Archlight Online Wiki


The Layering System has been designed to alleviate stress issues and offer a sturdier performance approach.

This system will allow us to have more players online at the same time. This became a necessity due to the scope and growth of the project, and we developed this as a way to improve the gaming quality of our community and offer them a much more stable and deserved experience with us.


The structure of the Layering System is based on two main worlds, and one world dedicated to event contents. More worlds may be added if needed.

At the login screen, you may choose if you want to log on World#1 or World#2. Both worlds are identical, and there is no advantage on picking any of them.

The server will automatically route you to the least populated world by default if you don't select one. Worlds are connected to the Event World for special content [see the items below], and you can join the Event World for Events, Raids, Wild Bosses, Rifts and many other things.

It can be accessed from World#1 or World#2, and when you leave it, it will bring you back to the World you were previously in, without ever losing your spot on the world no matter how full it gets. You can view on the top left side of the client your current world you are in.

Connecting to a World doesn't mean that you can't interact with the other worlds. So for example, you cannot see people or items on another world, but you can still whisper them or locate them, make trades on the in game marketplace across worlds, or even switch worlds in the client to meet up with friends or visit your home.


Since the game is based on hunts and progression, there is a cooldown for changing worlds to avoid abuses. You can swap worlds on a Protected Zone, or outside it if you are not in battle.

When you change to the other world, you will be placed on a cooldown to swap back. This doesn't apply to the event world, since you cannot change to it anytime you want, and you need a reason to go there.

Houses, Farms and Guildhalls[]

Houses and Farms will be available on both worlds, so this means we have duplicated houses now. Owning a house on World#1 means that another person can own it on World#2.

You can travel & world change to your house from !travel if it's on the opposite world, but that will place you on cooldown for swapping back as well.

You can still own only 1 house at a time, so it means you cannot bid on a house if you already own one.

For the Guildhalls, they are not duplicated and you have access to it from World#1 and World#2. When you teleport to it from !travel, you will be placed on the Guild Hall on the world you are currently in, but you can world change right after if you want.

The gathering area of guild halls is in a central location and not duplicated but is accessible from the hall on any world. Entering and leaving will place you back in the original world you were in. This seamless place holding will allow players to maintain their efficiency running around performing gathering tasks and the like.


Events will take place at the Event World, so every time you step on the portal, you will be teleported to the Event World. When the event is over, you will be placed on your original world, since it can be accessed from both Worlds 1 or 2.


Raids are placed at the Event World as well. Since we have the bosses spot at the regular map too, there will be a portal to the Event World waiting for you to hop in once the boss raid has broadcasted it's first message.

The Kraken Defense Navy will be accessible from all boats in the Forgotten Islands at that point of first message as well. When you enter the portal, you will be teleported to the boss area on the Event World either in a protection zone or in a randomized spot on the map to avoid abuse of ill mannered players. This system may be adjusted to fit future situations if needed.

This means that the boss will not appear on Worlds 1 and 2, but on Event World Only.

There is a small cooldown to leave the Raid boss areas, to prevent people from abusing it, and after the boss death, it will remain open for 10 minutes, so players may come back and resolve any unfinished business or seek revenge.

Rewards will go fully to your depot as well this includes any winning prizes not just shards. You will retain your party set up on the main worlds when entering into these raids for battle purposes.

Wild Bosses[]

The Wild Bosses room is at the Event World, but the contribution towards it will count from Worlds 1 and 2, so this means that there will be 4 copies of the hunt adding progress to the boss spawn. You can enter it from both worlds, and when you leave it you will be placed back on the hunt at the same world you were previously in.

Using Depots[]

The auction house is connected for both worlds, so players won't notice any difference from what it currently was. All storages, mailbox, rewards box and inbox will be shared as well.


Party content like dungeons and quests will not be happening on the Event World. Changing world will kick you from the party, unless you enter the Event World.

So for example, if you join a Raid boss portal with your party, all members will be at the same party inside. But if the party is on World#1 and a player changes to World#2, it will kick him from the party. After leaving the Event World, the party will be maintained as usual.


Q: How do I change world?

A: Pressing the hotkeys Ctrl+Shift+G opens the world change window, or you can open the character selection window with Ctrl+G and change world as well. (these can also be configured in the client settings as well to something of your preference)

Q: Can I see my friends that are on the same spot as me but on another World?

A: No, you cannot see them, yet you can still interact with them. Players on another world will work like they are on a duplicate respawn, and they can still receive messages, guild invites, or be tracked with the Find spell.


Q: What are the contents that will be on Event World?

A: The following events will be placed on Event World:


Wild Bosses


Guild profession Island



World Bosses


The following events will NOT be placed on Event World:


Greater Dungeons

Quests Ramparts

Ritual Lords

Q: How will contributions like guild experience work towards worlds?

A: Guild experience will count towards all worlds, so if you contributed on a world, it will be updated on all of them. The same rule is applied to progressions like Archpass, Achievements, Reputations and etc.