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Soul Rune[]

Enrages your pet, increasing its damage and attack speed for 10s.



Damage over Sustain:
1. Arcane
2. Haste
3. Strength
4. Precision
5. Vitality
6. Restoration

Sustain over damage:
1. Restoration
2. Vitality
3. Arcane
4. Haste
5. Strength
6. Precision

Tamer Specializations[]

Specializations can be unlocked after obtaining the three Promotions and Awakening.





Awakened spells

After reaching Awakening you will get "Awakened spell points" every 15 levels that you can spend on spells to increase their potency and give them special effects. Read more here Revamped Awakening Spells


Attack Spells[]

Spell name Level Cooldown Range Spell Description
Tamers Shot 8 7s/2s 7 Deal damage to the target.
Hunting Spear 100 6s/2s 7 Throws a spear at target, stronger than tamers shot.
Distracting Shot 150 10s/2s 7 Deals damage and lowers boss threat.
Crossfire 250 8s/2s 7 Shoots an AoE in the shape of a 3x3 cross.
Tamer Bolas 750 10s/2s 7 Deals damage to up to 4 targets and slows them by 10% for 2s.

** - Using these abilities will Proc summons Abilities on hit

Healing Spells[]

Spell name Level Cooldown Spell Description
Healing Petal 20 1s/1s Heals caster and his pet for a small amount.
Natures Grace 250 17s/1s Heals caster for a larger amount.
Tamers Mend 1500 60s/1s Heals pet to full hp.
Natures Touch 1500 60s/1s Heals everyone in your party with 2.5% hp/mp every second for 10 seconds.

Support Spells[]

Spell name Type Level Cooldown Spell Description
Find "PlayerName" Instant 8 2s/2s Pinpoint the target's location
Conjure Food Instant 8 2s/2s Conjures food
Sprint Instant 8 2s/2s Increases speed of the caster
Jump "Up/Down" Instant 8 2s/2s Can levitate the caster up or down a ledge
Glow Instant 8 2s/2s Conjures light for the caster
Magic Rope Instant 8 2s/2s Ropes the caster up a rope spot
Spirit of the Tortoise ** Utility 75 5s/1s Increases your resistance for 5s
Spirit of the Snake ** Utility 200 5s/2s Makes your hits deal a DOT for 5s
Spirit of the Cheetah ** Utility 750 5s/2s Increases your movement speed for 5s
Tamers Call Instant 1500 10s/1s Increases your pets attack damage by 10% for 10 minutes
Tamers Bond Instant 1500 10s/1s Increases your pets resistance by 10% for 10 minutes
Acute Sense Instant 1500 60s/1s Increases the damage of your party by 5%
Spirit of the Eagle Instant 1500 60s/1s Increases the attack speed of your party by 10%
Assemble "Young (Bear, Boar, Gorilla, Wolf) Summon 25 2s/2s -
Assemble "Tamer (Bear, Boar, Gorilla, Wolf) Summon 100 2s/2s -
Assemble "Mature (Bear, Boar, Gorilla, Wolf) Summon 250 2s/2s -
Assemble "Dire (Bear, Boar, Gorilla, Tamer Dire Wolf) †† Summon 750 2s/2s -
Unending Bond * Buff 1500 90s/0.1s Increases the damage of you and your pet for 10s. Obtainable from Cooking Up A Storm quest.

** - Using these abilities will Proc summons Abilities on hit

* - all legendary spells are affected by any type of cooldown reductions including forest gems

Pets ability[]

† - the Tier 2 gorilla is Assemble "Gorilla, not Assemble "tamer gorilla.
†† - the Tier 4 wolf is Assemble "Tamer Dire Wolf, not Assemble "Dire Wolf

When the tamer uses tamers shot/hunting spear/distracting shot/tamers bolas this is an "Attack Ability", spirit of the snake/tortoise/cheetah are all "Utility Ability", Crossfire is "Rage Ability", when you use these spells your pets will do the following.

Bears - Tank - Taunt
Attack Ability (Low CD): Swipes the three tiles infront of the bear.
Utility Ability (Medium CD): Taunts all targets around the bear.
Rage Ability (High CD): Regens health by 10% per second for 5 seconds.

Gorillas - DPS - AOE Slams
Attack Ability: Smashes ground around ape dealing moderate damage.
Utility Ability: Shouts buffing all team members defense for 3s.
Rage Ability: Smashes the ground dealing AOE damage every second for 5 seconds.

Wolves - DPS - Single Target DPS
Attack Ability: Scratches the opponent 5 times over 1 second.
Utility Ability: Howl - Buffs all team members attack damage for 3s.
Rage Ability: Increases Wolves Auto Attack Damage for 5 seconds.

Boars - Off-tank - Charge/Stun
Attack Ability: Rend - Deals damage over 3s.
Utility Ability: Charges at the target stunning them for 1s.
Rage Ability: Break Leg - Slows the opponent for 10s.