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Minimum level requirement: Awakening level 150

Must have completed Pits Of Archlight (POA) quest.


  • Iceforged quest box (random Iceforged item)
  • Tier 3 Quest Box
  • Two nodes

To enter the realm of the Iceforged quest you will need to open up the quest finder in the User Interface as circled in the picture below.

User Interface top right Quest finder.png
VVV Click on story quests as depicted below VVV
Quest Panel (story quest).png

Click on the Iceforged button to open the queue window. Make sure your entire team is in the party before pressing the private queue option to bring you into the quest.

Iceforged Highlight.png

Once you are through the first teleport you will need to have four (4) individual characters stand on each four black tiles within the room. STANDING ON THE TILES WILL SPAWN MONSTERS AROUND THEM BE CAREFUL.

Once you have filled the tiles with characters, simply pull the lever within the north area of the room to open the teleport to the next room. Once the lever is pulled to open the teleport, the characters on the tiles will no longer have to stand on them.


IceForge Map.png
There will be two individual rooms of monsters that will need be cleared before you can advance through the teleport to the next area. Once you are through you will enter a large room with many hallways, you will need to navigate through them in a specific order and pull the levers that are at the end of each hallway (some are downstairs) The order of the levers can be seen in the image to the right >>>

After you have pulled the 6 levers with the right order, go down the stairs and through the teleport to the room. You will need to find 3 keys hidden within this area, each key will unlock a specific door to the actual boss room.


Once you have found the 3 keys you can advance through the locked doors to fight the boss. Once you have beaten the boss Congratulations. You can now enter the reward located north of the boss room.