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| Healing Ritual [[File:dungeon medal.png|32px|link=]] || Instant || 8 || 1s || Heals the caster
| Healing Ritual [[File:dungeon medal.png|32px|link=]] || Instant || 8 || 1s || Heals the caster
|Utamo Vita
|Mana Shield - Note: You can cast it second time to switch it off!
| Cure Poison || Example || 10 || 6s/1s || Cures the Poison effect
| Cure Poison || Example || 10 || 6s/1s || Cures the Poison effect

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The necromancer is an adept to the undead. The Necromancer prefers to summon undead to do his biding, instead of getting his own hands dirty. The necromancer can choose his summon from 32 different undead monsters. From flesh Fiends which heal themselves by doing damage making them a primary meat shield for the caster, to Shadow fiends which cast high powerful damage from afar. Altough most of the necromancer's damage comes from its summons, the necromancer can also use several damage over time spells which start weak but over time increase more and more in damage.

Soul Rune

Deals death damage, then damage over time



Arcane > Being a spellcaster, the Necro relies heavily on magic. Between their spells and runes, Arcane is the largest boost in damage.

Vitality > Because of their bigger health pool, a necro benefits that much more from extra health %. Even though being able to heal more is important, Vitality is still very important and helps you take a few more hits.

Restoration > Necromancer's have a larger health pool than most casters. This means that their main concern comes from being able to heal that much. Restoration is a strong pick if you're worried about surviving more.

Runemastery >The damage of a necromancer also depends on runes, such as SDs or infinite SDs, since necros can combine their spells and runes at the same time, boosting their damage.

Precision > The high amount of ticks from the Necro's spells means there will be a lot of damages happening at the same time, meaning there will be a lot of crits happening the more precision you get. (Very low rate makes that stat nearly useless)

Haste> To swing dat wand faster and throw pew pews at monsters!

Focus > The wand damage and the rate of the auto attack isn't negligible. With some end game wand, the dps is pretty high.

Luck > More loot, more money!

Prosperity > Will increase the chance of essence to pop!

Intelligence > Least stat to up. (Or best if you wish more survivability with energy ring swapping)

Brewmastery > Increases the amount of replenished hp/mp when using elixirs, can be interesting for necros as it doesn't share cd with Healing Ritual.

Strength > Useless for Necromancers.


Specializations can be unlocked after obtaining the three Promotions and Awakening.

Necromancer - Summon.png


The Demonic Necromancer doesn’t want to do the hard work, he has his undead friends to do that for him. The Demonic Necromancer has the power to summon the most horrifying of undead creatures. Benefits: Powerful tanking pets.

Necromancer - Witch.png


The Witch is a devious caster, able to haunt an enemy without even seeing them. The witch is a master of their damage over time skills, and focuses less on their summons and more on their mind bending magic. Benefits: Strong DOT and AOE spell.


Awakened spells

After reaching awakening you will get "Awakened spell points" every 10 levels that you can spend on spells to increase their potency and give them special effects, these spells will be marked with Dungeon medal.png. Read more here Awakened spells

Basic Spell




Attack Spells

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description
Reapers Touch Single DoT 8 4s Applies a x5 hits of mixed bleed/death/drown damage for 5 sec.
Death Wave Dungeon medal.png Instant Wave 38 6s Shoots a death wave in front of you.
Gathering Fear Dungeon medal.png Instant AOE 80 8s Massive death AOE
Unholy Shackles Instant 300 10s Also paralyze the target for 2 sec.
Underling Instant 20 2s Summons a gozzler that runs into the selected target and commits suicide in a 3x3 area.
Mind Seizure Instant 1500 8s Stronger version of Unholy Shackles
Witchs Hourglass Dungeon medal.png Instant DoT 1500 8.5s Applies a x5 powerful hits of mixed bleed/death/drown for 5 sec.
Witchs Cauldron AOE 1500 12s Like Gathering fear but Double AOE with fire and death damage

Healing Spells

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description
Healing Ritual Dungeon medal.png Instant 8 1s Heals the caster
Utamo Vita Instant 10 1s Mana Shield - Note: You can cast it second time to switch it off!
Cure Poison Example 10 6s/1s Cures the Poison effect
Cure Bleeding Removal 20 6s/1s Cures the Bleeding effect
Cure Electrification Removal 20 6s/1s Cures the Electrified effect
Cure Burning Removal 20 6s/1s Cures the Burning effect
Cure Curse Removal 20 6s/1s Cures the Curse effect

Support Spells

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description
Exevo Ring Instant 40 2s Conjures an energy ring.
Necroi Remove Remove summon 20 10s Removes all summoned minions.
Utevo res "Lesser type Summon 25 2s List of summons below also types of summons
Utevo res "Novice type summon 150 2s example Utevo res "Novice Fleshfiend
Utevo res "type summon 300 2s -
Utevo res "Strong type summon 500 2s -
Utevo res "Greater type summon 700 2s -
Utevo res "Demonic type summon 1500 2s -
Utevo res "Doomlord summon 1500 2s Powerfull tank with taunt and aoe spell
Utevo res "Ravenous Fiend summon 1500 2s Powerfull ranged attacker
Summon Shadowform summon 1500 300s Creates a Shadowform to aid you in combat, casting similar spells to the Necromancer, this can be used with your other summons. Obtainable from Cooking Up A Storm
Lich Form Buff 500 90s Transform you into a lich, granting increased magic level for duration. Alternate "Abomination Form" can be bought from cosmetic shop.

Necromancer Summons Dungeon medal.png

Your personal blocker.

They heal themselves and cast exeta res
on a large radius, attacks with physical damage.

Ranged magic attackers.

Deals death damage (SD).

Physical attackers who also deal death damage around themselves.

(Think of death dmg Avalanche.)

High physical damage dealers.