Stat Tasks

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Stat Tasks are located in the various parts of the Archlight World, and can be completed for a stat point for each one completed.

The Easy tasks are all located in the Monsters portal in the Depot. Distributed throughout each portal leading up to 450+.
The Medium tasks are located throughout the 450 and up areas.
The Hard tasks are Stronghold only.
Unclaimed stat points also give the player a reminder to use them.


What Npc? What Portal? How many? Notes
Arthurius The Watchmen Trolls 30 Only Furious Trolls.
Mainard The Harbringer Orcs 50 only Orc Berserkers count.
Ape Herder Kongra 60 only Kongras count.
Dederick The Clanknight Black Knights 75
Ralston One Legged Merl Pirates 80 only Buccaneers count.
Gloin The Lizard Hater Lizards 110 only Drakens Elites count.
Greyham The Guard Heroes 150
Robin The Omen Lost Berserkers 160
Johan The Lightbringer Grim Reapers 200
Reginald The Unbreakable Behemoths 250
Joran The Spider Slayer Crystal Spiders 300
Colart The Fighter Dark Torturers 300


What Npc? What Portal? How many? Notes
Cora The Scientist Ramparts 2 100 Forest Corruptions.
Abnormal Hunter Hellfleshed Demons 150
Ancient Dragon Slayer Ancient Dragons 200
Radiation Surveyor Radiant Raiders 200
Scared Villager Plagued Rats 250
Exile Camp Guard Exiled Rogues 300

Hard (In Stronghold)

What Npc? What Mob? How many? Notes
Stronghold Commander Lord of Light 1
Stronghold Guard Commander Shirak 1
Stronghold Guard II Commander Kurnin 1
Cole The Cave Explorer Cave Bats 200
Barjan The Orc Hunter Red Hand Lancers 300
Rocya The Orc Hunter Red Hand Orcs 800
Gregor The Orc Hunter Red Hand Berserkers 500
Bug Hunter Joffrey Blackstone Bugs 350
Bug Hunter Alex Blackstone Terramites 350
Aharem The Imaginative Shrine Guardians 60