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Joining the game. To find a game simply click the pokeball icon in the menu bar shown below.
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Basic Mechanics[edit | edit source]

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Early Game[edit | edit source]

You start with 1 pokeball(the currency of the game) and 5 pokemon to choose from in your tray; choose quickly who you want to play with as investing early can pay off later and having your team in mind can prevent losing time to indecision. If none of the available pokemon are those you want choose any available, you can recycle them later once you find the ones you do want. After you've selected your starter pokemon, drag it from your bench onto the chess board. Early positioning of pokemon doesn't really matter as we're only dealing with a 1 on 1 battle for now, but keep in mind where you put each pokemon on the board as it will affect how they interact not only with the opponents pokemon but also the pokemon on your side of the board as well. The first AI battle is against Rattata and you will win if you get your pokemon onto the chessboard before the round begins. Now that you've completed the first round income comes into play. In the first round you only had 1 pokeball to spend however now you will start to earn varying amounts of pokeballs between rounds according to a number of factors including Win Streak, Lose Streak, Interest for having many pokeballs saved up added onto the base income of 5 you get each round. For example your income might be something like 5(base) + 2(win streak) + 0(interest)