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Quest Requirements
Voodoo 500+
Heroes Quest 750+
Eternal Tombs 900+
Sharptooth A.50+
Halls of Darksteel A.100+
Pits of Archlight A.125+
Iceforged A.150+
Jorus A.200+ This unlocks the Otherworlds Stronghold
Otherworld Seals A.250+
Otherworld Castles A.300+
Misty Mountains A.350+ (400+ to enter the teleport)
Cooking Up A Storm A.500+

Shadows of the Ashen

Shadows of the Ashen Questline Requires Having completed IceForge to start

Council of Marius

Council of Marius Questline Requires having completed Shadows of the Ashen

Forgotten Islands

Forgotten Islands.

Side quests

Quest Requirements
Basilisk 400+
Behemoth 500+
Annihilator 750+
Banshee 800+
Warlords Quest Promotion 3 900+
Demon Helmet Quest 1000+
Seven Trials 1100+
Crazy Scientist 1250+
Premium Annihilator 1500+