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On Archlight ammunition is not a requirement. The arrow slot is made for trinkets that grant different buffs depending on trinket used.

Name Attributes Where to obtain
Inspiring Light Inspiring light.gif Skill Value +20, Resistance +5% Promotion Token Trader
Countess sorrow's Frozen Tear Countess Sorrow's Frozen Tear.gif 20 Health/Mana every 2 seconds N/A
Small Dragon Tear Small Dragon Tear.gif Magic level +5 N/A
Snow Globe Snow Globe.gif 40 Health/Mana every 2 seconds Obtaining level 150
Tear of Daraman Tear of Daraman.gif Skill Value +12 N/A
Rabbit's Foot Lucky Charm Rabbit's Foot Lucky Charm.gif Resistance +8% N/A
Santa Doll Santa Doll.png Protection all +7% Christmas Event (2020)
NOTE: This trinket becomes soulbound once obtained.
Forgestone Trinket Forgestone.gif Passive: Protection all +10%
Active: Resistance +20%, Movement Speed +150 for 15 seconds
Promotion Item Trader
Tree of Life Trinket Fountain of Life.gif Passive: Power +225, 3% Health/Mana every 2 seconds
Active: 4% Health/Mana per tick for 15 seconds
Promotion Item Trader
Spiritseer Trinket Spiritseer.gif Passive: Power +225, Spell cooldown -20%
Active: Spell cooldown -30% for 30 seconds
Promotion Item Trader
Journeymans Trinket Journeymans.gif Passive: Power +225, Energy reduction +20%, Crafting experience +15% Promotion Item Trader
Hunter's Trinket Hunters.gif Passive: Power +225, Experience +15%, Protection all -5%
Active: +20% Experience from Creatures, -10% Resistance for 30 seconds.
Promotion Item Trader