Old Dungeons

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These Dungeons used to be for players pre-awakened, they were replaced with solo dungeon system for all levels including pre-awakened.

Old Dungeons[edit | edit source]

These dungeons can be accessed by anyone that has not yet awakened.
You can open a dungeon chest every 6 hours. These can be found at the end of every Dungeon.
Check your quest log to see your current cooldowns. If you did not complete a dungeon for 12 hours you will gain an additional charge meaning you will be able to run the dungeon again to get additional rewards. There is a cap of 3 charges per dungeon.
Each Dungeon Chest Box will give you 1 reward and also a large amount of experience.
You can enter a normal dungeon by clicking a button inside the home menu in game (Ctrl + H)

List of Dungeons
Level Range: 150-450
Boss: Thurin
Rewards: 1 Dungeon Box
Tip: There is a lever that you have to pull before entering the boss room.

Level Range: 250-550
Boss: The Deathbringer
Mini-Boss: Askarak King
Rewards: 2 Dungeon Boxes
Tip: Killing the mini-boss is optional.

Level Range: 350-650
Boss: The Forsaken One
Rewards: 2 Dungeon Boxes

Level Range: 450-750
Boss: Hurac
Rewards: 2 Dungeon Boxes

Level Range: 550-850
Boss: Rift Lord
Rewards: 1 Dungeon Box

Level Range: 650-950
Boss: The Forgotten City God
Rewards: 3 Dungeon Boxes
Tip: You need to pull 3 levers before you can climb the first temple.

Level Range: 750-1050
Boss: Vampire Lord
Rewards: 3 Dungeon Boxes
Tip: You need to pull 2 levers before entering the boss tower.

Level Range: 950-1250
Boss: The Alpha
Rewards: 2 Dungeon Boxes

Level Range: 1050-1350
Boss: Ogre Lurka
Rewards: 2 Dungeon Boxes and 1 Hardcore Dungeon Box
Tip: You need to pull 3 levers to open the boss tower.

Level Range: 1250-1499
Boss: Exiled Cutthroat
Rewards: 3 Dungeon Boxes
Tip: You need to pull 1 lever to cross the bridge.