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To access the quest walk inside the "Quests" teleport in temple and then walk north into the "Daily + Basic Quests" teleport. Once inside go north, you'll find the entrance of the quest.

Minimum level required: 1100 (team is necessary) Reward:

  • Seven Trials Battle HornMelting Horn.gif
  • FeedbagFeedbag.gif
  • Tier 4 Quest Box
  • One of the following healing runes depending on the vocation:

(These runes are much better than the Gold ones!)

Adornedfighteremblem.png Adorned Fighter Emblem Berserker,Guardian,Corsair,Samurai
Adornedmageemblem.png Adorned Mage Emblem Necromancer,Sorcerer,Druid,Bard
Adornedspecialistemblem.png Adorned Specialist Emblem Monk,Rogue,Archer


A big team is necessary to block and take down the healthy mobs, preferably with players that have done it before as the quest is filled with hidden teleporters, traps and levers that are required to be pulled. Walking over the wrong SQM will probably mean a straight teleportation to temple for most players. A couple of experienced players that have done it can drastically reduce the time required for it's completion. You can expect the quest to take up to 3-4 hours however, with a strong, experienced and well organised team it can be done in less than an hour.

Warnings and tips: Don't walk first or last either. Keep up with the team and bring Magic Walls to help the team out. Listen carefully to the team to avoid walking into your own death (mobs or TP tiles). You must hit the boss at least once to enter the reward room. Once you have hit him, back off and wait for the team to take him down. Don't go near him if not necessary, his hits are high enough to send you back to temple if caught off guard. Using an Energy ring is also an option if your hitpoints are low. Once the boss is dead, you have 120 seconds to get through the door.

Requirements: Minimum level of 950 1 KK for each player to enter Gold pickaxe and 50 minning One of each vocation to enter the quest


Here is a path denoted by a singular coin trail which will make your life a lot easier! If you are well leveled, it shouldn't hurt too much if you happen to fall down by taking the wrong step. It may however be the death of a lower level player, as well as a huge time loss if the one who falls doesn't deal a lot of damage. Thus, if one person falls down, it may be best that the stronger players on the team follow suit to speed things up.

Here is a path denoted by a singular coin trail which will make your life easier!

Teleports pathway

This is the path for the void room of teleports. Be careful to follow this map very carefully, and to not stray. A fall over the edge or a wrong move into an undesired teleport will drastically increase the time you spend in the quest, or perhaps even be the end of your quest depending on the level and quest knowledge of the person who falls over. It helps if you use elemental field runes to make the path more visible for you and your party. However, I think the best method for navigating through is to simply look only at your map, and move 1 step at a time using the arrows keys, following your characters progression through only using the map, while other members of the team follow closely behind in a well ordered line.

Other Screenshots from the Quest:

Path of the Pyramid





Screenshot from the boss room:


The reward room: