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Shadows of the Ashen[]

Before you can access the Shadows of Ashen Questline you must first complete the Iceforged Quest in the main storyline.

Enter the portal to Shadows of the Ashen in the depot main floor, east side near the Living Token Exchanger and the Samurai Content portal.

Pipes Mission[]

Pipes quest.png
Talk to the npc and ask him for the pipes mission, find the stairs to the south west and follow them down several floors and reach the end of the cave here to find glowing pipes.

one player in the party use the pipes to activate them and summon waves of monsters finishing with a boss fight with a baron.

Kill the baron and exit the door to the south and through the portal which sends you back to the start of this floor, climb back up to the surface and talk to the npc to receive your tier 1 ashen weapons.


Blood Quest[]

After entering Ashens' teleport, go to the left and talk to the NPC shown in the image below.
Bloodquest locate.png

Talk with him to start Blood Quest.
Bloodquest npc.png

You will be teleported here (Start) Blood Quest floor 1
Blood 1.png

Blood Quest floor -1
Blood 2.png

To start the Blood Quest talk with the Count, you can find him by heading east to the stairs at {1.1} on map 1, head south here to {1.2} on map 2.

First Mission: Get the Vial[]

Talk to the npc here Count Blackbiter and he will give you an axe(virtual, not an actual item in your backpack but you will have it) and ask you to find a vial, go back upstairs and follow the path shown below.
Use the door to break it down with the virtual axe, open the box in this room to get the vial(also virtual, not an actual item in your backpack).

Return to Count Blackbiter at {1.2} and get the next mission.

Fill the Vial[]

He wants you to fill the vial with the blood of retching horror at {3} on the map.

Black: Count
Blue: Horrors.

Just kill one retching horror to fill the virtual vial with the blood.

Blood Fountain[]

Return to Count Blackbiter and he will ask you to fill a fountain with the blood, backupstairs at {4} on the map you will find an empty fountain, use it to fill it with blood(if its already full, wait a few seconds for it to refresh to empty).

Return to Count Blackbiter.

Killing The Betrayer[]

He will ask you to kill the betrayer who snitched on him and got him put in jail, go north then upstairs, follow the path.

you will need to stand on the tile, use the lever to open the iron bars.

Then walk into the room with a rose covered coffin, use it to summon the betrayer vampire and kill him.


Return to Count Blackbiter.

Killing The Executioner[]

He wants you to kill the executioner here in the prison, follow the path from Count (Blue Circle)


kill him and return to Blackbiter.

Secret Meeting of the Council[]

Back at Blackbiter he will ask you to spy on a secret meeting of a council of vampires, go north from Count and Up Stairs, then follow the path.

You will find a fake wall on the north wall at {7.2} which leads to a secret passage, use it and it will open.
To a hollow cave that ends at a wall outside of the vampire council .where you can spy on them, walk onto the square closest to the wall and you will discover their plot.
Return to Blackbiter with the news.

Scarlet Ring[]

Talk to Blackbiter to get the final mission to defeat the final Blood Quest boss. First you need to retrieve the ring then go north and upstairs, follow the path


Where you will find an open sarcophagus which you can use to retrieve the ring.

Backtrack upstairs, no need to talk with Count again.

Way to Blood Quest Boss[]



Blood Quest Boss[]

In this boss fight attack the boss until it becomes immune to damage, and you will lose target on the boss. When this happens the boss will start regenerating health, you need to quickly kill the lady vampires and take the fetish items that spawn on top of their corpses and put them in the flame basins in the corners of the boss room.

After enough have been burned the boss will become targetable/killable again so stack on the dps until he goes immune again and repeat until he is dead.

The Blood Quest is now complete, return to where you entered this quest to exit.

kill 500 undead Task[]

From the Pipes-Quest NPC at the start of Shadows of the Ashen, head east across a bridge to a bend in the road and a staircase leading down. Take these stairs down to find an NPC who will give you a task to kill 500 Undead creatures in this cave. Continue Down this path until you reach the wider cave full of these undeads, farm them until you get to 500 and return to the NPC. The NPC will give you 2 books which you can use on your Tier 1 Ashen weapons to upgrade them to Tier 2 Ashen weapons. You are now ready to start the Shadows of the Ashen questline Proper.

Plague Quagmire Quest[]

Starting from the Plague Quagmire the next 4 Shadows of the Ashen quests are accessed via the quest finder menu, the Ashen questline has its own tab.
This quest has checkpoint flags after doing each step so even if you die you will be able to resume the quest on the step you left off at, you may prefer to die in some circumstances and start from the entrance rather than walking back.

