including self-inflicted) while in Blood Rush will be directly converted to healing over 5 seconds after the duration. Lasts for 5 seconds. Consumes 8% of your maximum health to cast.
Blood Worm Dungeon medal.png Blood worm.png Instant 1500 35s/2s Consumes 10% of your maximum health to summon a Blood Worm. After 2 seconds, it explodes, healing you for 30% of your maximum health.
Living Nightmare Living nightmare.png Instant 1500 30s/2s Increases your Strength by 20% for 15 seconds. Consumes 2% of your maximum health to cast.

Awakening Spells[]

After reaching awakening you will get "Awakened spell points" every 10 levels that you can spend on spells to increase their potency and give them special effects.
These spells will be marked with Dungeon medal.png. Read more here Awakened spells (Dracona/Ildar) and the old Awakened spells (Avuria).

Spell name Guaranteed Effect Choose Between Description
Auto Attack Auto attack.png Has 20% chance to make your next spell have no Health Cost. Lasts for 10 seconds. Death Echo Your auto attacks has a 10% chance to cast Death Echo.
Jaded Taunt your target. Has a 2 seconds cooldown.
Blood Grasp Every third hit heals 2% of your maximum health.
Soul Rune Soul rune.png Area increased to a 5x5 diamond area. High Pressure Now hits every second instead of every 2 seconds.
Graveyard Temporarily resurrect a Skeleton every second, which charges towards a random enemy inside the effect area, dealing damage and then dropping down as bones. If the Skeleton charges overs 2 tiles, it will push the target 1 tile away.
Hell Rises The first impact creates a Skeleton behind each enemy hit, stunning them for 1 second, dealing damage. The Skeleton then disappears.
Blood Harvest Blood harvest.png Increase the limit of enemies that may be hit to 8. Overheal After the spell is complete, all excess spell healing done while the spell was active will be converted into a shield that lasts for 4 seconds. Choosing this effect will remove the 5% maximum HP cost to cast.
Ghoul No longer heals the caster, instead, summons a Ghoul that receives as maximum health the amount of blood drained, that deals a small amount of damage. If the castes receives a lethal damage, the Ghoul will take the caster's place and the caster will be healed by the amount of current health the Ghoul has. The Ghoul will live for 6 seconds.
Dry Out After 2 seconds, cast Blood Harvest against different enemies.
Blood Rush Blood rush.png Self inflicted damage will count towards the healing overtime but will no longer deal damage while the spell is active. Infectious Blood Enemies will be infected upon hitting the caster, receiving 5% of the caster's maximum health as Bleed damage, as well being paralyzed by 50% for the duration. Lasts for 3 seconds.
Cold Blooded Receiving any crowd control during the effect will redirect it to the Death Knight's target.
Self Awareness Damage received counts twice towards the healing overtime.
Death Veil Death veil.png The Death Veil may be casted a single extra time to be relocated to the player's position. Tricking The Reaper Inside the veil, no creature can die. Bosses are not affected by this effect.
Interdimensional Creatures from outside the veil may not hit creatures from inside the veil. Bosses are not affected by this effect.
Spirit Possession Enemies within the area of the Death Veil upon it being cast and enemies that enter the Death Veil will be disarmed and silenced for 3 seconds. '1.5 seconds in pvp. Diminishing crowd control effects will not count in reducing the 1.5 seconds.
Festering Wounds Festering wounds.png Deals double damage if enemy is bleeding when casted. Impaired Immune System Enemies hit will have their healing reduced by 10% and their damage damage reduced by 5%.
Scourge After 2 seconds, those infected will infect enemies at melee range that haven't yet been infected. The same occurs for new infecteds.
Rotten Enemies hit rot the soil around them for 3 seconds, applying DoT and paralyze for those who stand on it for over a second. The DoT is 50% stronger than the original one and lasts for 5 seconds.
Death Threat Death threat.png Area increased to a 3x3 circle. Has a 40% chance to dodge attacks from enemies hit for 2 seconds. Arousement After 1.5 second, casts Death Threat 5 times every 1.5 seconds. The additional casts will have it's Enrage meter reduction decreased from 10% to 3%.
Decay After 1.5 seconds, consecrates the ground of the area hit, taunting enemies hit every second. While standing on the consecrated ground, the Death Knight receives 5% of its maximum health as damage per second, but receives a +50% damage increase against enemies inside consecrated ground. Lasts for 4 seconds.
