Gold Merchant

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Gold Merchant offers a handful of items that you buy with GOLD.


Item Cost Description
Archlight Key
Archlight Key.png
4,000,000 Gold This key can open Archlight Loot Crates and give you the chance to win something extremely rare.
Legendary Archlight Key
Legendary Archlight Key.png
40,000,000 Gold This rare key can be used on Archlight Loot Crates and gives you a rare selection of rewards.
7 Day Premium Doll
7 day premium doll.gif
10,000,000 Gold Using this doll gives you 7 days of Premium.
30 Day Premium Scroll
35,000,000 Gold Using this scroll will add 30 days of Premium time to your account.
Minor Reaping Amulet MinorReapingAmulet.png 15,000,000 Gold

Additional requirements

Minor Oblation Amulet

Additional requirements