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The Meat Shield of Archlight Online. The Guardian is a powerful, high defense and high health melee weapon user. The Guardian has multiple healing spells along with a taunt. The Guardian's shielding skill rises faster than any other class on Archlight, however with high health and high defense the cost of damage comes with it. Through holy magic the guardian can still maintain damage output through their aoe spells and shield bash. This class has a lower damage output than other classes but is hard to kill. A must have for boss fights.

Soul Rune

Guardian Soul Rune
Stuns the target and heals the guardian for a percentage of their max health (heal Does Scale higher with runemastery)


Stats Recommended First
1) Restoration > Guardians are tanks, you would be able to heal more and also be healed more by your supports
2) Vitality > Increases your health pool more health you have the more u can tank
3) Brewmastery > Increases the amount of replenished hp/mp from elixirs
4) Arcane > Arcane helps with your spells and being able to play solo at times
5) Luck > More loot = more cash to get those elixirs
6) Strength > Helps you being able to deal some damage while playing solo
8) Haste > Helps with solo play increases your attack speed
9) Precision > Helps with solo play increasing your crit chance


Specializations can be unlocked after obtaining the three Promotions and Awakening.

Guardian - Protector.png
The Protector is essentially a shield wall. He is a Guardian who has taken it upon himself to trust his healers and focus completely on protecting his teammates

Guardian - Holy.png
The Holy Guardian has followed his true path in the light. He is able to better self heal and do extra offensive skills, allowing him to output more damage and heal himself more with the sacrifice of the protection and resistance


After reaching Awakening you will get "Awakened spell points" every 15 levels that you can spend on spells to increase their potency and give them special effects. Read more here Revamped Awakening Spells

Attack Spells
Basic Spells
Protector Spells
Holy Spells

Attack Spells

Shield Bash Instant Holy 18 4s/2s A wave of holy damage erupts in front of the caster
Sunfire Missile Instant Holy 20 2s/2s Shoots a holy missile at your target
Sunfire AOE Holy 70 4s/2s Does Holy dmg around yourself
Retribution AOE Holy 275 10s/2s Paralyzes the target
Burning Weapon Instant Fire 650 7s/2s Imbues the caster's weapon with fire, dealing daamge and sets the target on fire
Blazing Light Instant+DOT Holy 1500 15s/2s Throws your weapon at the enemy dealing holy damage and applying a holy damage DoT
Burst Of Light AOE Holy 1500 4s/2s Does the same thing as sunfire but does a lot more dmg
Holy Retribution AOE Holy 1500 11s/2s Does holy dmg in the area around you.
Holy Shock Instant+DOT Holy 1500 12s/2s Does holy dmg to your target, and applies a holy dmg dot
Shield Slam Instant Holy 1500 13s/2s Deals a singular target based on the caster's melee skill.

Healing Spells

Spell Name Type Level Cool Down Spell Description
Flash Heal Instant 8 1s/1s Heals a medium amount of hp
Exura Gran Instant 20 1s/1s Heals a small amount of hp
Holy Flash Dungeon medal.png Instant 35 5s/1s Heals for a large amount
First Aid Instant 80 60s/1s Heals for a very large amount of hp

Support Spells

Spell Name Type Level Cool Down Spell Description
Find "PlayerName" Instant 8 2s/2s Pinpoint the target's location
Conjure Food Instant 8 2s/2s Conjures food
Sprint Instant 8 2s/2s Increases speed of the caster
Jump "Up/Down" Instant 8 2s/2s Can levitate the caster up or down a ledge
Glow Instant 8 2s/2s Conjures light for the caster
Magic Rope Instant 8 2s/2s Ropes the caster up a rope spot
Taunt Instant 20 5s/2s Taunts the enemies in an aoe effect, and reduces threat
Command Attention Instant 1500 30s/2s Lowers threat meter of bosses, this spell is also a taunt.
Divine Intervention Healing 1500 90s/2s Heals for 3000 over 10s
Divine Light Instant 1500 6s/2s Heals for a large amount
Heavy Shield Buff 60 10s/.5s Increases resistance by 20%
Protective Stance Buff 55 9s/2s Increase shielding skill by 70% for 12 s
Raise Shields Buff 1500 10s/2s Increases Resistance by 25% for 10s
Shield Haste Buff 60 2s/2s Increase speed and Base Shielding skill by 15%
Shield Wall Buff 60 40s/.5s Increases resistance by 40% for 10 s
Ultimate Challenge Instant 40 12s/1s Deals small amount of damage in an area and Taunts, Lowers the threat meter of bosses.
Summon Holy Spirit * Summon 1500 90s Summon a Holy Spirit to aid you in your combat, healing yourself and dealing damage to enemies around you (Scales like all summons). Obtainable from Cooking Up A Storm.
* - all legendary spells are affected by any type of cooldown reductions including forest gems

Revamped Awakening Builds

Healer setup


Holy Quickbuttons


Holy Full Aoe

HolyAOE.png HolyAOE2.png

Holy Highest DPS

Holyhighestdps.png Holyhighestdps2.png

Holy Healer

HolyHealer.png HolyHealer2.png

Prot Quickbuttons


Prot Full Tank


Prot HybridDPS