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Dungeon Window.png

Archlight has a large variety of dungeons for players to explore and enjoy, they can be broken down 2 different types of dungeons. ( Solo Dungeons / Greater Dungeons )
Some dungeons can be fairly straight forward, some are a bit more challenging and require certain levers to be pulled before having access to the boss room.

You need to kill all of the monsters in a dungeon to get full exp from the dungeon, if you kill half of the monsters in the dungeon you get half the exp, the fewer monsters in the dungeon the more each monster is worth(for example 39 monsters in the dungeon, each monster is worth 2.5% exp, 110 monsters in the dungeon each monster is worth 0.91% exp).
You Must kill 80% of the monster to obtain any loot from the Chests.

( Dungeons are considered a "daily" activity & the rewards you receive from will help you acquire items/currency that will ultimately help you smooth your character out in terms of overall progression.)

The first type of the scaling dungeons are the solo dungeons for players with 600+ power rating. Currently there are only 10 solo dungeons available.
Make sure you have at least 1 dungeon charge before you enter the dungeon or else you will not get rewards at the end, if you haven't done any dungeons before you will start with 3 dungeon charges(even though the menu says 0 charges, it will update after your first dungeon)
The damage, health and the reward boxes are based on the players power.
I.E The more power you have, the bigger the reward, however, monsters strength and health will also go up.
You can access these dungeons from the home menu (CTRL + H)/dungeon finder menu or see the image to the right to find the on screen button
All Solo Dungeons have 2 reward chests at the end.

Acidic Caverns

Acid Caverns Entrada.jpg

  • Boss: Acidic Serpent
  • Monsters: 54
  • Notes: Curvy line but pretty straight forward path with 50 monsters before the portal to the boss room, 4 monsters in the boss room with the boss.


Asmogon Entrada.jpg

  • Boss: Asmogon Morphling
  • Monsters: 70
  • Notes: 65 monsters on the same floor from the start down several branching paths, start in the south/east sections and return towards the start and head straight north to a dead end with a stairs going up to 2 monsters, go back down and south a bit to the fork that head left and north to the farthest north section of the map where you will find a staircase leading downstairs to the last 3 monsters + the boss. there are 2 copies of this boss, the one in the room with the last 3 monsters, and another boss past the portal in that room before the reward room, if you kill either of the 2 bosses you gain access to the rewards room and have 5 minutes to collect your rewards and leave, so only fight the 2nd boss if you can kill it quickly, but killing both bosses won't do anything for you.

Construction Zone

Construction Zone Entrada.jpg

  • Boss: Slave Lord
  • Monsters: 35
  • Notes: pretty straight forward path with a few stairs and turns, you can find all 35 monsters and the boss without entering any portals so you can go back to clean up any you missed. 3 monsters in the final room with the boss.

Coral City

Coral City Entrada.jpg

  • Boss: Coral City Ravager
  • Monsters: 110
  • Notes: pretty large open area with a few dead ends, check everywhere for 99 monsters before the portal in the north west that leads to the boss room with 11 monsters + boss.

Haunted Town

Haunted Town Entrada.jpg

  • Boss: Haunted Bat
  • Monsters: 57
  • Notes: Straight forward path with some ladders/bridges connecting several sections with 53 monsters on the path to the portal that leads to the boss + 4 monsters.


Hellcliffs Entrada.jpg

  • Boss: Hellcliffs Sorceress
  • Monsters: 36
  • Notes: All the monsters + the boss are on the one continuous map, there is a protection zone at the start for weaker players to recover in.

Lava Prison

Lava Prision Entrada.jpg

  • Boss: Golden Dragon
  • Monsters: 45
  • Notes: 42 monsters on the path before the portal to the boss room where you will find 3 more monsters with the boss.

Lost Cove

Lost Cove Entrada.jpg

  • Boss: Forgotten Priestess
  • Monsters: 47
  • Notes: all monsters are on the same continuous map with the boss, check both sides of the beach at the start to find all the minos, the boss area at the end has no monsters so if you don't have 47 before the boss walk backwards.

Magic Caverns

Magic Caverns Entrada.jpg

  • Boss: Queen Pixie
  • Monsters: 39
  • Notes: there are several portals between the start and the end, the paths aren't that big so it shouldn't be hard to find every pixie before entering each portal, the boss room has no monsters in it.

Mahdor Island

Mahdor Island Entrada.jpg

  • Boss: Island Lurker
  • Monsters: 39
  • Notes: All 39 monsters are on the island before the portal to the boss, this island is a little tricky to find every monster, there are 2 monsters on a cliff down the left stairs near the middle, on the lower right ground floor section there are some mahdors hiding in the north in a small area, check every nook and cranny. There are no monsters in the room with the boss past the portal.

Greater Dungeons

The second type of the scaling dungeons are the greater dungeons for players level 1500+ awakened.
These dungeons work the same way as the Solo Dungeons do, however you enter with 1-2 other teammates .
The dungeons difficulty is based on the average team power(p1+p2+p3/3), if you only bring 2 players the average is still divided by 3 so the rewards will suck, make sure to bring 3 players every time for best rewards

You can access these dungeons from the home menu (CTRL + H)/dungeon finder menu by selecting greater dungeons as the party leader of a team of 2-3 players

Chimera Lair

Chimera Lair Entrada.jpg

Minimum Awakening level Required: 180

  • Boss: Ovrem The Ancient
  • Monsters: 144
  • Notes: After you descend 2 floors to -2 there are 3 paths, the first is in the south-west/south which goes down 2 more floors to a lever on -4, this lever opens a door on the east side of -2 which leads down 1 floor to a lever on -3, this lever opens the path to the far west of -2 which is then a pretty straight forward path to the boss with a few side paths. There are 2 monsters in the boss room with the boss after the portal on -4 west side. This Boss drops a rare item golem wrench which gives the gnarlhound mount.

