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A Monk will not use a weapon, he is finely tuned with the Damage his own body can inflict. The Monk uses his fists as his primary weapon and attack, thus usualy wielding a claw and nothing more. The Monks atack speed is like no other, Making him even more attuned to his fist fighting skill. The Monk is a great solo class, through the control of his swift punches, AOE Kicks and his spirits he can summon to aid him, the monk is a lethal killing machine.


  • Monk use Two Claws;
  • Monk can use the Enchantments below;
    • Enraging
    • Hemorage
    • Lifebloom
    • Lifeleech
    • Grasping
  • Monk Attack Speed cap is 8.

Soul Rune

Stuns target for 1 second while the monk dashes 4 times around the target hitting them each time.



Hybrid(damage and sustain):
1. Arcane -> Increase your spells damage
2. Vitality -> Increase your HP.
3. Strength -> Increase your physical damage.
4. Restoration -> Increase health and mana received from healing/regeneration spells and runes (cast and received spells)
5. Haste -> Increase your attack speed.
6. Precision -> Increase your crit chance.


Monk Specializations Specializations can be unlocked after obtaining the three Promotions and Awakening.

Monk - Spiritmaster.png


The Spiritmaster is a perfectionist of his attunements. He is able to fully make use of the elements in his powerful back kick spells as well as make use of strong spiritual connection for better healing over time.

Monk - Brawler.png


The Brawler is a close combat specialist. He relies less on the power of his spirit, and more on the power of his fists.


Awakened spells

After reaching awakening you will get "Awakened spell points" every 15 levels that you can spend on spells to increase their potency and give them special effects. Read more here Revamped Awakening Spells

Attack Spells

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description
Death/Energy/Ice/Fire/Earth Kick Elemental AOE 8 1.25s/1.25s Deals elemental damage surrounding enemies.
Min Flurry of Punches Physical 8 1s/1.25s A flurry of attacks that deals physical damage to a monster close to you.
Flurry of Punches Physical 80 6s/1.25s A better flurry attack but with longer cooldown.
Strong Flurry Of Punches Physical 250 8s/1.25s A best flurry attack but with longer cooldown.
Knockout Punch Physical 650 8s/1.25s Tiny amount of single target damage.
1000 Fists Physical 1500 8s/1.25s Hits the target multiple times dealing significantly more damage than the Monks punches.
Kamakazi Punch Physical 1500 8s/1.25s

Stronger version of knockout punch.

Death/Electric/Frozen/Flaming/Nature Back Kick Elemental AOE 1500 1.25s/1.25s Stronger version of Ultimate Kicks.

Healing Spells

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description
Exura Instant 10 1s/1s Heals the caster a small amount
Exura Gran Instant 20 1s/1s Heals the caster a small amount
Quick Prayer Instant 8 1s/1s Heals the caster - Monks main healing spell.
Prayer Instant 90 30s/1s Stronger version of quick prayer with longer cooldown scales with vitality and restoration
Healing Spring HoT 20 8s/0.1s Heals 3% of TOTAL HP every sec for the duration of the spell.
Fighting Prayer Instant 1500 1s/1s Stronger" version of Quick Prayer.
Spirit Spring HoT 1500 15s/0.1s Heals 4% of TOTAL HP every sec for the duration of the spell

Support Spells

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description
Focused Art Dungeon medal.png Buff 60 10s/1s Increase speed and Base Fist skill by 30%, toggle on/off on Avuria(lasts until you turn it off or log off)
Taunt Taunt AOE 20 5s/2s Taunt nearby monsters
Spura remove Instant 50 1s/1s Remove summons
Assemble "earth/fire/water/energy spirit Summon 2s/2s List of summons below
element spirit - 30 2s/2s -
Novice element spirit - 150 2s/2s -
Loyal element spirit - 400 2s/2s -
Ancient element spirit - 1250 2s/2s -
Absorb Summon Buff 25 2s/0.1s Absorbs the current active summon to grant the caster a temporary buff.

Water Spirit - Increases attack speed by 35%
Earth Spirit - Increases resistance by 20%
Energy Spirit - Your normal attacks slow the target by 15% for 2 seconds.
Fire Spirit - Your normal attacks hit in a small 4 square aoe infront of the monk.

Channel Spirit Buff 25 300s/0.1s Absorbs active summon and gives caster's party a buff.

Water Spirit - Player's party +10% haste stat bonus due to channeling your water spirit.
Earth Spirit - Player's party +5% resistance bonus due to channeling your earth spirit.
Energy Spirit - Player's party +10% arcane stat bonus due to channeling your energy spirit.
Fire Spirit - Player's party +10% strength stat bonus due to channeling your fire spirit.

Absorb the Elements * Buff 1500 90s/0.1s Absorb the power and strength of all 4 of your elements, enhancing your attack speed, resistance and giving you an elemental attack. Obtainable from Cooking Up A Storm quest.
* - all legendary spells are affected by any type of cooldown reductions including forest gems

Revamped Awakening Builds






this is a PVE Spec.

Spiritmaster.png Spiritmaster2.png


This is FULLY a PVP spec- the "stuns" do not work on Bosses!! 

Brawlerspec.png Brawlerspec2.png