Plague Quagmire Floor 1
Plague quagmire 1.png
Plague Quagmire Floor -1
Plague quagmire -1.png
Plague Quagmire Floor -2
Plague quagmire -2.png
Plague Quagmire Floor -3
Plague quagmire -3.png
Plague Quagmire Floor -4
Plague quagmire -4.png

  • At the start at {1.} talk to the NPC Plague Survivor here to get a quest involving a key and pickaxe, then go down the hole on the left.
  • On -1 circle down and right to find a sleeping man on a cot at {2.}, steal the key(invisible item) from him by using the cot, and continue down the next hole near his bed.
  • On -2 head west <<< and open the door at the end of the path using the key (just use the door), open the chest in the center north of this room {3.} to obtain the pickaxe(invisible item).
  • Return to {1.} the NPC at the start and talk to him if you'd like, then follow the path south east from this npc on the same floor to {4.} where there is crumbly rock blockading a passageway, "use" the rock to smash it with the pick opening the path, follow the path to {5.} at the end of this bridge to discover its broken.
  • Return to {1.} to tell the NPC the bridge is broken, he will tell you to find an alternate path down the hole on the east at {6.}, follow the short path on -1 here and back upstairs to floor 1, head east to {7.}
  • Go down at {7.} and east a few steps and down again at {8.}. At the south of this room is a new NPC Quagmire Botanist at {9.} who asks to you get him fresh water to prove yourself.
  • Return upstairs at {8.} and head south through the door to the stairs going up on the right at {10.}, after climbing these stairs walk north to {11.}, go down the hole here and travel the narrow past west into the room filled with water at {12.} use any of the sparkling indicators near the water shore to collect the water then make your way back to the NPC at {9.}
  • Then NPC will be happy with the water and will now want 3 types of plants, go back upstairs and to the south at {10.}, back up the same stairs here on the right but this time go south instead towards {13.}
  • Go down at {13.}, follow the path north east to {14.} on -1, down again to -2 and circle around to the right and south towards {15.}, down again to -3
    on -3 at {15.} there are 3 split paths here to {16.1}, {16.2}, and {16.3}; each has a different sparkling plant you have to use to harvest.
  • After you have all 3 plants return to the NPC at {9.}, gaining his trust and getting the final mission, return upstairs and south to {17.}, which is a slightly hard to see staircase leading downwards in the small area near {10.} on -1
  • Down the stairs at {17.} you will find a black portal that will send you a ways to the west on floor -2, follow this path south to reach the staircase going down to -3 at {18.}
  • On floor -3 there are 2 paths, 1 north and 1 south at {19.1} and {19.2}, you can do them in either order or split your team into two and go for both at the same time, each leads to a lever on -4 which opens 1/2 stone walls blocking the path to {20.} on floor -3
  • Here at {20.} send your strongest players on these 5 tiles as there may be a few monsters to clear on the other side, the rest of your team can quickly get on the buttons and follow after or wait for the first 5 to clear before following into the final area on -4.
  • At {20.} on -4 make sure everyone in the party has "cure poison" spell on manual hotkey for instant/rapid usage as they may need it soon. Go east and north to {21.} where you will find the boss room, you can lure the boss to the neck of this room here or you can send your tank and lure the boss way back to {20.} if you want an easier time as the random monsters won't respawn there.

Plague Quagmire Boss[]

This boss will summon several minions which are all the average fare from this quest but do still hurt quite a bit for most players, the boss will spit special poison around randomly, this poison cannot be removed by destroy field runes or covered up by magic walls, if you step on this poison or have this poison shot onto your position you will receive a heavy poison which acts as a strong negative regeneration effect on both your health and mana, you can survive this poison if you have very strong regeneration but its recommended to quickly cast cure poison to cure the effects ASAP.

If you have a strong tank and keep the shooters at a safe distance where they can't be ambushed by respawn, this boss can be managed fairly easy as long as you cure the poison as needed. DPS will want to kill the bosses summons quickly to lessen the strain on mid power blockers.
After you kill the boss everyone who is new to this quest will be teleported to the depot, repeat questers will be left behind so turn your bot off remove any strong regenerative equipment and walk in some poison or find some monsters to send you back to town.

Plague Quagmire hunting caves[]

Ashen North Crossroad.png

After completing Plague Quagmire you can head north of the Pipes/Blood quest npcs to an intersection, go up the stairs to the east here to enter a cave for players who have completed Plague Quagmire.

North East Ashen Caves.png

Collect 1000 swamp dusts from the monsters here(add it to auto loot) and use 500 dust on each of your Tier 2 Ashen weapons to make them Tier 3.

Swamp dusts sacrificed.png

Abomination Quest[]


Abomination hunting caves[]

Ashen Abomination- Task map.png

After completing Abomination Quest you can go to the intersection north of pipes/blood quest npcs and go up the stairs on the west this time, at the end of this path is a cave with some abomination creatures and a wild boss portal that can drop a mirror item that can be used to upgrade your Tier 3 Ashen weapons to Tier 4, this wild boss may drop the mirror on the first 2 tries or it may take you 15 tries, good luck.

Abomination caves task.png

Mining the Deep Quest[]

This quest gives 2 elixirs which can be used to upgrade your Tier 4 Ashen weapons to Tier 5(maledict, final version)

Ambush Caverns[]

This quest upon completion will put you in the Archlight temple where you will be given an option menu to pick 2 out of 5 stat dusts(strength, arcane, restoration, vitality, intelligence). Use these stat dusts on your Tier 5 Maledict Ashen Weapons to imbue them with +10 in the chosen stat.

Final upgrade.png