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The ramparts are a true test of team work. You may enter with 5-10 players and its recommended you bring 10 as you get more rewards for more players. 4 reward bags per player alive for each boss killed, 40 bags per boss if nobody dies so its vital you communicate well and keep as many players alive. the power/danger of the monsters will increase based on the total power rating of all players in the ramparts, but each individual player in the party will get rewards based on their own power level. there are 12 bosses in total and they mostly each have their own strategies and mechanics to learn.

Requires Awakening level 1 & 2,000 Power.


Ramparts 1.png

Ramparts 2.png

Ramparts 3.png

Ramparts 4.png

Ramparts 5.png

Ramparts 6.png

Ramparts 7.png


Thankfully none of these bosses have rage/threat meters so they will never switch away from the tank. None of these bosses are required to be killed to progress, if you dislike any of them you can try running past them instead of fighting

1. You start here
2. Make your way east and north to this bridge

Boss No.1 Ramparts Prince Difficulty 2/10

Any sufficiently tanky guard/zerk/monk~ should be able to survive this mechanic, but try to avoid the mechanic for all players except the lead tank, the mechanic is uniformly predictable, the 8 tiles adjacent to the boss are a safe zone except for where the blocker is standing, 3-4 sqm AOE outside the small ring of safety next to the boss, the team should stand 5+ sqm from the boss and they will be safe.

3. Follow the path north around the horseshoe cave that ends near where you started on the other(west) side of the river, keep going west until you reach 3

Boss No.2 Ramparts Blightwalker Difficulty 2.5/10

Same as boss number 1 except his mechanic hits a little harder, if your team is full of high power players this mechanic may scale to semi-deadly levels but a good guardian should be able to stand in this mechanic just the same. the mechanic is a simple 4-5 sqm AOE around itself with no safe spots inside the area, this mechanic can be deceptively slow, the warning will come a good 3-5+ seconds before the mechanic effect goes off so don't rush in too fast.

4. from the last boss hug the north wall in the next area and continue to 4.

Boss No. 3 Ramparts Overmind Difficulty 4/10

This boss's melee hits are very weak, almost anyone can block it, but his mechanics are deadly, if you have a really strong guardian with 9 other really weak players, the guardian can maybe survive 1 mechanic at a time but its safer not to risk it, just step out of the way of his wave shaped mechanics and run out of the randomly places, randomly shaped AOE mechanics that he will place anywhere in his vision, some team players may want to hit this boss once and then walk off screen if they aren't confident in their ability to dodge.

5. continue left to a hub room with 4 staircases leading in many directions, take the south one.
6. follow the right wall all the way down to the dead end where 6 is.

Boss No. 4 Ramparts Sinister Difficulty 0.5/10

This is the easiest boss and a bit of a breath taker freebie, this boss has 0 mechanics and can be blocked by any moderately strong melee vocation, it will summon some minions every once in a while which you should kill quickly, but really this boss should be no threat for your team.

7. return back to the hub room with the 4 directions, take the very next stairs on the bottom left of the room leading west
8. continue west to this 4 way intersection and head south/south west
9. most of the team should set up a position here where they can fight the next boss
10. the tank and 1-2 more dps players should come south here and take the boss in this bottom left room and lure it back up to the rest of the team in the larger room at 9.

Boss No. 5 Ramparts Brokenstone Difficulty 3.5/10

This boss hits harder than bosses 1-2 with its mechanics but still able to survive it with a good guardian/zerker/monk, and the mechanic shape is a predictable star shape pattern, the team should be able to hit it from a safe distance.

11. return back to the four way intersection at 8 and go west <<< to 11 and turn north.
12. pretty straight path from 11 to 12 just follow the right wall.

Boss No. 6 Ramparts Bloodletter Difficulty 4.5/10

This boss has some random mechanics that will spread out anywhere in its line of sight, it also has a repeating mechanic that will center on the blocker, if the blocker doesn't move they will be hit with several mechanics back to back, these mechanics can sometimes be soft but sometimes be deadly so try to avoid all of them, the boss also summons cyclops minions which aren't that strong but could get in the way of players trying to escape mechanic zones so be cautious. some players may want to hit the boss once then wait well off screen.

13. the normal monsters on the path have been getting tougher and tougher and starting from now you will want to make sure none of the weaker players take any hits from the monsters, follow the singular winding path until you reach 13.

