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The Peddler, the Exclusive's Seller

The Peddler NPC is an NPC that sells exclusives from past eras to help players that didn't play or didn't buy them back then.

It will sell 5 at a time, and his pool rotates every 2 weeks.


The NPC has a couple of fixed locations, and he alternates between them every 2 weeks. Everytime he changes his location, he also changes the items he sells.

Once an item has appeared in the store, this item will not appear again until the entire store has rotated it's inventory. This could mean you don't see it for an era.


  • Items obtained from the peddler contain the same tier bonuses.
  • However nothing offered is cross server. If it was cross server when originally offered it is not when obtained at the peddler.
  • If it was never cross server then it will have a slightly increased base cost.
  • Items will be marked with a (P) icon on your account page to differentiate from other 1st edition releases.
  • Items offered on all servers will be available at the peddler. This includes race items and past rewards or exclusives from all servers.
  • His location cannot go further than the 150 monster portal area.
  • Items will not be added into the peddler's stock until 1 full era occurs inbetween the time they are introduced.
  • This means they cannot be obtained from the peddler for the era they are introduced or the very next one. But will go into rotation after.
  • This type of shop is designed to offer a fair trade off to all supporters whether they're donations are first hand or they support us by playing and farming for them. It means to give them a chance in any way possible to obtain their items desired.

List of Cosmetics[]

Cosmetics Price (LATs)
Dragon Combo Pack

(Flying Dragon Wings + Dragon Knight Outfit  + Bluescale Dragonling)

Bluescale Dragonling.gif 24
Ghostly Wings Ghostly Wings.png 16
Flying Dragon Wings FlyingDragonWings.gif 12
Shine Shader Hades Race Shinning.gif 12
Shimmering Shader Ildar Doorbooster Shimming.gif 12
The Reaper Outfit Reaper outfit .png 12
Anniversary Aura Anniversary Aura.png 10
Anniversary Cake
Anniversary Cake.png
Black Sword Aura Black Sword Aura.png 10
Cupcake Relic Cupcake relic.gif 10
Heaven Aura Heaven aura .gif 10
Heaven Outfit Heaven Outfit.gif 10
Hell Aura Hell aura 1.1.gif 10
Hell Outfit Hell Outfit.gif 10
Moth Cape Outfit Moth Cape Outfit.gif 10
PvP Warlord PvPWarlord.png 10
Royal Wings Royal Wings.gif 10
Sheep Outfit Sheep Outfit .gif 10
Anniversary Companion AnniversaryCompanion.png 8
Avocado Wings AvocadoWings.gif 8
Black Sheep Outfit Black Sheep Outfit.gif 8
Bluescale Dragonling Bluescale Dragonling.gif 8
Cake Mount Cake Mount.gif 8
Cerberus Mount Cerberus Mount.gif 8
Christmas Dwarf ChristmasDwarf.gif 8
Dragon Knight Outfit DragonKnight.png 8
Faith Guard Aura Faithguardaura.gif 8
Ghostly Illumination Aura GhostlyIllumination.gif 8
Hades Warlord Hades Warlord Outfit.gif 8
Heaven or Hell Aura Heaven aura .gif Hell aura 1.1.gif 8
Illumination Aura Firefliesaura.gif 8
Magma Illumination Aura MagmaIllumination.gif 8
Mystic Aura Mysticaura.gif 8
Party Pikachu PartyPikachu.png 8
Phantasmal Jade Mount Phantasmal Jade Mount.gif 8
Pidgeot Mount PidgeotMount.gif 8
Pidgey Wings PidgeyWings.gif 8
Pink Moth Mount Pink Moth Mount.gif 8
Red Orb Aura RedOrbAura.gif 8
Royal Halloween Wings Halloween Wings.gif 8
Santa Pikachu Companion SantaPikachu.png 8
Shadow Talon Mount Shadow Telon.gif 8
Siege Master Outfit Siege Master Outfit.gif 8
Sin Aura Sinaura.gif 8
Skull Aura Red Flaming Skull Aura.gif 8
Snorlax Companion Snorlax.png 8
Static Aura Staticaura.gif 8
The Gunslinger Outfit Gunsllinger outfit .png 8
Twilight Guardian Mount Twilight Guardian Mount.gif 8
Twilight Guardian Outfit Twilight Guardian Outfit.gif 8
Violet Royal Wings Royal Violet Wings.gif 8
Yeti Yeti Mount.gif 8
Big Pumpkin Mount Big Pumpkin Mount.gif 6
Defensor Outfit Defensor.gif 6
Dragon Slayer Outfit Dragon Slayer Outfit.gif 6
Ebony Tiger Mount Ebony Tiger.gif 6
Fox Mount FoxMount.gif 6
Ghastly Mount Ghastly Mount.gif 6
Guidon Bearer Outfit Guidon Bearer Outfit.gif 6
Hand of the Inquisiton Outfit Hand of Inquisition.gif 6
Jouster Outfit Jouster Outfit.gif 6
Mercenary Outfit Mercenary.gif 6
Poltergeist Outfit Poltergeist.gif 6
Present Box Mount Present Box Mount.gif 6
Red Sword Aura Red Sword Aura.png 6
Shadow Claw Mount Shadow Claw.gif 6
Skull Archer Outfit Skull Archer.gif 6
Torch Guardian Outfit Torch Guardian.gif 6
Floating Boxes Wings Present Box Wings red.gif 4
Christmas Wings Christmas Wings.gif 4
Lemur Mount LemurMount.gif 2
Owl Mount White Owl Mount.gif 2
Samurai Outfit SamuraiOutfit.png 2
Shogun Outfit Shogun.png 2
5th Anniversary Backpack 5th Anniversary Backpack.gif 1
4th Anniversary Backpack 4th anniv bp.gif 1
3rd Anniversary Backpack 3rdBP.gif 1
2nd Anniversary Backpack 2ndannibp.gif 1