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Getting To Olympus[edit | edit source]

After Obtaining 3,500 Explorer Reputation in the Forgotten Islands, Come to this Boat in the Wolves/ wyverns spawn on the Island Blackridge.


And Speak with Charon The Ferryman


Base of Mt. Olympus[edit | edit source]

Before doing anything after arriving in Olympus Set These items to your Auto Loot List

Full Loot List[edit | edit source]

  1. Poseidon's Mark (31780)
  2. Hermes' Mark (31782)
  3. Apollo's Mark (31783)
  4. Ares' Mark (31784)
  5. Hephaestus' Mark (31785)
  6. Zeus' Mark (31787)
  7. Stone Remains (31706)
  8. Forgotten Gold (29424)
  9. Poisonous Acid (31694)
  10. Noxious Heart (23565)
  11. Glass Of Acid (31717)
  12. Gorgon Essence (31724)
  13. Gorgon Fetish (31722)
  14. Gorgon Crest (31730)
  15. Manticore Ear (31737)
  16. Manticore Tail (31736)
  17. Eternal Flame (31714)
  18. Book of Rituals (31729)
  19. Molten Heart (31715)


Finding a Coin[edit | edit source]

Say Hi to the Charon The Ferryman Upon Arriving in Olympus, 
He will Ask you For an Olympian coin, He will Also Require an Olympian Coin Every time you wish to Speak with him (you need a Total of 4, If you do everything Correctly.) (You will Also need 15 More Olympian coins for a Later Mission - you can gather these now if you like)

Olympian coin.png

You can gather an Olympian coin from using the Large Amphora's and Chest's inside of the buildings

Killing 50 Stone Creatures[edit | edit source]

Return to Charon The Ferryman and speak with him again He will then Ask you to Kill 50 Stone Creatures, these are the monster's that Roam around and 
are inside of the buildings.

CharonThe Ferryman1.png

Finding the Diary[edit | edit source]

After Killing the 50 Stone Creatures Return to Charon The Ferryman and speak with him again upon finishing the task, he will ask you to retrieve a 
book or Diary containing the information we need

CharonThe Ferryman2.png

It is Located in the building Located here, 

Location of book.png

Travel thru the house, and into the Sewer Grate all the way to the bottom.

Into the Sewer.png

Upon Arriving into the bottom of the sewer,

Bottom of sewer.png

Travel West to the First alcove to the North

2nd sewergrate hidden.png

Hiding under the Boxes on the Western wall of this room, is another Sewergrate
Travel down through this grate

2nd sewergrate Found.png

Use the Body, and you will obtain a Soldier's Diary.

Soldier's Diary.png

Return to Charon The Ferryman And speak with him,


Gathering Task[edit | edit source]

He will then Assign you a Task to collect 15 Petrified Screams, 10 Petrified Tree Barks, and 6 Rune Stones.
You Obtain the pertified 15 scream's from using the petrified human being's


you Obtain the Petrified 10 bark's from using the petrified Tree's (You will Also need Another 40 Of the Barks, for a Mission Later on you can Gathers these now, if you Like)


You can obtain the 6 rune stones, by looting 5 of the Stone remains from killing the monsters, 5 of these turn into 1 Rune stone so you will need 30 "stone remains" for this mission (Also You will need Another 50 "Stone Remains - 10 More Rune Stones For a Later Mission, you can gather these now if you like)


Return again to Charon The Ferryman and speak with him, and confirm you have gathered the ingredients, after a few short animations,
he will allow you access thru the barrier to the north to Mount Olympus!


Travel Here, and you can now Pass Through the Barrier!



Travel Up the Stairs 


until you Reach this point, Then "Exani hur up"



Arriving to Mt. Olympus[edit | edit source]

Upon Arriving to Mount Olympus You have to pledge to the god of your choice and u need a god mark
(Pledge Zeus = Zeus' mark, Pledge Ares = Ares' mark, pledge Hermes' = Herme's mark etc.)

