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Located in Quest Finder in Story Quests


Minimum requiments: 50 Awakening level , Voodoo , Heroes , Eternal Quest done.


  • Sharptooth weapons
  • Tier 3 Quest Box

To get to Sharptooth Isle open up the quest finder in the UI. If you're in a team, make sure you're all in the party then select the private queue option.

Once you enter teleport you will be transported here.


You need to find the entrance and pull the lever located here.


Once you get into the city there are 2 levers to be pulled to get to the ship.


Once you get to the ship you need to use the Helm of the ship to get to the next area.


And then find your way into the boss room.


Once you are there you need to roll the dice until Sharptooth boss spawn. Warning:Every time you roll the dice a group of monsters will fill the room if you are not lucky enough to spawn the boss.

Defeat Sharptooth and enter the reward room located to the south-east.