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Briefing[edit | edit source]

- Players must be at level 500 to drop/access a Wargate.

- Killing a monster holds a chance to drop a Wargate portal on the monster's positions. For 30 seconds (plus the instance preparation time), you will be the only player in the game able to enter that portal, after that, any player can join. After 1 minute of it being open for everyone, the portal will disappear. The portal also disappears when the first player joins.

- When a player enters a portal, the instance scales off their power bracket. The scaling system is similar to dungeon system, but with bounty creatures bracket.

- A player anywhere on the map can drop a portal that connects to an active Wargate. In this case, the second player becomes the challenger. Inside a Wargate, players can attack others without getting skulled.

- A challenger can only join a Wargate of the same power bracket.

- Once a challenger joins or the boss spawns, no more players can join that instance. (Max of 2 players per gate)

- Monsters will drop great experience but no loot or monster essence. (Experience drops will scale with all the various boost elements in Archlight including daily experience) You must kill all monsters in order to summon a boss, which on death will drop a teleport that will lead back to your previous location and reward you.

- Only one player can claim the reward and any player can enter this teleport without a cooldown/delay, so if you don't kill the challenger, they will be able to steal the reward.

- There are 9 power brackets:

- min = 501, max = 1000
- min = 1001, max = 2000
- min = 2001, max = 3000
- min = 3001, max = 4000
- min = 4001, max = 5000
- min = 5001, max = 6000
- min = 6001, max = 7000
- min = 7001, max = 9000
- min = 9001, max = 99900

- Killing the Wargates boss will yield Wild Bosses achievement points. - Dying inside of a Wargate has no loss and will teleport you back to your previous location.

Chances[edit | edit source]

- The chance to drop a Wargate portal from a creature of your power bracket is 0.2%. If the creature is below your power bracket, the chance will be lower, depending on how much lower the power bracket is. The same happens for higher power brackets, increasing the chance of dropping a Wargate portal.

- Every minute that a Wargate of your power bracket is active without a challenger, you will have an extra +500% chance per minute passed since the portal opened. That is, if it's been 4 minutes since the portal opened,

-any player of the same power bracket than you will have +2000% of dropping a Wargate portal. That was made to avoid players joining Wargates without challengers.

Power Ups[edit | edit source]

-Killing a creature has a chance to drop a Power Up. The player must stand on top of it for a second to absorb it. They remain on the map for the duration of the instance but as an active buff for 1 minute once absorbed. Current Power Ups:


- Your spells will have 10% less cooldown.

- Attack Speed

- Your auto attacks will be 10% faster.

- Damage

- You will deal 10% more damage.

- Resistance

- You will receive 10% resistance.

- Healing

- You will heal 10% more.

- Paralyze

- Any source of damage will paralyze the opponent in 30% for 3 seconds.

- Bleed

- Any source of damage will inflict a bleed of 10% of the damage caused for 3 seconds.

- Healing Reduction

- Any source of damage will reduce 10% of the opponent's healing for 3 seconds. Works only against players.

- Damage Reduction

- Any source of damage will reduce the opponent's damage in 10% for 3 seconds. Works only against players.

Traps[edit | edit source]

Booby Traps and Affixes Some values below are actually weaker in certain circumstances --They have a random chance to spawn once the instance is created. Current ones:

- Chests that might contain 1-10 Wargates Currency, summon a powerful creature (unkillable) or severely poison you dealing a % of your total hp/mp.

- Obstacles in random places that "explode" every 6 seconds dealing damage.

- Parts of the map dealing damage every 12 seconds.

- Reducing players hp/mp in +1% every 5 seconds (after 5s, it'd reduce in 2%, then 3%, then 4%... and so on, until they die)

- Monsters will explode on death - A swarm of creatures will spawn on a monster's death

- Monsters have 20% more health and 15% more damage

- Bosses have 40% more health and 10% more damage

- Monsters will empower their nearby allies on death

Rewards[edit | edit source]

- Killing a player inside a Wargate gives 3 Wargates Currency.

- Entering the boss exit portal gives a different amount of Wargates Currency based on the power bracket.

- Wargates Currency can be used on the NPC Gustavo to buy unique items.