Poeseidons Altar.png Hermes Altar.png Hephaestus Altar.png Ares Altar.png Zeus Altar.png Apollos Altar.png

The God Spells[edit | edit source]


Once you have decided on the God which you wish to pledge Simply Right Click The god's Altar, listen to their story, Then offer your help.
(the picture's Below are for the God Poseidon)



Euryale's Island[edit | edit source]

Travel North, up the stairs until you find the ladder going down, and Continue following the path,

Traveldownhere.png Intothewater.png Tillureachhere.png

Continue.png Continue2.png


Finding Perseus![edit | edit source]

Now Your on the Island, Travel slightly north to this spot,


Travel over of this "mountain" Until you See this Statue.


Use this Statue, to Reveal it is Actually Perseus Trapped in Stone!



Gather Acid Pool Remains[edit | edit source]

Travel back over the mountain, and Search for Acid pool's and Use them to gather Acid pool remains,


which you Then use on the Acid Elementals, to spawn "Massive Acid Elemental's"


Upon Killing the "Massive Acid Elemental's" They have a *Chance* to Drop the "Glass of Acid"
(***You will need 10 of These so continue gathering Acid pool remains and spawning the "Massive Acid Elemental's" Until you have Gathered 10***)


Travel back to Perseus and speak with him again


Gathering the Glass of Acids[edit | edit source]

Head Back over the Mountain, and around the Island there are Other Mountain go to the top's of them and use the Glass of Acid, on the Yellow Mushrooms, Which will Spawn a "Acid Raider" kill these to Gather the 10 Poisonous Acid


Once you Have Gather'd 10 of them Return to Perseus


Spawning the Acid Horror![edit | edit source]

Use the 10 Poisonous Acid - to Create a Bowl of Acid, go back over the mountain and East to this Location


Continue over and down the Next set of stairs to here


Use the Bowl of Acid on the Hydra Statue to Spawn the "Acid Horror"


Who drops the Noxious Heart!


Return to Perseus, with the Noxious Heart


Enhancing the Noxious Heart![edit | edit source]

Travel Back over the mountain and Head South, then East until you Reach this spot


Lure Acid Ooze To the Lava Hold And Use it while they're near to Turn them to Stone,


Use the Petrified Ooze to Obtain Acid Masses,


Use an Acid Mass on your Noxious heart to enhance it, Now drag your Enhanced Noxious Heart into the Water Just to the north of the Lava hole To Summon Forth the Spawn of Euryale.


Once the Spawn of Euryale is Defeated, Return once again to you God's Altar and Speak with it, Now You are Ready to Face Euryale!


Defeat Euryale[edit | edit source]

Killing Euryale

(Boss Fight Info to Come-)***

Once You have Spoken with your God and Reported that you Have slayed Euryale and Have a Strand of Euryale's Hair You can Now Travel North of the Poseidon Altar and Speak With Chronos And "Report" that you have the hair and you can now Travel through the Portal Near to Him


Stheno's Island[edit | edit source]

You have now Arrived near the End of Euryale's Island and will be Traveling to Stheno's Island

Arrivingtoeuryaleisland.png Arrivingtoeuryaleisland2.png Arrivingtoeuryaleisland3.png Arrivingtoeuryaleisland4.png Arrivingtoeuryaleisland5.png

Pass Through the Gate By simply Using the Bars


Travel Up the Stairs, and Slightly North till you Reach Perseus



Examining the Snake Statues![edit | edit source]

Continue Past Perseus up the Stairs, and come to This point slightly south,


Travel slightly west after going up the stairs and use the 1st, of the 3 Snake Statues,


Go Back down the Stairs and head North till you Reach these stairs,


From Here you Will Travel, First South West to the 2nd Statue Located atop of this Mountain (the X- is You)


Then to the 3rd Statue Located atop of this Mountain (the X- is You)


Once you Have Used all 3 Snake Statues Return Again to Perseus


Skin, Skin, and more Skinning![edit | edit source]

For This mission You will need to Kill, And Skin With an **OBIDIAN KNIFE** (can Be Purchased for 20 Archlight tokens From the Token Exchange npc) "Gorgon Hydra's" for their Skin, and "Gorgon Cyclops" For their Eyes
(**these do however have a Very Low Drop chance, So expect to be here a While**)

Obsidian knife.png

Once you Have Gathered the Skin's and Eyes, Head here And Lure a "Gorgon Scorpion" and a "Gorgon Lion" into the Lab Ruins for them To Merge together into a "Manticore"


