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Guide: Rumrunner Bay Missions

Once you have obtained 500 Explorer's Reputation, only then will you have obtained access to Rumrunner Bay.

Mission: Fiery Heart [Fierce Dragons]

To start, head to the NPC Umac Dragonslayer which can be located here in the first house after leaving the boat

Fierce Dragon NPC location.JPG

Say to the "Umac Dragonslayer" NPC:



"Fiery Heart"

Rumrunner Fierce Dragon Quest text 1.JPG

He will then tell explain to you on how to obtain the Fiery Heart by locating an Dragon Egg in the cave north of the npc

To the east of your current location there is a ramp, go up and head north throughout the panthers and go down the ramp north

Fierce Dragon leaving town.JPG

Head west along the beachside hugging the mountain.

You will be encountering tigers and panthers along the way, continue on this path and find 2 holes, the top one is the hole leading to the big Fierce Dragon Cave

Fierce dragon down the boat.JPG

Fierce dragon cave location.JPG

Fierce dragon hole location.JPG

In here the NPC tells you that a dragon egg can be located in "Active lava holes",


When you pres these lava filled holes you have a chance to get the dragon egg

Place the dragon egg on fire fields scattered in the cave and kill Fierce dragons in the vicinity of the egg to get the mission progress(50 dragons need to be killed)


If you succeed the dragon egg will now hatch into a Fierce Dragon Hatchling which will be hostile and you have to kill it.


Upon killing it you gain a Fiery Heart in your inventory and you have now completed the mission.



Head back to the NPC and turn in the Fiery Heart by saying the following;


Fiery Heart


Mission : Locking up pirates [Deserted Pirates]

To start, head to the NPC Navy Outcast which is located on a boat north from the traveler boat

Go up the ramp located east of the town through the panthers and lions

Rumrunner Pirate key mission.jpeg

Talk to Navy Outcast



"Cells Key"

You now have a cells key in your backpack which is used to lock up pirates in prison cells found in a town east of your location;

You see a cells keys.

You can arrest pirates with these keys.

Rumrunner Pirate key mission 2.jpeg

To do so you need to do as the image above show, find some deserted pirates and lure them into the prison cell, close the door and use the cells key on the door to lock them up.

7 deserters in total have to be locked up to complete the mission.

Mission: Resurrect the 3 dead skeletons [Treants, Mandagoras, Sappling]

To start, head to the NPC Leno the Whisperer which can be located here in the south east house after leaving the boat

Skeletonquest1 1.JPG



Extraction Crystal

You now need to head north into the treants / sapplings / mandagoras area which is located here


Collect at a minimum 10 Extraction Crystals and head north east to use them on the "Sun Adorer Cactus"




Using the crystals on the cactucs rolls all your Extraction Crystals with a chance to turn them into "Sacred Crystalline Spikes"

Cactus has 5 seconds cooldown.

Now locate the 3 skeletons and use this item on the skeleton corpse to try revive. There is a chance that revieve will fail.

2 Skeletons is in the north cave just west of the cactus, one before going down the hole and one in the prison cell north east downstairs.



Third one is located in the south cave, just go south from the north cave, you have to rope yourself up into the forgotten warriors area


Mission: Destroying 9 masts and killing Navy Captains [Navy Pirates]

To start, head to the NPC Arani The Infiltrator which can be located in the same house as Leno the Whisperer but upstairs





The materials can be found in the brown rain barrels which can be located almost anywhere on the ships

There is a 5 second cooldown after retrieving one piece so tip to make it go faster is to found many barrels nearby and run around and gathering as you kill the tasks monsters in this area.



To make 1 rocket you need to collect the following:

1 Dry Piece of Wood

1 Fire Bug

1 Spiked Iron ball

1 Juicy Roots

1 Gunpowder

All items has the same chance to drop.

Rockets have a small chance of breaking which can result in nothing happen, a cannon that spawns and stuns you briefly or when it succeeds it spawns a Navy Captain




To complete the mission you need minimum of 9 fire rockets, exploding the 9 masts, killing the navy captain that spawn