Rile Pull enemies hit towards the caster's direction.
Feasting Bats Feasting bats.png Paralyze targets hit by 20% for 2 seconds. Concentration Instead of attacking every enemy within the area, 5 bats will direct the attack on the caster's target dealing a total of 10 hits.
Swarm Send a swarm of bats towards the target's position, which will spread upon hitting the target, dealing damage and stunning for 2 seconds every enemy on its path. If the swarm of bats can not reach the target for up to 10 tiles, they will spread around their current position.
Vector The spell will now cost 15% of your maximum health however it will spread a virus to enemies. If enemies infected die within 7 seconds of being contamined, they will come from the dead aiding the caster in combat, dealing damage and taunting enemies. 'If the enemy is a player, the summoned creature will be as strong as their summon however the undead will only last for 5 seconds.
Death Lasso Death lasso.png Increased range against monsters by 3 and against players by 1. Inertia All damage done to the target by the caster within 2 seconds of it being succesfully pulled will deal +30% damage.
Hogtie Stuns the target pulled for 2 seconds, stun is reduced by half in PVP.
Rope Trick Lasso your target doing damage and by spinning your lasso in a 3x3 circle area. If the target is a player direct all non-boss monsters to the target. If the target is a monster deals damage to all monsters in the 3x3 area instead. Choosing this effect will no longer pull your target.
Blood Worm Blood worm.png Before exploding, the Blood Worm spits infected blood towards the caster's target, applying bleed for 5% of the caster's maximum health that lasts for 3 seconds. Blood Bag Removes the Health Cost to cast the spell.
Contaminate The explosion contaminates enemies hit, dealing 10% of the caster's maximum health as damage. The damage scales according to the caster's strength.
Feed Up Corpses found within 10 tiles away from a Blood Worm when it explodes will increase by +2.5% the original healing.
Expose Nightmares Expose nightmares.png Area increased to 8x8 circle. Abomination Create an Abomination summon to aid the caster in combat. The Abomination will cast Death Threat twice, once when it spawns and 3 seconds after that. It will also cast Death Lasso once, 2 seconds after it spawns. Spells casted by the Abomination don't include Awakening Effects. Lasts for 6 seconds.
Sleep Paralysis Put enemies hit to sleep for 3 seconds. Enemies that were put to sleep by Sleep Paralysis will receive 20% more damage from the caster, as well as not being able to wake up upon being hit.
Worst Nightmare Enemies hit will be intimidated by the caster, walking 2 tiles away from them and having their target lost, if they were targetting the caster.
Reap Reap.png Increases the spell range to 3. Stuck in the Veil Creates an attackable creature's soul near it. Attacking a creature's soul make the creature receive 50% of the damage done to it. If the soul is killed before the duration is over, the soul's owner will be stunned for 2 seconds and receive 10% more damage in the next 5 seconds. The soul returns to its original holder after 4 seconds.
Soul's Energy Increases the caster overall damage by +15% for 6 seconds.
Tainted Soul The target's soul become the caster's summon for 4 seconds, dealing damage. If the enemy is a player, the summoned creature will be as strong as your target. After 4 seconds, the soul explodes in pure energy, dealing damage 50% stronger than the base spell and blinding enemies hit for 2 seconds in a 5x5 diamond area. The soul may not be attacked.

Basic Spells[]

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description
Conjure Food Conjure food.png Food 8 2s/2s Creates a random piece of food.
Find "Name Find.png Find 8 2s/2s Searches for the target player.
Glow Glow.png Light 8 2s/2s Emits a light source around the caster.
Jump "up/down Jump.png Levitate 8 2s/2s Levitate.
Magic Rope Magic rope.png Rope 8 2s/2s It's a magical rope.
Sprint Sprint.png Speed 8 2s/2s Gives speed to the caster.
Cure Poison Cure poison.png Removal 10 6s/1s Cures the Poison effect.
Cure Burning Cure burning.png Removal 20 6s/1s Cures the Burning effect.
Cure Electrification Cure electrification.png Removal 20 6s/1s Cures the Electrified effect.


Heaven artifact.gif Heaven Artifact
Shield of Darkness will remove 52% of the DoT Applied by Reaper's Pact.

Hell artifact.gif Hell Artifact
Your Death Echo marks enemies hit for 2 seconds. Auto attacking an enemy marked generates an explosion, dealing +2% damage. If the explosion hits another marked enemy, they also generate their own explosion.

More information about artifacts can be found here: Artifacts.