Misty Mountains

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Pre-bosses path[edit | edit source]

Early Path Maps[edit | edit source]

Following 4 maps show the quite short path of the first part of the quest.

Early Misty Maps2.png

Bridge[edit | edit source]

Quite common thing to do, especially on the non-solo version of Misty Mountains is to mwall the south square of north bridge, to block the ranged attacks from attacking weaker players and avoiding unnecessary risk. It's best to be done by tankier players and it's also advised to move from this bridge as fast as it is possible, as the moment when mwall timer runs out poses yet another risk. It's not as important on the Solo variant of this quest.

Misty Bridge.png

"After Bridge"[edit | edit source]

Monsters in this area are ranged and use area mechanics.

This section has a few possible approaches. If there is enough strong and tanky team members to split team into three groups with the tankiest member of each group on the lead, you can coordinate the groups to slowly progress north. It is extremely advised to take it slow, so one group doesn't lure on another one.

Other option is to follow the middle path and let ranged members kill books from the west and east parts of this passage as fast as possible. Early in era, mechs of those monsters can easily be deadly.

This part can be almost walked through or ran through on the Solo version of this quest.

Ranged Books Misty Passage.png

Pre-boss Misty Passage.png

Main quest area[edit | edit source]

Map of the area[edit | edit source]

Main Misty Area2.png

1 - Mini bosses arena

2 - Altar for first two torn notes

3 - Altar for the third torn note

4 - Altar for the fourth torn note

5 - Altar for the fifth, final torn note

B - final boss area

L - lever area

Lever area[edit | edit source]

In the normal version of this quest, this area has 4 spots for players to stand on. After four players are standing on the tiles the lever can be pulled and you can proceed to mini-boss arena.

Lever area Misty.png

Book boss arena and "what to do"[edit | edit source]

There is five mini bosses to defeat in this arena. In normal version of this quest, those bosses hit extremely hard and if you are not tanky, especially early in the era, you want to dodge the mechanics of those book-bosses. Strong Guardian or a Berserker and healers are advised even at this stage. Mechanics are random all around the entire arena. After the boss is defeated, it will drop a torn page. You have to bring the torn pages to altars marked on the minimap on the beginning of this section. The order does matter. Putting the wrong torn page onto a wrong altar doesn't do anything, it simply won't work. After the torn page has been delivered to an altar, you have to come back to the arena and kill another book, until the final book boss. Damage of the book bosses will increase as you progress through the torn pages. In solo version of this quest the damage of the mechanics and overall damage of those bosses is greatly reduced. All of those altars "look" the same.

Mini-boss arena misty.png

Altars[edit | edit source]

First altar[edit | edit source]

You put the first two torn notes here. Marked on the map as 2.

Misty Altar.png

Second altar[edit | edit source]

You put third torn note here. Marked on the map as 3.

Second Misty Altar.png

Third altar[edit | edit source]

You put fourth torn note here. Marked on the map as 4.

Third Misty Altar.png

Final altar[edit | edit source]

You put the last torn note here. Marked on the map as 5.

Once you put the last torn note here, proceed to the final boss area marked on the map as B. In normal version of this quest be extremely careful on your way up there, as the monsters most likely have respawned. Quite common tactic is to mwall most of the party from the ranged "Thornstuck" monsters as they pose a threat to the weaker backline of the party.

Final Misty Altar.png

Final boss[edit | edit source]

Boss behavior and mechanics[edit | edit source]

Final boss of this quest will keep his distance, having "Ranged AI". It will keep attacking from the distance. Closing the gap will increase damage taken by the tank.

The boss uses "+" shaped mechanics and big area mechanics across the entire arena.

The boss also has one unique mechanic: One or more members of the party will become heavily paralyzed. Once the player moves during the paralyze, the boss will get healed. It can be extremely deadly if this mechanic gets stacked with bigger area mechanic or unlucky "+" mechanic. This boss deals substantial damage even in the Solo version of the quest.

And last but not least, the boss will also summon additional ranged books monsters, similar to the ones seen in the "three way" passage earlier.

Good luck!

Misty Mountain Boss Summons.png

Misty boss - mechs.png

After the boss[edit | edit source]

Once you have defeated the boss, the teleport will open.


Let the tank, healers and the tankiest members coordinate and jump in that teleport. On the other side, there's a few ranged Thornstucks waiting to catch you off guard. It's recommended to take them one by one by mwalling.
Misty Mountains Boss TP.png

This is what you will see after you enter that teleport. After you are done clearing those three, you are free to go to the reward room.

After the boss Misty Teleport.png

Reward Room[edit | edit source]


Misty Mountains Reward Room.png