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Once a player completes the Jorus Quest and reaches Awakening 200 they will be able to enter the Deadstone Stronghold, this allows the player to complete a variety of tasks for Otherworlds Reputation.


To enter the stronghold simply walk inside the face in the mountain north of the Archlight City.



To start doing tasks, walk south down the stairs and then either east or west up ladder, walk north to talk to Deadstone General.
The only tasks available for players inside the stronghold are the ones with the word "war" within the monster name. All other tasks are inside the otherworld seals hunting grounds,players Without seals quests can't hunt inside OW Book.
If you don't have Seal Done start tasking here.


1- Enflamed

2- Static

3- Frost

4- Venom

If you do have seals done, you can do tasks inside OW book, is simple right after entering OW Stronghold, use the book and you'll be teleported (even if you don't have access to book seals jump into the teleport and talk to all 4 NPC's in there, take all tasks.)

Talk to all 4 NPC's here to Start the task.

Once you reach 250 Otherworlds Reputation you will be able to speak with the Deadstone Forger to buy your first goldencrafted piece.
Deadstone Forger.jpg

For the weapons you need to complete the Castles and get the Goldencraft Weapon Shard, Each Castle has as reward 1 Shard and to get the Weapons the NPC asks for 2 Shards, so to get both weapons it is necessary to have 4 Shards (only one shard can be taken from each castle).
Once you have 2 Shards talk to Deadstone Merchant (can be found heading south after the stairs.)

Be sure to grab the Castle Task as soon as you enter the quest, as if offers 50 OW Rep.

You can check your otherworld reputation by either typing !character into the console or by clicking the "Character" panel on the top right of the icon bar.

To make the goldencrafted piece better (evolve them from Goldencrafted to Mastercrafted to Reforged Mastercrafted) you need to gain experience as usual, catchup mechanic nor pvp experience do not work on leveling your gear,on the other hand, ME's exp work to evolve, to see how much exp you need to Evolve to next Tier just look the Mastercraft piece. Exp.png

Please be aware that while you are wearing goldencrafted pieces, your character will not gain any expierience.