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Rifts are bursts of energy in the Archlight World that open a portal to another parallel world. All mobs inside of a Rift give 2x the experience of the same monster in the Archlight World, as well as giving 2x essences.

Rift teleport is located in the Depot, next to Living Token Exchanger.

Type !rift in game to see when the next rift opens on the Default chat.


Rifts are separated by Power.

Power 0-3000

Power 3000-5500

Power 5500-7500

Power 7500-9500

Power 9500-10500

Power 10500+

Rift Shard Tasks

Rift Shards are necessary for rift weapon crafting and Rift Trader special items. You can get rift shards by completing the tasks handed out by the Taskmaster.


1. Rift Creatures

Monsters with weak damage and low health pool. You can find them at first floor. 500 creatures is a lot, so don't waste your time Great task for lower level players.

2. Rift Elites

Monsters with medium damage, but high health pool (~100k). You can find them at rift portal: Ice rift: +1 floor Fire rift: -2 floor (under boss) Earth rift: -2 floor (under boss)

Recomended level: 1500+

3. Rift Epics

Monsters with high damage and high health pool. You can find them behind special doors in rift portal.

If you didn't complete the tasks, you can continue in the next rift.

Rift Boss

Everytime a rift opens, a boss is summoned inside the rift. The fire rift boss drops the Incantation scroll, a crucial ingredient for crafting the Rift gear. The earth and ice rift bosses drop Rift goo, also crucial for crafting.

NPC Rift Forger can create any of the Rift Weapons for you. These are among the highest damage weapons in the game, however they are very low on defense.

Rift forger for one handed can be found on bottom left part and two handed on bottom right part. Rift

How to find Rift Boss?

Fire rift:

Rift fire1.png
Rift fire 2.png

Earth Rift:

Rift earth1.png
Rift earth2.png

Ice Rift:

Boss is already near portal. Just step up first stairs north.

Rift ice.png


To craft your weapon you need to talk to Rift One Hand Forger at rift teleport with these items in your backpack to craft 1 item
100 Crystal Coins, 20 ATs, 7 Dungeon Medals, 3 Rift Shards


Image Name Stats
Rift Hammer.png Rift Hammer Atk: 38
Rift Heavyaxe.png Rift Heavyaxe Atk: 38
Rift Heavysword.png Rift Heavysword Atk: 38
Rift Bow.png Rift Bow Atk: 36
Rift Gun.png Rift Gun Atk: 62
Rift Staff.png Rift Staff Wand
Rift Shield.png Rift Shield Atk: 38
Rift Dagger.png Rift Dagger Atk: 67
Rift Claw.png Rift Claw Atk: 38

Rift Trader

Also for rift shards, you can buy some unique items, stats stones, exp boosters and skill boosters

Rift trader.PNG

Do you have a hard time remembering when is or don't see the actual message in the Broadcast channel? Then use "!rift" command.

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