Boss No. 7 Ramparts Sightseer Difficulty 4/10

This boss is almost an exact replica of boss number 3, very weak physical hits with deadly mechanics, the blocker should step out of the wave shaped mechanics and all players should step out of the randomly placed/randomly shaped mechanics that will be placed in the room, some players may want to hit the boss once and retreat off screen.

14. this stretch of cave will have some quill monsters that have their own mechanics, the mechanics are fairly weak but might still be deadly for some players, especially if they stack more than 1 of them on you, kill the quills as soon as possible so their mechanics don't get to fulfill their threat, at the end is a boss that summons these quills.

Boss No. 8 Ramparts Magus Difficulty 5/10

This boss can either be really easy or really hard, it will summon many quills very quickly, the dps must kill all the quills faster than they can spawn/use their mechanics. the boss itself is not a threat, it has weak melee and no mechanics, it will just push you 3-4 sqm away from itself but if you place your back to a rock or a wall then it can't push you while you block it/melee it, if you can't kill the quills quickly enough prepare to be hit by several layered quill mechanics which may eventually kill everyone in the party, a strong guardian can survive several quills but eventually if they keep spawning they will kill any blocker.

15. follow the cave east over a tiny bridge and north to a larger bridge leading downstairs into a bright cave with water falls at 15.
16. from here head north east into a cave of fungus monsters, down into the dip at 16 and up the other stairs on the bottom right.
17. follow the path to the narrow bridge at 17 and prepare for one of the hardest boss fights, or if you prefer you may run past the boss and down the stairs skipping it.

Boss No. 9 Ramparts Aged Fungus Difficulty 8/10

This boss is similar to the previous boss, except instead of summoning quills that attack only at range with mechanic this boss summons dozens of minions that will surround you completely after pushing you away and each of them shoot at range as well, as well as large poison AOE that fill the screen, even a strong guardian can quickly fall to this boss in seconds as the screen is filled with creatures. The trick is to use the narrow bridge as a bottle neck, get the boss to summon a ton of summons in the open area and then retreat to the bridge and block the boss + a few minions, keep the dps/team far back and shoot the boss from afar.

18. after going down the stairs after the last boss at 17, 18 is a short trip to the north going around the outside wall.
19. keep following the outside wall down to 19.
20. keep following the outside wall up to 20 where the natural walls lead into a underground building of sorts for the next boss fight against the basilisk.

Boss No. 10 Ramparts Basilisk Difficulty 4.5/10

This boss is pretty average, avoid the mechanics as always, but the melee hits are a bit more dangerous this time so hopefully you still have some tankier players in the team.

21. after the boss fight head up the stairs in the north at 21, the maps start to crisscross here so start looking at multiple maps to keep track of position.
22. upstairs after 21 there are a few options,go north a little and west to the stairs here at 22 and go down 2 floors.
23. follow this hallway all the way to the north then all the way to the east to the stairs at the end, don't take the stairs in the center of this bend, up 2 floors here again.
24. south here to and up onto this bridge at 24.
25. on the bridge head west and stay on the south wall, the stairs going down here at 25 leads immediately into a boss fight so prepare before going down.

Boss No. 11 Ramparts Serpent Overlord Difficulty 5.5/10

This boss melee hits a decent amount, and he spams mechanics frequently, you can take hits from 1-2 if you are a strong guardian but keep moving and try not to get hit by multiple mechanics as they can quickly combo you if you aren't careful.

26. after the boss fight go up the stairs on the left side of the room, up 3-4 floors of stairs until you reach the surface on a sunny sandy island.
27. from the surface at 26 head west through the pass to 27.
28. continue south west to the dead end here at 28, a staircase leading down to a short underground tunnel that pops back up on the beach to the east.
29. after the underground tunnel you be in the lower middle section of the map.
30. follow the outside of the island to 30.
31. follow the coast up the east side to 31.
32. follow the shore west to 32, and beware of the monsters coming from the top left area.
33. continue south west to the final area, a staircase leading up to the final boss, the rotworm matriarch.

Boss No. 12 Ramparts Mother Worm Difficulty 8/10

This boss hits quite hard with its melee, and each of its summoned rotworm minions hit quite hard as well, try to find a place where you can block just the boss or the boss + 1 mob, once you find a good position to block it in(on the left stairs, or inside one of the broken buildings), the fight should be somewhat easier, having a good healer or two for the tank will help too.

If you made it this far, success, you completed all 12 ramparts!