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The Samurai has a unique resource that further channels the power of spells executed through his blade called Qi. Every 5 seconds, the Samurai obtains Qi, allowing the Samurai to further empower the next ability used. This is not a stackable resource.
Each ability has a 30 second cooldown of it's Qi use, meaning you cannot use the same ability with Qi and will have to cleverly time your ability use to make the most out of your Qi.

Soul Rune[]

Samurai soul rune.png Samurai Soul Rune
Charges at the opponent stunning them for 0.5s and dealing Large damage and slightly slowing the target.


Specializations can be unlocked after obtaining the three Promotions and Awakening.

Samurai ronin.png Ronin
The Ronin is a warrior who works alone.

Samurai shogun.png Shogun
The Shogun is a team commander for group dynamics.


Awakened spells
After reaching awakening you will get "Awakened spell points" every 10 levels that you can spend on spells to increase their potency and give them special effects.
These spells will be marked with Dungeon medal.png. Read more here Awakened spells (Dracona/Ildar) and the old Awakened spells (Avuria).

Attack Spells[]

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description Qi Modification
Wakasashi Wakasashi.png Instant 20 2s/1.5s Quick Additional Attack. 2 Quick Additional Attacks.
Yaten Blade Dungeon medal.png Yaten blade.png Buff 35 10s/1.5s Makes your next attack deal a large amount of damage. Extra damage.
Cyclone Blade Dungeon medal.png Cyclone blade.png AoE 150 8s/1.5s Makes next attack whirlwind hitting all around the Samurai. Increases Area of Damage.
Venom Blade Dungeon medal.png Venom blade.png DoT 300 8s/1.5s Makes next attack slow enemy and deal a damage over time. Causes double slow and double DoT damage.
Tiger Blade Dungeon medal.png Tiger blade.png Instant 600 6s/1.5s Makes next attack guarantee crit Causes Bleed.
Storm Blade Dungeon medal.png Storm blade.png Instant 1000 7s/1.5s Makes next attack chain lightning to 3 targets Chains up to 8 targets.
Venomed Wakasashi Dungeon medal.png Venomed wakasashi.png Instant+DoT 1500 14s/1.5s Quick additional attack, causes slow and DoT 2 quick additional attacks, causes double slow and double DoT.
Dragon Blade Dungeon medal.png Dragon blade.png Instant 1500 12s/1.5s Makes your next attack hit in a wave of five infront of you and taunt all the enemies. Deals burning damage over time.
Hira Shuriken Dungeon medal.png Hira shuriken.png Instant 1500 10s/1.5s Throws 2 blades at a target increasing Samurai's movement speed by 20% for 3s. Throws 3 blades and increases movement speed by 30%.

Healing Spells[]

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description Qi Modification
Clan's Blessing Clans blessing.png Instant 8 4s/1s Heals for a small amount of HP. None.
Imperial Courtesy Imperial courtesy.png Instant 100 14s/1s Heals for a large amount of HP. None.
Gekko Blade Gekko blade.png Instant 60 10s/1.5s Makes next attack heal the Samurai. Adds a Heal over time (HoT).

Support Spells[]

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description Qi Modification
Kenki Blade Kenki blade.png Instant 20 5s/1.5s Makes your next attack taunt the enemy Taunts all enemies in 3x3 area.
Gyoten Blade Gyoten blade.png Buff 40 20s/1.5s Makes your next attack Increase your melee skill value by 20% for 10 seconds Increases duration to 20s.
Shisui Blade Shisui blade.png Buff 1500 20s/1.5s Makes your next attack increase your Precision by 20% for 10s Increases duration to 20s.
War Banners War banners.png Buff 1500 60s/1.5s Makes your next attack increase everyone in your partners stats by +5 for 15s. None.
Last Stand Dungeon medal.png Last stand.png Buff 1500 60s/1.5s While the samurai remains unmoved, he will receive +10% resistance, +10% damage and +3% health per second for 10 seconds. None.
Dragon Spirit Dungeon medal.png Dragon spirit.png Buff 1500 90s/1.5s For the next 10 seconds, they have unlimited Qi for casting Qi spells. This spell can only be used after completing the Cooking Up A Storm. None.

Basic Spells[]

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description
Conjure Food Conjure food.png Food 8 2s/2s cCreates a random piece of food.
Find "Name Find.png Find 8 2s/2s Searches for the target player.
Glow Glow.png Light 8 2s/2s Emits a light source around the caster.
Jump "up/down Jump.png Levitate 8 2s/2s Levitate.
Magic Rope Magic rope.png Rope 8 2s/2s It's a magical rope.
Sprint Sprint.png Speed 8 2s/2s Gives speed to the caster.
Cure Poison Cure poison.png Removal 10 6s/1s Cures the Poison effect.
Cure Burning Cure burning.png Removal 20 6s/1s Cures the Burning effect.
Cure Electrification Cure electrification.png Removal 20 6s/1s Cures the Electrified effect.


1) Arcane
2) Runemastery
3) Strength
4) Haste
5) Precision

1) Vitality
2) Restoration
3) Arcane
4) Runemastery
5) Strength