Luring.png Themanticore.png

Upon Killing the Manticore you can receive an Ear, or a Tail
(these are not a Guaranteed Drop however and will probably take spawning and killing it a Few times)

Once you have Gathered 20 Hydra Skin's, 10 Cyclops Eye's, 1 Manticore Ear, and 1 Manticore Tail Return again to Perseus


The Cyclops Brothers[edit | edit source]

Now Once Again Travel to the 3 Snake Statues, (Refer back to the pictures above) And Use The Gorgon Core on Each of the Statues, Once that is Finished Return to Perseus


Wait Exactly One minute Then Speak with him Again


Travel Back above Perseus to here

Kill the Spawn of Stheno[edit | edit source]

Clawpt1.png Clawpt2.png

Go over to the Colorful Stone and use the Gorgon Claw on it To Summon the "Spawn of Stheno"


Once the "Spawn of Stheno" has been slain Return to the altar of your God and Report it to him, now you are Ready to face Stheno!


Defeat Stheno[edit | edit source]

Killing Stheno

(Boss Fight Info to Come-)***

Medusa's Island[edit | edit source]

After Slaying Stheno and acquiring a strand of Stheno's hair, take it to Chronos, and Report this will allow you Access through Stheno's Portal

Chronos1.png Chronos2.png


Once you Have Traveled through All of the Portals you Can, Head north and up the stairs, And Through the Gate

Medusa1.png Gate.png Medusa2.png Medusa3.png Medusa4.png Medusa5.png Medusa6.png Medusa7.png Medusa8.png

Speak with Perseus, and offer your Help- then Travel up the stairs beside him,


Gather & Extinguish[edit | edit source]

Upon Coming up, you will Notice Weapons Around the area leaning against the Walls, (Swords/Spears/Halberds) - you will need to Gather 10 of these (while looting these, they will spawn ogre's Kill them and Loot their Gorgon Fetish'es (you will need 20 of these)


Once you have Gathered all 10, report back to Perseus


Extinguish[edit | edit source]

Travel back up the stairs, then go slightly south to this Area, Upon Using ANY of the Plant life (circled in black, you will get swarmed with insects- You then must use a Gorgon Fetish on the Giant mushroom (circled in Red) to clear the insects 20 Times


Once you have Cleared 20 insects report back to Perseus


Fish, Fish, Fish![edit | edit source]

Travel Back up the Stairs then slightly South, and in the pools of water, you will notice Wooden Crates Floating Use Any Fishing Rod on these crates until you Receive (a Gorgon Cusp, A Gorgon Shaft, and a Gorgon Emerald)


Once you Have All 3 parts of the Gorgon Scepter Report to Perseus, who will explain you must Use a Strange Machine in the Lab on Stheno Island To Fuse the Scepter back together


Magic Touch[edit | edit source]

Travel Once again to Stheno Island, to the Lab (where you Spawned the Manticore's - Refer back up if needed) and Use the Strange Machine Located on the North Wall

Back2lab.png Strangmachine.png

Once you have Fused the Scepter Back together, Report back to the Medusa's Island Perseus


Magic Touch Pt.2[edit | edit source]

Now (if you Haven't Already looted a Gorgon Crest), you will have to Gather 3 Young Gorgon Serpents and slay them in Close proximity to Summon a Gorgon Serpent - the Non Young gorgon Serpent is what can drop the Gorgon Crest

Gatrherserpents.png Gorgonserpent.png

Once you have a Gorgon Crest, Use the Crest on your Gorgon Scepter and Report back to Perseus


Medusa's Source of Power[edit | edit source]

Now, ***This part is Extremely Difficult*** and Will more than Likely Require a FEW people, to kill the monsters, or a few People to simply Block Re-spawn, You have Exactly 120 Seconds to Use Your Gorgon Scepter on 10 Different Lava Holes Which are spread out (this is the Best Way I have found to Accomplish this, The Ones marked "on-top" of Mountains you will have go on-top of.


