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Enter the "Level 130+ Spawns" teleporter and head into the Behemoths teleport. Pick the task from NPC Reginald The Unbreakable if you want to earn a stat point. Make your way toward the main cave/hunting area.

Minimum level requried: 80


  • Cyclops, Cyclops Smith's 20140829170052!Cyclops.gifCyclops Smith.gif
  • Behemoths Behemoth.gif
  • Earth Overlords Earth Overlord.gif
  • Medusas Medusa.gif


  • 2 Upgrader Stones Flawless Ice Crystal.gif

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Depending on the way you used to reach the main cave, you'll end up in one of the few stair spots visible on the map. From there make your way toward the stairs circled in red. On your way you'll face different types of Cyclops, Behemoths and Earth Overlords. Medusas appear just in the cave with the reward chest. Once you reached the stairs, just follow the path as you can't miss it. You'll find a Behemoth in a small cave and up to 4 Earth Overlords in the next one (one is alone in a cave of his own). In the final room there's a couple of Medusas and the chest behind a Level 80 door emerging from the left wall in the middle of the cave. Walk out the same way or use !travel once you lost battle sign.

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