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Rogues are master of stealth, death and poison. Using their dual daggers to deliver punishment to those fitting their skewed moral code. While they aren't very sturdy, their quick Attack Speed and high damage means going toe to toe with one is never a good idea. Their abilities allow them to inflict pain from a distance, or make clones of themselves.

  • Rogue Attack Speed cap is 10.

=> The suggestions below are recommendations from a player.

Soul Rune

Rogue soul rune.png Rogue Soul Rune
Stuns target for 1 second dealing damage 4 times.



Specializations can be unlocked after obtaining the three Promotions and Awakening.

Rogueshadow.png Shadow
Shadow Rogues are focused on disabling their targets while doing damage.

Rogueassassination.png Assassination
Assassination Rogues use high damage attacks and combos to dispatch their foes quickly.


The best enchantments for this class are theHemorage Enchantment.pngHemorage andLifeleech Enchantment.pngLifebloom
Remember that by using two weapons, rogues use 1 Enchantment on each weapon.


Awakened spells
After reaching awakening you will get "Awakened spell points" every 10 levels that you can spend on spells to increase their potency and give them special effects.
These spells will be marked with Dungeon medal.png. Read more here Awakened spells (Dracona/Ildar) and the old Awakened spells (Avuria).

Auto Attack

Spell Name Spell Description Bonus Video
PoisonDungeon medal.png Coats your dagger with poison, which has 30% of chance to poison your target.

Damage equal to the original damage caused, which last for 5s and hits every 1s

Investing points into this skill

will increase its bleed damage

StabDungeon medal.png Has 50% chance to hit enemies in a U shape around you Investing points into this skill

will increase its bleed damage

Peace MakerDungeon medal.png Has 10% chance to reduce 5% of threat meter Investing points into this skill

will increase its bleed damage


Attack Spells

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description Video
Shiv Shiv.png Instant 8 2s/2s Deals damage to a target while paralyzing them and causing them to bleed.

Reduces threat.

Throwing Knife [1]Dungeon medal.png Throwing knife.png Instant 8 3s/2s Throws a dagger at the target that bounces to 2 nearby enemies,

dealing damage.

Fan of knives Dungeon medal.png Fan of knives.png Instant 30 6s/2s Shoots a Fan of Knives around the caster. WCyz0nZOL3.gif
Reaping Reaping.png Instant 100 14s/2s Quickly stabs the target 16 times. ReapingRogue.gif
Viperfang Viperfang.png DoT 200 12s/2s Applies a poison that deals 5 DoT ticks to the target. RogueViperfang.gif
Smoke Bomb Dungeon medal.png Smoke bomb.png Instant 500 15s/1.5s Throws a smoke bomb, lowering the threat of an enemy boss.

It slows enemies hit by 60% for 1 second.

RogueSmoke Bomb.gif
Shadow Step Dungeon medal.png Shadow step.png Instant 750 12s/1s Blinks behind the enemy slashing them. RogueShadow Step.gif
Shadowfang Dungeon medal.png Shadowfang.png DoT 1500 14s/2s Applies a poison that deals 5 high damage DoT to the target. HeRVSx6LGn.gif
Slice and dice Dungeon medal.png Slice and dice.png Instant 1500 16s/2s Slices the target many times in a short duration RogueSlice and dice.gif
Death Blossom Dungeon medal.png Death blossom.png Instant 1500 25s/2s Deals lethal damage after 3 second delay. RogueDeath Blossom.gif
Blink Step Dungeon medal.png Blink step.png Instant 1500 14s/1s Blinks behind the enemy slashing them. Q1Vep4xOP0.gif
Jugulate Jugulate.png DoT 1500 14s/2s Deals a massive bleed damage 3 times. RogueJugulate.gif
Doppleganger Dungeon medal.png Doppleganger.png Instant 1500 90s/2s Creates 8 illusions around your target, dealing damage and stunning them.

Obtainable from Cooking Up A Storm.


Healing Spells

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description
Soothing Darkness Soothing darkness.png Instant 8 1s/1s Heals for a small amount of HP.
Crimson Vial Crimson vial.png Instant 80 16s/1s Heals for a large amount of HP.

Support Spells

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description Video
Dip and Weave Dip and weave.png Speed 50 10s/2s Increases movement speed and prevents the caster from being paralyzed for the duration of the spell.
Clone Jutsu Dungeon medal.png Clone jutsu.png Instant 60 16s/1s Creates a decoy copy of yourself. RogueClone Jutsu.gif
Cunning Blades Cunning blades.png Buff 90 20s/2s Increases Rogue's Attack Speed by 10% and Melee Skill for a short duration.

Basic Spells

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description
Conjure Food Conjure food.png Food 8 2s/2s Creates a random piece of food.
Find "Name Find.png Find 8 2s/2s Searches for the target player.
Glow Glow.png Light 8 2s/2s Emits a light source around the caster.
Jump "up/down Jump.png Levitate 8 2s/2s Levitate.
Magic Rope Magic rope.png Rope 8 2s/2s It's a magical rope.
Sprint Sprint.png Speed 8 2s/2s Gives speed to the caster.
Cure Poison Cure poison.png Removal 10 6s/1s Cures the Poison effect.
Cure Burning Cure burning.png Removal 20 6s/1s Cures the Burning effect.
Cure Electrification Cure electrification.png Removal 20 6s/1s Cures the Electrified effect.

Revamped Awakening

Rogue soul rune.pngSoul Rune

Guaranteed Effect: Deals +25% more damage to stunned enemies.

