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Monster Portals are the primary source for experience and building your character before you are ready for quests and dungeons.

Before choosing a monster portal you may want to be aware of different task npcs. The main task npcs can give you 3 different tasks concurrently each, some tasks may stack with others so prepare ahead.

There is 1 NPC for addon tasks named Steve the Addoner located at the depot 1 floor above ground, he will give you long term tasks to kill many monsters in exchange for some addon or mount item/ingredients.

Inside the monster portal hub Located in the depot ground floor you will find 3 NPC's with progressively stronger task monsters surrounded by several portals leading to 9 tiers of monsters.These NPCS give tasks which provide [EXP,Royal feather/s,5 energy] 1.5x exp is rewarded the first time you do each task, tasks may be repeated every 4 hours. The tasks are as follows:

TIER 1 - Task (Monster Hunter)[edit | edit source]

Name Kills Portal Reward
Bonebeasts 110 inside a dungeon
Dragon Lords 45 100+
Dragons 35 40+
Elder Wyrms 45 70+
Enslaved dwarves 70 130+
Forest Furys 90 40+ carrot on a stick
Frost Dragons 40 100+
Giant Spiders 40 40+
Hellfire Fighters 90 130+
Heroes 90 70+
Hydras 35 70+
Lizard High Guards 40 70+
Lost Berserkers 70 130+
Minotaur Amazons 40 40+
Necromancers 300 40+ Soul Stone
Pirate Corsairs 50 1-50
Stampors 40 40+
Werewolves 90 70+
Wyrms 40 70+

TIER 2 - Task (Expert Monster Hunter)[edit | edit source]

Name Kills Portal Reward
Behemoths 55 130+
Cliff Striders 125 250+
Corrupted Hydras 110 70+
Demons 45 130+
Draken Abominations 65 100+
Draken Elites 80 100+
Earth Overlords 55 130+
Grim Reapers 65 100+
Guzzlemaws 65 130+
Lava Golem* 50 inside a dungeon
Medusae 95 70+
Undead Dragons 55 250+
War Golems 135 100+ Golden Can of Oil

TIER 3 -Task (Master Taskmaster)[edit | edit source]

Name Kills Portal Reward
Aged Serpent Spawns 115 250+/450+
Cave Worms* 115   inside a dungeon
Enflamed Lords 115 450+
Metal Gargoyles 115 450+
Nomads 115 900+
Plagued Rats 115 900+
Yetis 115 450+

TIER 2 - Stat Task (Test Of Strength)[edit | edit source]

His tasks can be done every 23~ hours and will give you +3 stats in a stat with currently fewer than 40 points; or +2 stats in a stat that currently has 40+ points; or +1 stat in a stat with currently 80+ points.

Yetis 175 (this is the task you are likely to get every day, pair it with Tier[3] Exp task for Yeti's)

Enflamed Lords 175? (If you wait 24 hours and have not yet killed 175 yetis, you can exchange your yeti task for another task such as Enflamed lords)

(there may be others after enflamed lords)

After you have chosen your task/s you will want to enter the appropriate portal to hunt that monster, some of these portals have additional Tier[1] Stat tasks in them!

These are the 10 main monster portals

1-50 suggested

Level 1-50.png
Primary Monster Monsters inside NPC
Cave Larvae Cave Larvae

Evolved Larvae

Troll Champion Troll

Furious Troll

Troll Champion

Arthurius The Watchmen
Kongra Kongra


Pirate Corsair Pirate Buccaneer

Pirate Marauder

Pirate Corsair

Ralston One Legged Merl
Orc Warrior Orc

Orc Spearman

Orc Warrior

Orc Leader

Orc Berserker

Mainard The Harbringer

40+ suggested

Level 40.png
Primary Monster Monsters inside NPC
Forest Fury Forest Fury

Incarnation of Fury (BOSS)

Giant Spider Giant Spider


Eight Legged Death (BOSS)

Minotaur Amazon Minotaur Amazon

Minotaur Hunter

Mooh'tah Warrior

Koren the Swift (BOSS)

Vampire Vampire

Hemomancer Sikan (BOSS)

Necromancers Necromancer

Necromancers (BOSS)

Dragons Dragon

Dragon Lord

Dragons (BOSS)

Stampors Stampor

Stampors (BOSS)

70+ suggested

Level 70.png
Primary Monster Monsters inside NPC
Bog Raider Bog Raider

Bog Raider (BOSS)

Corrupted Hydra Hydra


Corrupted Hydra

Corrupted Hydra (BOSS)

Hydra Hydra

Ungulating Mass (BOSS)

Lizard Legionnaire Lizard Legionnaire

Lizard Dragon Priest

Lizard High Guard

Lizard Chosen

Lizard Zaogun

Lizard Legionnaire (BOSS)

*Acess to Drakens* 100+

Gloin The Lizard Hater
Wyrms Wyrm

Elder Wyrm

Earthen Terror (BOSS)

