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You can find the Token Exchanger in the middle of the depo. She is riding a Kingly Deer.
The Token Exchanger offers a variety of items that can be bought using the Archlight Tokens.

Token Exchanger.jpg

You can buy the following items:

Item Name Description Price
Simple Experience Booster10percent.gif Boosts your experience by 10% for 2 hours. 10 Archlight Tokens
Skill Boost PotionSkill Potion.gif Can be used to instantly receive 120 minutes of training. 5 Archlight Tokens
Medusa SkullMedusa Skull.gif Use to get first promotion. See Promotions for more details. 25 Archlight Tokens
Mimic ScrollMimicscroll1.png Can be used to move over 1 piece of equipments upgrades (gems,enchants, upgrades) on to another piece. This scroll does not move over the results of the polishing oils. 25 Archlight Tokens
Obsidian Knife File:Obsidian Knife.gif Can be used to skin creatures for their leather. 20 Archlight Tokens
Flask of Rust RemoverFile:Flask of Rust Remover.gif Can be used on rusty armors to recover their true value. 3 Archlight Tokens
Bronze Regrade KeyBronze.gif Can be used to regrade your gear to level 1. 5 Archlight Tokens
Silver Regrade KeySilver.gif Can be used to regrade your gear to level 2. 15 Archlight Tokens
Supercharged MagnetFile:Supercharged Magnet.png Eat it to receive 800 energy (note, if you have over 200 energy, any excess energy (over 1000) will be lost.) 120 Archlight Tokens
Upgrade StoneUpgrade Stone.png Use it to upgrade your gear up to a maximum of +10 10 Archlight Tokens
Strong Skill Boost PotionFile:Strong Skill Potion.png Can be used to instantly receive 3600 minutes of training. 60 Archlight Tokens
Royal MedalRoyal Medal.gif Use to get second promotion. See Promotions for more details. 50 Archlight Tokens
Golden Regrade KeyGolden.gif Can be used to regrade your gear to level 3. 40 Archlight Tokens
Jewelled BackpackFile:Jewelled Backpack.gif Has 2 more slots than a regular backpack. 15 Archlight Tokens
Royal FeatherRoc Feather.gif Can be used to give your guild 2 guild experience. 30 Archlight Tokens
Blessed Wooden StakeFile:Blessed Wooden Stake.gif Can be used on demons or vampires to receive their dusts. 20 Archlight Tokens
Polishing OilPolishing.png Use this on a piece of gear (exluding weapons) to discover a random amount of stats. See Polishing Oils for more details. 20 Archlight Tokens
Charged MagnetFile:Charged Magnet.png Eat it to receive 100 energy 15 Archlight Tokens