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There are nodes all around Archlight.

Using these will increase your damage by 0.10% but will also cost you 25 energy. You can capture a total of 103 nodes for a total of 10.3% damage increase.

Where How many Notes
Guild nodes Lvl 15 20
Guild Nodes Lvl 5 10
Dungeons How many Notes
Thurin's Tomb 1 Shares with HC
Forsaken Tomb 2 Shares with HC
The Citadel 1
Rifts How many Notes
Fire Rift 2

You must go down 1 level in order to reach these nodes. They are behind a level 200 door.

Ice Rift 2
Earth Rift 2
Spawns How many Notes
Aquatics 4

-2 From where you enter the spawn

Go down the stairs directly below the first node

Sand Dusk Scarabs 2 Directly left and directly right from the entrance to the


Dragonlings 1 Down the stairs to the left of the beginning of the spawn
Grim Reapers 1 Go up the left ladder upon entering the spawn, then

go north

Demons 2 In Quest room
Demon Nodes.png
Enflamed Lords 1 South west behind a level 300 door
Corrupted Hydras 2 On top of hill at start w/medusa levitate up
Crystal Spiders 2 Left from portal, all the way northeast
Elder Wyrms 1 Top left corner
Wyrm node.png
Agressive Armadiles 3

Go to the top levels of these buildings. 1 in the north building, 2 in the south building.

Leviathans 2

Go down these holes to find the nodes. The two holes on the left lead to the same node.

Enraged War Golems 2 Directly left and directly right from where you enter the


Drakens 1 2nd floor of the building in the middle containing

several draken abomination spawns

Retching Horrors 1

This node is to the east of the entrance of the spawn

Premium Area How many Notes
Premium Anni 2
South Plague Mammal's Cave 5
North "minning" cave 3
Quests How many Notes
PoI 2
Annihiliator 1 Rewards room
Heroes quest 4
Giant Oxes 2 Rewards room
Banshee Daily Skill Quest 2 Rewards room
Basilisk Side-Quest 1
Warlords Quest 3 1st boss room and last boss room
Demon Helmet Quest 1 Rewards room
Voodoo Quest 2
Elemental Tomb 2
Darksteel Quest 2
Sharptooth 2
Iceforged Quest 2
Seven Trials Quest 2