Werewolves Werewolf

War Wolf


Werewolf (BOSS)

Black Knight Black Knight

Black Knight (BOSS)

Hero Hero


Hero (BOSS)

Greyham The Guard

100+ suggested

Level 100.png
Primary Monster Monsters inside NPC
Drakens Draken Warmaster

Draken Spellweaver

Draken Elite

Draken Abomination

Drakens (BOSS)

*Acess to Lizard Spawn 70+*

Dragon Lord Dragon

Dragon Lord Hatchling

Dragon Lord

Dragon Lord (BOSS)

Conradin The DragonSlayer
War Golem Worker Golem

War Golem

Massive Energy Elemental

War Golem (BOSS)

Hellspawn Hellspawn



Hellspawn (BOSS)

Grim Reaper Grim Reaper

Grim Reaper (BOSS)

Johan The Lightbringer
Frost Dragon Frost Dragon

Frost Dragon Hatchling

Ice Golem

Frost Dragon (BOSS)

Crystal Spider Crystal Spider

Ice Golem

Cystal Spider (BOSS)

Joran The Spider Slayer

130+ suggested

Level 130.png
Primary Monster Monsters inside NPC
Hellfire Fighter Hellfire Fighter

Hellfire Fighter (BOSS)

Behemoths Cyclops

Cyclops Smith



Earth Overlord

Behemoth (BOSS)

Reginald The Unbreakable
Demon Demon

Fire Elemental


Demon (BOSS)

Lost Berserkers Lost Husher

Lost Berserker

Lost Thrower

Enslaved Dwarf

Crazed Freefolk (BOSS)

Robin The Omen
Infernalist Infernalist

Infernalist (BOSS)

Guzzlemaw Guzzlemaw

Guzzlemaw (BOSS)

Dark Torturers Dark Torturer

Lost Soul


Dark Torturer (BOSS)

Colart The Fighter
Retching Horror Retching Horror

Massive Fire Elemental

Retching Horror (BOSS)

250+ suggested

Level 250.png
Primary Monster Monsters inside NPC
Cliff Strider Cliff Strider

Cyclops Smith

Cyclops Drone

Massive Earth Elemental

Cliff Strider (BOSS)

Ancient Dragon Dragon Lord

Ancient Dragon

Ancient Dragon (BOSS)

Ancient Dragon Slayer
Radiant Raider Radiant Raider

Multiplying Defiler

Radiant Raider (BOSS)

Radiation Surveyor
Enraged War Golem Enraged War Golem

War Golem

Enraged War Golem (BOSS)

Screaming Graveler Screaming Graveler

Screaming Graveler (BOSS)

Aged Serpent Spawn Aged Serpent Spawn

Tomb Snake

Aged Serpent Spawn (BOSS)

Undead Dragon Undead Dragon

Undead Dragon (BOSS)

450+ suggested

Level 450.png
Primary Monster Monsters inside NPC
Deepsea Predator Deepsea Hydromancer

Deepsea Mantassin

Deepsea Constrictor

Deepsea Pincher

Deepsea Predator

Deepsea Predator (BOSS)

Forest Goddess Forest Goddess

Incarnation of Jealousy (BOSS)

Enflamed Lord Enflamed Lord

Hellfire Fighter

Fire Elemental

Incarnation of Hate (BOSS)

Agresive Armadile Agresive Armadile

Bonestruck Devourer

Aged Serpent Spawn

Agresive Armadile (BOSS)

Yeti Yeti

Yeti (BOSS)

Metal Gargoyle Metal Gargoyle

Metal Gargoyle (BOSS)

Aquatic Elite Aquatic Scout

Aquatic Spellsinger

Aquatic Elite

Aquatic Warrior

Aquatic Elite (BOSS)

Hellfleshed Demon Hellfleshed Demon

Prophet Of Hell (BOSS)

Abnormal Hunter

900+ suggested

Level 900.png
Primary Monster Monsters inside NPC
Vexclaw Vexclaw

Elder Wyrm

Vexclaw (BOSS)

Gnomevil Gnomevil

Iron Servant

Bloodthirsty Freefolk (BOSS)

Leviathan Leviathan

Ice Ravager

Leviathan (BOSS)

Death Reaper Death Reaper

Death Reaper (BOSS)

Plague Rat Plague Rat

Monstrous Mutated Creation (BOSS)

Scared Villager
Ogre Brute Ogre Brute

Ogre Shaman

Ogre Savage

Ogre Brute (BOSS)

Nomad Pillager Nomad Pillager

Nomad Disciple

Nomad Cell Robber

Nomad Pillager (BOSS)

1500+ A suggested (600+ required!!!)

Level 1500 A.png
Primary Monster Monsters inside NPC
Exiled Fighter Exiled Fighter

Exiled Rogue

Exiled Priest

Exile Camp Guard

1500+ B suggested (600+ required!!!)

Level 1500 B.png