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Easter Event.png

The Easter event happens in april around Easter time. Complete dungeons to collect soulbound "dirty eggs" and bring them to the portal in the depot just south of the temple next to the stairs.

Clean the Eggs[edit | edit source]

First bring your dirty eggs to the north of the area to pool of water, use the water repeatedly until all your eggs are washed.

Color the Eggs[edit | edit source]

Take the clean eggs south to a large square pool of multi-colored liquid dye, use the multi-colored pool repeatedly until your pile of clean eggs turns into separate piles of yellow, green, purple, blue, and red eggs; each of these colored eggs can be spent at a different rabbit to buy 25% exp booster, small stat stone, large stat stone, crystal regrade key, or mythic regrade key for different amounts of eggs.

Easter Yellow Helper[edit | edit source]

The yellow helper rabbit is in the south next to the multi-colored pool, their prices include.
25% exp. Booster: 12 yellow eggs.
Small Stat Stone: 8 yellow eggs.
Large Stat Stone: 21 yellow eggs.
Crystal Regrade Key: 30 yellow eggs.
Mythic Regrade Key: 56 yellow eggs.

Easter Green Helper[edit | edit source]

The green helper rabbit is to the west of center, their prices include.
25% exp. Booster: 18 green eggs.
Small Stat Stone: 12 green eggs.
Large Stat Stone: 28 green eggs.
Crystal Regrade Key: 44 green eggs.
Mythic Regrade Key: 86 green eggs.

Easter Purple Helper[edit | edit source]

The purple helper rabbit is to the north-west of center, their prices include.
25% exp. Booster: 3 purple eggs.
Small Stat Stone: 3 purple eggs.
Large Stat Stone: 9 purple eggs.
Crystal Regrade Key: 12 purple eggs.
Mythic Regrade Key: 16 purple eggs.

Easter Blue Helper[edit | edit source]

The blue helper rabbit is to the north-east of center, their prices include.
25% exp. Booster: 7 blue eggs.
Small Stat Stone: 5 blue eggs.
Large Stat Stone: 16 blue eggs.
Crystal Regrade Key: 25 blue eggs.
Mythic Regrade Key: 38 blue eggs.

Easter Red Helper[edit | edit source]

The red helper rabbit is to the east of center, their prices include.
25% exp. Booster: 1 red eggs.
Small Stat Stone: 1 red eggs.
Large Stat Stone: 2 red eggs.
Crystal Regrade Key: 2 red eggs.
Mythic Regrade Key: 6 red eggs.