Once you have Managed to Close up 10 of the Lava Holes, Report back to Perseus


Craft! Wait...Again?[edit | edit source]

Go again Back up the Stairs, and Located around the Ground you will see both Big and Small Bones, Using them you will loot either Yellowed bones, or the "Medusa's Island" bones, you need the Medusa Island ones, not the Yellowed ones


Once you Have All 10 Small Bones - Medusa's Island and 5 Big Bones - Medusa's Island, Travel Back to where you First Arrived in Olympus, With Charon the Ferryman you Will need to Kill the Stone Creatures, Until you have 50 of the "stone Remains"(which you will use to make 10 Rune Stones-Like you did Earlier in the Quests) Use the Petrified trees until you have 40 "Petrified Bark", and Collect 15 of the "Olympian Coins" by using the Chests/ Amphora's in the Houses

Stoneremains2.png Petrifiedbark.png Olympian coin2.png

Once you have Gathered all 5 of these Materials, Speak with Charon the Ferryman, about Purified Wood, (You need 5 "Purified wood"


Gather 5 Ocean, 5 Inferno, 5 Forest, 5 Cloud, 5 Mountain, and 5 Order Gems. Then Report Back to the Medusa's Island Perseus


You Can Now Report Back to Your God altar and report that you Are Ready to Slay Medusa!

I want the gorgon's head![edit | edit source]

Killing medusa

(Boss Fight Info to Come-)***

Hades Citadel[edit | edit source]

After Slaying Medusa and acquiring a strand of Medusa's hair, take it to Chronos, and Report this will allow you Access through Medusa's Portal -However we will still be Using (Stheno's Portal Not Medusa's)

Chronos1.png Chronos2.png


Once you Have Traveled through the portal's (NOT using Medusa's) - Head north and up the stairs, And Through the Gate

Medusa1.png Hades2.png Hades3.png Hades4.png

Now you have Arrived to the Main Portion of the Hades Citadel, it's time to travel to Perseus he is located here Up a set of stairs.

Persues location.png

Speak with Perseus to begin your Missions!

Persus chat1.png

Energized Voodoo Skull[edit | edit source]

Now you Must Gather "Big Bone - Hades Citadel" to do this simply Right click on the Big bones on the ground and Get the message "It Resisted which means it's strong enough" (You will More than Likely Need A LOT. of these as its an RNG use item.)

Big bones.png Big bones2.png

Now you must Use the big bones on the Corpse's of 'Aggressive Lava's" until you Receive "Blazing Bone's" (the Sparkling bodies Shown in the picture Below)


Now you must Gather the "Voodoo skulls" To do this simply Find a Lost soul Near the Skull piles around the Area And kill it Withing 1 SQM from the Skull's (You will More than Likely Need A LOT. of these as its an RNG use item.)


Now Use the "Blazing Bone" on the "Voodoo skull" to Create an "energized voodoo skull" And Return to Perseus.

Persus chat2.png

The Guardian[edit | edit source]

Now you Must Travel here and Go up the stairs and Head all the Way West until you Reach the Lava Pool.

Bridge to lava.png

Use the "Energized Voodoo Skull" on the Lava Pool to Summon The Soul Guardian Kill him until you Look the "Book of Rituals" (RNG DROP CHANCE)


Travel Back to Perseus once again.

Persus chat3.png

The Ritual (Vol.2)[edit | edit source]

You must now travel around the Hades Citadel and look for Black Soot on the Wall and use the "Book of Rituals" on the soot until you Retrieve Multiple "Cursed Bones" you Will need Alot.


Once you Have Collected a "LOT" of the "Cursed bones" Travel to the 4 Pillars (you have 90 Seconds To Activate them - by Making them ALL 4 Turn RED, (they can turn Red/Blue/Green - ALL 4 must be RED at ONCE), and the "Hades' Servant" Will spawn at the South West pillar (the Brain is not a 100% Chance to drop!* (be warned)

The 4 pillars[edit | edit source]


Pillar one.png Pillar two.png Pillar three.png Pillar four.png

Return once again to Perseus

Don't become dog food![edit | edit source]

Travel now to this spot, and Simply Drop the Brain from the Hades' Servant in the Center of the 4 pillars to Spawn- and Slay Cerberus!

Spawning cerebrus.png Dropthebrain.png


Once you have Slain Cerberus, BE sure to step into the PURPLE FIRE, then Return to your God Alter and Report you have Slain Cerberus and are ready to Face Hades

The unseen[edit | edit source]

Killing Hades

(Boss Fight Info to Come-)***