Monster Essence

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Monster essences are the best way to gain new powerful equipment (You can receive gear better than the prismatic gear from the donation shop), a big amount of gold, experience or a loot/movement speed buff. They show up as !me text on the floor
Typing !me in chat will pop up a log with a easy math question(to prevent macro users). If you respond correctly you are entitled to one of the following rewards :

  • Items (based on the strength of the monster)
  • Gold (based on the strength of the monster)
  • Experience (based on the strength of the monster)
  • Archlight Tokens (based on the strength of the monster)

You can buff your chances of essences to spawn by equipping better gear, adding stat points into prosperity, by slaying one of the global raid bosses or owning one of the many companions that increse essence find)

Item essences are a good way of acquiring better gear, the other way is to either craft it or to receive it as a reward from dungeon boxes. The best set you can receive from essences is Renegade.

Anytime you select an incorrect answer, you will suffer a -25% monster essence chance penalty for 60 minutes (If you have a 4% monster essence find, it will now be 3%). 4 Incorrect answers total will mean you will have NO CHANCE to find a monster essence for 60 minutes. Everytime you get another question wrong when at 0% chance, the duration of 60 minutes will reset.