Polishing Oils

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Polishing Oil puts stats on an item.
You can obtain the polishing oils from a level 100 level reward or the token exchanger npc for 20 archlight tokens each.
Polishing oils can only be used on armor pieces, Grip not included.
Possible oil outcomes are:
- Common [1 stat]
- Uncommon [2 stats]
- Rare [3 stats]
- Mythical [4 stats]
- Legendary [5 stats]
They give 1 to 5 stats respectively. Stats given are random. Note: upgrading your gear will remove their prefix [rare] etc but they will still give their stats.

Repolishing Oil is used the same way as the Polishing Oil however you use it on already polished item to re-roll its rarity (you can reroll from common to legendary however you can also roll from mythical to common, its always random)
Shining Oil Rerolls the stats that are already on an item.
I.E if an item gives 5 luck 5 brew and 5 resto, the shining oil will re-roll them to something new like 3 arcane, 4 prosperity, 1 vita

You can obtain a repolishing and shining oils from either tier 1+ quest boxes or by crafting them via alchemy.