Choose between:

Group Attack: Hits multiple target within 3X3 range. F4EqHdQjRr.gif
Taking Advantage: Isolates the target, pushing enemies at melee range 1 tile away. HLmiUl2pe6.gif
Shadow's Cloak: Teleports to the enemies back YRF5MVw67T.gif

Blink step.png Blink Step

Guaranteed Effect: Creates a clone in the Rogue's position.

Choose between:

Trickery: Teleports to the target, dealing +100% damage. After 3 seconds, the Rogue swaps its position with the clone. JwBHDcOFL9.gif
Fan of Knives: Casts Fan of Knives after teleporting. K3sOPU7Ag6.gif
Kick: Silences the target for 2 seconds.

Clone jutsu.png Clone Jutsu

Guaranteed Effect: Summons 3 clones.

Choose between:

Fan of Knives: Casts Fan of Knives every 1 second (Points interaction - 1~4: 4 Casts; 5~9: 5 Casts; 10~14: 6 Casts; 15: 7 Casts). Iyd0CVoVEe.gif
Smoke Bomb: Casts Smoke Bomb every 1 second (Points interaction - 1~4: 4 Casts; 5~9: 5 Casts; 10~14: 6 Casts; 15: 7 Casts). NJr4tSSGa5.gif
Death Blossom: Casts Death Blossom to a random target every 1 second (Points interaction - 1~4: 4 Casts; 5~9: 5 Casts; 10~14: 6 Casts; 15: 7 Casts). ZpFFgpONdL.gif

Doppleganger.png Doppleganger (Legendary Spell)

Guaranteed Effect: Creates 4 clones near the target's position.

Choose between:

Hunter: Marks the target. If the target walks while marked, they will receive 5% of their health/mana in damage. Lasts for 3 seconds. Only works on players. JmWiFbJEIZ.gif
Strike: Each clone will hit random targets in the range right before vanishing. HfALihDBv4.gif
Assassin Instict: Teleports to the target's back, causing heavy slow and marking the target. For 6s, the target will receive +25% damage from you. HhaT6tFBPJ.gif

Death blossom.png Death Blossom

Guaranteed Effect: Range increased to 3 sqms.

Choose between:

Sedate: Death Blossom's delay increased to 5 seconds. After 1 second, put enemies in a 3X3 circle area to sleep. Targets naturally wake up after 4 seconds. W0u8iqh6yH.gif
Death Blossom: Death Blossom's damage is 50% of the damage you caused to the target within the 3 seconds delay before the explosion. Ch15B6FARQ.gif
Hurry: Damage increased in +400%, but no longer deal damage after the delay. VL1kmlzzXn.gif

Fan of knives.png Fan of Knives

Guaranteed Effect: Causes bleed with a damage around 50% of the first instance of damage caused, which lasts for 5 seconds, hitting every 1 second (250% Fan of Knives damage total)

Choose between:

Spinning Knives: Knives spin around you instead of being thrown. Melee range. Picking this effect makes the spell have a cooldown of 8 seconds. AsXxfydwNi.gif
Injured: Marks enemies hit. Enemies marked receive +5% damage from you. Lasts for 4 seconds. Q1pwGXpHFy.gif
Knife Show: After 0.5 second, the knives fly towards your target dealing damage. Each knife deals 20% damage of the original value. 4 SQM range. ILWYMnm132.gif

Shadowfang.png Shadowfang

Guaranteed Effect: Now heals the user for 10% of their max health.

Choose between:

Killing Spree: Killing an enemy under the effect of the bleed will make your overall damage increase in +10% for 5 seconds. DTRSkBnbTy.gif
Knife Whipped: Stuns the target for 2 seconds.
Jab: Hitting the target in the back deals +200% damage. WabJ18jh3I.gif

Shadow step.png Shadow Step

Guaranteed Effect: Paralyzes the target for 3 seconds.

Choose between:

Disarm: Disarms the enemy for 3 seconds.
Silence: Silences the enemy for 3 seconds.
Calm Down: Reduces threat by 10%.

Slice and dice.png Slice and dice

Guaranteed Effect: Hits 14 times instead of 10.

Choose between:

Slay: Hit multiple targets within melee range. KU7AbxJKBI.gif
Committed: Each hit increases the damage of the next hit in +5%. NjkOFvWNO7.gif
Backstab: Teleports to the target's back, stunning them for 2 seconds. 1iQbwf1zn8.gif

Smoke bomb.png Smoke Bomb

Guaranteed Effect: Area increased.

Choose between:

Distraction: Casts Clone Jutsu. E6Bn3Zb161.gif
Protection: Heals allies for the same amount of damage. 4sbGk2KhHy.gif
Tear Gas: Blind enemies for 2 seconds. Also receives a DoT for 50% of original damage hitting every 1 second for 6 seconds. HSWGH4aYxN.gif

Throwing knife.png Throwing Knife

Guaranteed Effect: Bounces to 2 extra targets.

Choose between:

Sharp: Make targets bleed for 50% of the original damage for 5 seconds, hitting every 1 second. Throwing KnifeSharp.gif
Knife Training: Casts twice. ZobGaiTGf1.gif
Explosive Knife: After 1 second, explode targets hit (1X1 square). O1CrCKNNLB.gif


Bot Healing


A good suggestion is to include the spell "Clone Jutsu" with 60% health in the healer. So if you're dying, your clones can save you.

Bot SpellRotation


=> Ares' Battlecry magic is my recommendation for this vocation. However, at the beginning of the game, disregard it in your rotation.

Again, remember these are player recommendations only. You can test new rotations at any time, free of charge.


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