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Guild's are a great way for players to work together to get stronger and show allegiances. One of the greatest benefits of being in a guild is the option to participate in guild siege. Guild_Sieges

Guild Halls are another great feature for players in guilds. Archlight offers a way of leveling your guild to unlock certain benefits inside the guild halls.

You gain guild experience for your guild by turning in Royal Feathers, Dungeon Medals, crystal coins, and AT to the Guild Collector in the Guild Chamber of the Depot, or by simply completing dungeons and quests. Players can check their current level and progression by using the guild menu in game.

Guild level.png

Guild chamber.png
Make sure to click "sell" on the item you want to sell, if you click "sell all" it will take all of the above from your backpack.

Guild Collector

Guild Exp.png

Name Image Obtains
Royal Feathers Roc Feather.gif 2 Guild Experience
Crystal Coins x10Crystal Coin.gif 5 Guild Experience
Dungeon medals Dungeon medal.png 10 Guild Experience
Archlight Tokens x100Arch Token 1.png 25 guild Experience
Dungeon boxes Dungeon Box.png 3 Guild Experience when opened

Every week the Guildhalls will change its owner depending on how many exp your guild has gained IN THAT WEEK, Guildhalls have no rent what means that you wont have to pay any gold for it.

There are a total of 7 Guildhalls with 7 different tiers (the more exp your guild gain the higher tier you'll get), as reward for the exp gained each tier includes more nodes in each profession area (mining, fishing, woodcutting).
Guildhall List

Guild Hall Unlockable Perks:
Guild Level 5 - Guild fishing spawn

GH Fishing lvl 5.png

Guild Level 8 - Guild Trainers (4 Training Spots 50% Stamina Bonus), Guild Farming (200 Farming Tiles)

GH Farming LVL 8.png

GH Farming 2.png
-Guild Level 13 - Guild Charging Station (10% Cheaper than in depot)
GH Recharge.png

-Guild Level 15 - Guild Task NPC (each task yields a sugar cane which gives 50 energy)
GH tasker.png

-Guild Level 18 - Guild Woodcutting Area
GH Woodcutting.png

-Guild Level 20 - Guild Mining Area
GH Mining 20.png

-Guild Level 21 - Guild Item Seller (Bonus gold based on the guild level, higher level means better item prices.)
GH Lorial.png

-Guild Level 26 - Another set of Fishing Tiles.
GH Fishing.png

-Guild Level 27 - Another set of Woodcutting Nodes
GH Woodcutting 27.png

-Guild Level 30 - Another set of Mining Nodes
GH Mining 30.png

Archlight also offers guild perks which boost every player inside the guild. Only the leader can unlock the guild perks, to buy any of the perks simply the guild needs to have enough gold inside their guild bank.
The guild perks window can be found inside the store. (ctrl + h > store)
GH store.png
Guild Perks:
Global Experience - 2%, 4%, 7%, 10%, 15%
Crafting Experience - 3%, 6%, 10%, 15%, 20%
Energy Regaine - 3%, 6%, 10%, 15%, 20%
Loot - 3%, 6%, 10%, 15%, 20%

Monster Essence Find - 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%

Archlight Token Find - 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%
Increase Guild Member Total +5 members 500 Crystal Coins(5KK)