Djinn Path

Djinn Path Entrada.jpg

Minimum Awakening level Required: 20

  • Boss: Chronos
  • Monsters: 90
  • Notes: This dungeon is pretty straight forward, no side paths, all 90 monsters can be found and killed before the portal at the end which leads to the boss by himself.

Forsaken Tomb

Forsaken Tomb Entrada.jpg

Minimum Awakening level Required: 60

  • Boss: The Deathbringer
  • Monsters: 103
  • Notes: This dungeon has a lot of reapers and books, some of the reapers are real but you will want to focus on the books whenever you see them because they can summon a lot of fake creatures including fake reapers. Early into the cave the path will split to the right with a wall on the left, if you continue right you will find gosharak demons which eventually lead to a lever and a mini boss at the end of this lengthy side path, this mini boss is require for 1 of the 103 monster kills. The lever opens a portal back at the book/reaper section near the wall that blocks the main path to the left and north, one strategy is to send 1-2 nimble player/s to run to the end of the gosharak side path and flip the lever allowing the remaining members to enter the portal and clear the main path while the side path team cleans up the side path multi-tasking. At the end you have one of the tougher bosses with a large circular mechanic that can hit quite hard under certain scaling circumstances and if your sustain isn't very good, there is a spot near the top left where your best tank can trap the boss so the less tanky players aren't as vulnerable when the boss switches targets.

Hellfire Mountains

Image Needed
Minimum Awakening level Required: 100

  • Boss: Hurac
  • Monsters: 114
  • Notes: A short ways into the dungeon on the side raised platform there is a place to levitate down on the left side to a side path with some monsters if you want to get all the monsters killed. At the end of the path is a staircase leading down to the boss surrounded by 3 paths to the north, west, and east <^>. Take the north path first to a lever which opens west path, at the end of the west path is a lever that opens east path, at the end of the east path is a lever that opens the boss room below in the center. This boss drops a rare fire elemental companion

Icerock Caverns

Ice Rock Entrada.jpg

Minimum Awakening level Required: 120

  • Boss: Cavern Dragon
  • Monsters: 100
  • Notes: near the start after the first portal, you end up at the top right area of the map, in this area there is some rocky rubble in the far north east corner, behind this rubble is 2 monsters of the dungeon you need for 100%, shoot your soul rune at these monsters if your team is all melee or preferably have a ranged class snipe them to death. The monsters in this dungeon can be deadly in some places where you can get boxed by 8 if you have low sustain for the average of your party, so work together to clear the monsters. The boss at the end hits very hard if you have weak resistance/sustain so avoid its mechanics. The boss drops a rare chakoya companion.

Shipwreck Swamp

Shipwreck Swamp.png

Minimum Awakening level Required: 40

  • Boss: Swamp Braindeath
  • Monsters: 141
  • Notes This Dungeon has many side paths with levers that progress further into the dungeon, you can split up in a few places to multi-task but it may be best to stay together most of the time. The boss at the end is fairly easy except if you have 0 sustain then you may want to stay back a bit. This boss drops a rare Gazer companion.

The Citadel

The Citadel Entrada.jpg

Minimum Awakening level Required: 150

  • Boss: Cult Brain
  • Monsters: 76
  • Notes: This dungeon is a bit of a puzzle but not too bad, start by going to the right >> and clearing the guards there and below the guard house with the lever, return above and to the left << to the large citadel where you can fight more guards. After you clear the ground floor/+1 of guards you can enter a teleporting tile in the citadel that leads below to floors of cultist mages, first floor is easy, 2nd floor you need to flip a lever on the top right which opens a door at the top left which has another lever which opens the path at the bottom left to another teleporting tile. After this you will be in a square tower with 3 floors. At the end of the left path walkway teleport down 1 floor and kill the monsters on this floor or teleport down to the bottom floor in the center to more monsters, on this bottom floor there is a lever in the lower right corner, standing on this lever you can teleport back up on the south side. clear the rest of the monsters on this floor if there are any left and climb the stairs here back to the 3rd floor of the tower on the south side, head south to find a 3 more guards from earlier along with the boss Cult Brain. This boss drops a rare companion token for a zuka.

Thurins Tomb

Thurin Tomb Entrada.jpg

Minimum Awakening level Required: 0

  • Boss: Thurin
  • Monsters: 60
  • Notes: Pretty easy dungeon, some monsters go invisible sometimes so keep track of them. When you come up the hole into the large chamber in the north there is a lever in the south of this chamber near the collapsed hallway. This boss has a rare gozzler companion.

Overgrown City

Overgrown City Entrada.jpg

Minimum Awakening level Required: 80

  • Boss: The Forsaken One
  • Monsters: 49
  • Notes: pretty easy dungeon, all of the monsters can be found before the portal to the boss at the end. This boss can hurt quite a bit for some players depending on the scaling/your restoration so don't afk or stand still if you can't withstand its mechs.

Water Tomb

Water Tomb Entrada.jpg

Minimum Awakening level Required: 30

  • Boss: Water Lord
  • Monsters: 125
  • Notes: This dungeons monsters will count for the 5000 water element task for a toad mount, these monsters also drop some pretty decent loot items like crystal wand that will sell for 550k~ gold. the monsters mechanics can hurt quite a bit but their defenses are weak so kill them quickly to avoid soaking too many mechanics by large groups, unless you are a guardian with enflaming enchantment and then let them crash themselves against your shield. The boss's mechanics can hurt a bit too if your sustain isn't very good so make sure to dodge the mechanics.