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The Samurai Continent is accessible after killing Marius.


  • Access to 10 nodes.
  • Access to five new hunts that can drop Bottle of Sake, used to acquire trinkets (Avuria only) with Charlie NPC. Each trinket costs 50 Bottles of Sake. (Only the monsters inside the TPs drops Bottle of Sake).

Getting started - Return of the Samurai[edit | edit source]

After entering the tp located in the depot, walk up north and talk to a NPC named Ikeda Tsuneoki. He will give you the first tasks (you can follow through the quest log).
Remember to report the current mission after you finish each one!

Ikeda Tsuneoki location.png

Capture the Buffalos[edit | edit source]

The NPC will ask you to capture 5 buffalos. Just use the given golden bell on the water buffalos at the west side of the mountains.

Buffalos location.png

After capturing 5 buffalos, go back to the NPC and report.

Harvesting Rice[edit | edit source]

The NPC will ask you to harvest 10 rice crops. You can harvest them by clicking on it. These can be found all around the village.

These can be found all around the village.

  • If you spawn a creature by clicking on the rice crop, make sure to kill it, as it may drop the required item for this task.
Infested woodling.png

After gathering 10 rice, report to the NPC.

Watering Tree[edit | edit source]

Answer help to the NPC again and he'll give you a waterskin. Fill the waterskin with the water from the waterfall and use it to water cherry blossom and solstice tree.

Waterfall location.png

  • Example of a tree:
Example of a tree.png

Finish watering and report.

Gathering wood[edit | edit source]

Now you need to gather 100 elder logs. Use a hatchet (any hatchet, even a clay one) on the elder trees to get elder logs, then load the wagon with it. (Simply use a hatchet on a elder tree).

Example of an elder tree.png

After you finish gathering logs, load this wagon with it, go back to the NPC and report to him.

Wagon location.png

Polishing Shrines[edit | edit source]

Fish a imported piece of cloth from the floating junk on the desert. Use the rod on the white stuff floating (if you get a fish, try fishing in a different spot).

Fish spot.png

After you get the piece of cloth, use it on these shrines spread through the village. There are shrines seven in total. Don't forget do report after you finish.


Gathering information and defeating the clans[edit | edit source]

From now on, you'll start to get tasks from another NPC. He's located above the previous one. Offer him help.

Sensei Kitsune.png

He will ask you to gather 9 notes pinned around the desert, mountains and corrupted area. Also you need to kill 20 creatures of each area (west, north and east).

  • Mountain:
Moutains notes.png

  • Desert:
Desert note.png

  • Corrupted area:
Corrupted area notes.png

The second one is located in the first mountain of this area. You can jump "down from above.

After you finish killing the monsters and grab all the notes, go back and report to the NPC.

Bowl with sacred water[edit | edit source]

Somewhere in the desert there is a covered wagon hijacked by the blood lizards. It's the only one with a white cover, can't miss it.

White covered wagon.png

After you click the wagon, a mini boss will be spawned. Kill it and you will receive a bowl with sacred water.

Back and report.

Wounded Draptors[edit | edit source]

With the bowl of sacred water in the inventory, lure wounded draptors into the water and they will be healed.

Pond location.png

Lure the wounded draptors into this pond located in the desert area.

Supply Crates[edit | edit source]

The Sensei will ask you grab a supply crate and cleanse it. You have to grab a crate on the mountain area (west), put the supply crate on the water near the buffalo's area, wait 30s and a floating crate will appear. Use the fishing rod on it to finish this step and then go back to the sensei's house. He will ask for 10 crates, so you will have to repeat this step 10x. You put then in wagon to the left of his house. (many players are having issues with this step. If you are stuck, try to do abandon the quest and then start over doing what the quest log - Return of the Samurai says).

Floating crates.jpg

Cleansing the corrupted[edit | edit source]

Get shadow hearts from Shadow Goannas. You have 60 seconds to turn them into Frozen Shadow Hearts using a Frozen Willow (a tree with cryogenic properties) on top of the northern mountain. After getting a Frozen Shadow Heart use it on one of the Sulphur reservoir and kill the remaining 3 sulphur dragons.

Frozen shadow heart.png


Use the frozen shadow heart in these three sulphur pool shown in the minimap. A miniboss will spawn every time you use it.

Collecting samples[edit | edit source]

Now you need to collect the samples of three different plants.

  • Jade plants can only be found in the desert area (you need three samples):
Jade plants.png

  • Orange Dankshroom (these can be found near the water buffalos):
Orange dankshroom.png

  • Acid Foxglove (First mountain of the corrupted area. This one will be guarded by a mini boss, you can access this area after killing him):

Acid foxglove.png

Aiding Soldiers[edit | edit source]

There are 5 soldiers that couldn't return to the village. Find each one and give them a sip of the primoridal potion:

  • First you need to ask the npc a primordial potion then find a primordial butterfly(spawns randomly on the samurai continent, it stays 1 minute and then spawns in another area, be patient when looking for these) and use the potion on it:
Primordial butterfly.png

  • Find the 5 dead soldiers:
    • 1 in the West:

    • 2 in the north (corrupted area):
2nd soldier.png

Third soldier.png

    • 2 in the east (desert area):
4th soldier.png

5th soldier.png

After you use the primordial potion on each soldier, you will receive a gem. Keep them in your inventory.

Fuzanglong, the underworld dragon[edit | edit source]

  • In this part, you will receive a bucket that you need to fill with chalk:
Chalk location.png

Go up there and use the empty bucket on the chalk and prepare to kill the final boss.

  • Go down these stars:

  • Walk south and use the bucket filled with chalk on the stone floor to summon Fuzanglong (the gems has to be on your main backpack):
Stone floor.png

  • Enter his arena located in the same cave up north west and prepare yourself to dodge a lot of mechanics!