Shield Bash

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Spell name: Shield Bash (Also used to cast it)

Vocation: Guardian (Any specialization)

Group: Attack

Cooldown: 4s/2s (4s to reuse and 2s of group attack cooldown)

Level required: 18

Mana/Soul: 115/0

Description: Wavelike attack that deals high damage compared to the others guardian's spells.

It also decreases the Threat of bosses, making secundary guardians useful on quests.

Shield bash1.gif

Example during a quest: Main tank near the boss and secondary guardians using Shield Bash to decrease the enrage bar.

Shield bash 2.gif

Note: On this boss the enrage bar is going up because it is a low level boss, and the damage dealt by the Shield Bash is also considered for the enrage. On higher level bosses, the threat meter bar will go down.